Eid .. Day One

OMG !! OMG!! thie 3eed is totally madree Shloon 9ayer =s

some how wierd, special, different, but still Fun

the day part was just awsome ,as usual , just amazing .. I loved loved loved it
woke up a little late cuz I went to bed at like 5:30 am or sth .. drank my milk so very quickly o joined the boys & Dad ..

talked talked & talked

then I got ready & we went to grandma's .. 7adda wanaSa .. totally enjoyed it
eee o I just realized that what I was wearing for 3eed is so very similar to a scrub lol .. really chenna scrub with a blazer on top .. bs surprisingly nobody noticed except 4 me =s


& then it was night time
a totally different story

I actually wore a dress & high heels at night "so not like me" it took me a while to manage to walk like a sane human being .. el7emdellah I didn't fall bs just as I went in Grandpa's I did the stupidest thing I've done this month .. I kissed my uncles o then I was heading to kiss grandpa o a guy was sitting next 2 him o men el.3yellah I didn't look 3adel o I thought he was my uncle so I leaned forward shock hands .. O nearly kissed the guy .. OMG faShlaaaaaaaaa ..

the guy literally te9arga3 when I leaned forward o was totally shocked .. bs aShwa I realized that he wasn't my uncle o I didn't kiss him .. ambaih ell7emdellah wallah I would've called Dad o went straight home men kether el.FaShlaaah

o I'm not blaming my self, No .. kella men el.dress, high heels thing .. Ya3ni what's wrong with what I was wearing in the morning .. comfy, elegant, o totally like me

b3ad,, GoSh I gotta say this .. I don't like kids .. de3la ones .. I totally don't

my things were literally all over the place .. my cam with one child .. my mobile with the other .. the 3rd one sticking his hand in my bag o the forth holding my hand saying "entai laish th3eeefa .. wayed wayed th3eefa =\ ? ma takleen ?!?"

Ya3ni how can I answer the kid's Q o my heart is with my Digi Cam o my mobile .. especially enna my lil cousin 3ndaha SwaBe8 .. marra she nearly sent my pic to a colleague ..
I really need lessons in dealing with de3la 7nna kids .. cuz ambaih they're so spoiled .. bSer3a Yez3loon
my Sis is like "B firm" haw shloon firm o_O !! they're just kids =S I can't upset them

o one Special person came .. I missed him =* .. I loved the look in his eyes .. I loved his warm kisses

at some point the place was so crowded .. so many PPl .. many I don't know .. I felt a bit uncomfortable
& I tried really tried so hard to avoid kissing & hugging PPl .. bs el.7areem ma menhom fayDaaa .. PPl I barely know kissing me +6 ... GoSh =/

Ya 7elo el.Reyayel bs .. 1 .. Max. 2 kisses
o they talked abt 3li .. they knew him ... Allah Yer7mah o yenawer Gabrah
self admonition : a dress + high heels = not so good =[


I promised I would post pics .. bs I don't have good ones bcuz my cam & my mobile were with the kids .. really sorry, but

here's one Good pic :

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Samt♥AlbadoOo يقول...

Hey hope,

OOH so u enjoy Eid...

about high heel & the dress hahahahahah
u have 2 train be4 ware such thing

walla it is nice
and don't say that
7loo eneech 6la3ty with new look =)
changing is wonderful

bass u know el7emdlelallah that allah str walla
O_o f'9aay7

this how el-3eed
laazm sth happened hahahaha
i suffer from el-funny mwa8f in el-3eed

but at the end it becomes nice memory 2 remember later on

I liked the pic
يكفي انج نفذتي وعدج مش لآزم انج اتصورين وآآآيد ^^

وسوري رمست وآآآيد ههههههههه

استمتعي ببآقي أيـآم العيد ^^

Hope يقول...


I don't have time to train 4 such stuff =p

new look bs so not like me & I'm gonna think abt it 1 million time B 4 doing this again

eee now as I look back at it .. I say ell7emdellah ell7emdellah .. o I laugh a little lol

Glad u liked the pic

u 2 sweetie


غير معرف يقول...

hahaha what a fun day !

hope" ur right wallah, i was suffering with my short dress and high heels ><

my knees still having killer pains , cuz the silly heel ewww i hate it . ><

ur post was so laughable , so u hafta post an other post like this :P

BEST WISHES, honey =)

Addictioneer يقول...

Barley could kiss the unknown man
You were concentrating on balancing yourself with your heels rather than seeing people. Loooooool

And by the way, Why are you so thin? enty ma takleen
loooooool. just joking

El7md lellah, the most important thing is that Eid was nice and fun

Hope يقول...


eee same here my knees r still killing me
I'm glad u enjoyed reading this post ..

thanx 4 passing by Sweetie

Hope يقول...


exactly, I was just in o el.jaw kan m'3aber o hawa o te3afas sha3rey .. I was regrouping
bs really ell7emdellah I didn't kiss him ..

ee ell7emdellah it was fun

Thanx 4 passing by