Asnan Clinic

a couple of weeks ago I went 2 Asnan Clinic with KDSS, it was really awesome .. we had fun & learned a lot .. Thank God, I decided 2 go at the very last minute definitely was not at all a waste of time

Gotta admit that I was really impressed by everything .. the decoration of the clinic .. the reception .. & definitely , the mentalities of the Doctors

I really admire those docs who managed to make their idea come true in a short time o they very wisely used the time they had to advertise for it even B4 starting their business , in addition to the fact they're still trying to stay up to date with the latest developments in the field of dentistry .. 'n the fact that u can totally feel the team spirit is very admirable

Such talented successful Doctors .. such Great role models for Kuwaiti Youth

Dr. Essa AL-Essa along with Dr.Hadi Al-Safar kindly, talked to us abt the clinic , how the idea grew, & then took us in a tour around the clinic

what I liked the most was the attention they showed .. I could tell how important it is to satisfy the patient .. it was obvious they really cared abt their patients comfort .. they thought abt every little detail ... the decoration .. the lighting .. the decoration of each clinic & the fact that each doc got to decorate his clinic the way he wanted it 2 B is fascinating .. What an idea !!

So, most of the girls likes Dr.Hadi's Clinic More than Dr.Essa's .. but I thought Dr.Essa's clinic was cool .. liked Dr.Hadi's 2 .. but Dr.Essa's clinic was classy 'n simple .. I thought the accessories were eye-catching .. So, My vote goes 2 Dr.Essa's clinic

Dr.Essa said that their goal was to bring a piece of the States here in Kuwait & I honestly think they're coming close to making this a reality .. Such a nice clinic .. & a great competent reliable team of doctors

U guys should B really proud of ur selves

Once I was out of the clinic, I thought "I wanna B like them" then I went on "No, I wanna B even better"


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a7mad Nabeel يقول...

السلام عليكم hope
شلونج شخبارج ؟

العناية بكل مريض و الاهتمام براحته
للأسف ما نشوف هالشي الا بالقطاع الخاص و قليل جدا في المستشفيات الحكومية
يمكن في ناس يقولون شنو اهمية الديكور و الشكل الخارجي ؟
انا اعتقد ان هالشي ما يقل اهمية عن الدوا اللي يعطيه الطبيب
وايد ناس تكره تروح المستشفيات و عيادات الاسنان ليش ؟
اكيد واحد من الاسباب الشكل الخارجي باختصار المبنى "يضيق الخلق" !
شفتي دعاية asnan clinic برمضان ؟
تموت من الضحك !

ان شالله تكونين better

princess adadi يقول...

i really need to go and check up
an it sounds like a gr8 place

thnx ^^

Hope يقول...

a7mad Nabeel

و عليكم السلام و رحمة الله و بركاته
بخير الحمد لله

صح لسانك، الشكل و الديكور و هالاشياء البسيطه اللي للأسف وايد نهملها لها تأثير كبير على نفسية و المريض و حالته و مدى تقبله للعلاج .

دعايتهم عجيبه
A totally professional implementing of a very creative idea

I am, I am better
الحمد لله

Hope يقول...

princess adadi

I really recommend that u pay Asnan clinic a visit

2 B honest with ya I haven't tried their work but I'm hearing a lot of good talk abt them ...
& the next time I feel like seeing the dentist "Not So Soon InShallah =p " I'll definitely pay 'em a visit

Thanx 4 passing by

Aurous يقول...

this seems really fun.. :)

eshda3wa يقول...

thats right

always aim to be better

Hope يقول...


it was totally fun

Hope يقول...


I always Do

thanx 4 passing by

Addictioneer يقول...

Did you go their because of their ad on TV :)

Showing you the place and discuss their ambitions with you....
That's nice of them

Hope يقول...


No, not bcuz of their T.V Ad although I was very impressed by it
we "Dentistry" students had a trip to Asnan Clinic organized by KDSS * Kuwait Dental Students Society*

Yeah, the fact that they gave us some of their precious time is very nice .. & is very much appreciated

lilly يقول...

hehehe ana men sheft da3ayat'hom bel tv wana 7abat'hom .. ilda3aya waid 7ilwa .. waid 3jebatni

khosh 3eyada :)

Hope يقول...


as I said B4 .. very nicely Done
& without a doubt .. 5oSh 3eYaDah