I'm trying

I wanna talk & talk 'n talk .. gotta take this off my chest
So, Bear with me Plz

I went to a ladies gathering yesterday .. I was forced to go actually =[
it was fine .. not so boring .. not so much fun
I really I'm trying to socialize but it's not as easy as some PPl might think .... I really suffer .. I don't like meeting new ppl .. I was on silent mode pretty much the whole time =[ & then I started texting my friends lol .. who knew mobiles could B life savers =p
I decided I would never go to any gathering anymore .. bs 5laaaa9 ='[ .. I can't .. I don't wanna go cuz I know I won't enjoy .. o then I'm gonna B upset bcuz I wasted my precious time .. Y don't they understand me .. they want me 2 change this habit & I totally refuse .. Y change it when it suites me ?? I like myself the way I am .. I don't wanna meet new ppl .. Mabeee .. I know enough ppl already .. they're like "we're forcing u 2 come with us cuz U gotta get used to the situation .. u gotta get rid of this habit .. o it's o.k .. they won't bite u"
it's really weird .. what's so much fun abt being stuck in the same place with so many ppl u don't know =S ?? making friends ?? I'm not interested .. I have enough of them
This is a final decision .. No means No ... No more ladies stuff .. can't handle these things
3ad I was thinking MayB .. MayB .. since we have a couple of wedding coming up & I gotta go cuz I can't miss 'em for what ever reason o also cuz I'm kinda out of excuses *if u know any good ones .. hit me =p* .. I thought o.k I'm gonna give it a try .. gonna wear make-up, dress like a young lady & attend .. bs now I'm having second thoughts ... the last wedding I've been 2 I nearly cried out of boredom .. was really bored .. so .. I dunno =\


that other day I was so bored, so I decided I'm gonna tidy one of my drawers .. O man was I shocked !!
ambaih o_O
I found all sort of unbelievable things .. things that go back to the time when I was in intermediate school .. ambaih so many old stuff
I happen to B the kind of PPl who never throws anything aways, for everything has got a special memory .. everyone think I'm crazy .. but so what .. I love my things & I can't throw 'em away no matter how silly they R ... I love memories
I found so many things including My speech 4 my intermediate school graduation ceremony ...

& Believe it or not, I found ..
Daddy's Checkbook ... Lol.
I said I would make some cookies o I did
'n these Go to Hanan =p

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Dxbgirl يقول...

loool girl you sound like myself!... tell me about ladies meetings... they are as boring is can ever be, especially when you don't have a companion whom you get along with.... ok... I'm supposed to talk you into being a young lady :P... well.. sorry, i can't... as i always keep on repeating, be yourself :P.... i don't believe in forcing people into doing things they do not like!.... but yes, you have to bare this sometimes for the sake of the ones you love & care for.. like they say... kilshay yhoon 7ag ely n7bhum, even if it means being around women :X hehe

i enjoy your posts =)

Addictioneer يقول...

I used to be like you but everything changed since the day I managed to take my car license and joined the college.
My personality, external appearance even internal ones have been shaped during the college period. It's like The Addictioneer in last semester is not like the Addictioneer in this semester.

Now I have many friends and actually I don't remember the name of most of them. Just can recognize their faces.

I don't like the idea of forcing someone into something just to get used to that thing. It's because this force will lead to 3nad but you're really really should go to weddings. Think about it. If you're friends and family didn't attend you're wedding then you'll not be happy

Cheer up

Note: my comment doesn't have something to do with girls stuff. Just general talk

مواطن شووجااع يقول...

كل سنة وحضرتكـ طيبة وتقبل الله منا ومنكم
وأسعد الله أيامكـ بفيض رضاه ونور هداه وباركـ بعمركـ إلي يوم تلقاه

Hope يقول...


thank God !! Finally someone who understands me

Mum seldom forces me into going with her 4 I always have a good excuse =p
but that time I was out of excuses o she insisted that I come with her

I'm really pleased that u enjoy 'em

Hope يقول...


Gotta admit things have changed a bit since I joined the Uni ... but I still have difficulty socializing .. I'm not the kind off ppl who make friends easily .. it takes years 4 me .. ask my high school friends .. they know better .. the 1st year of high school .. I was a loner .. me, my cousin & one old friend & that's it

I can't just make friends with everyone

o I'm trying 2 attend wedding I really am .. at least the close ones, cuz lazem awajeb el.nass =[

thanx 4 passing by

Hope يقول...

مواطن شووجااع

و انت بصحه و سلامه يا رب
منا و منك صالح الاعمال
اللهم آمين
يزاك الله خير

غير معرف يقول...

Hehehe I had a similar experience too. Last time ratabt my books' cabinet ligait ashya2 madri shloun they got in there min asasa. One of the things I found "which still remains a mystery" was robi3 denar mal gabil ilghazo! a9lan I wasn't even born gabil ilghazo w I had this cabinet installed four years ago. Shloun wi9al hal robi3 denar, madri! 3ad go figure :P

Hope يقول...


lol aShwa fee some1 like me in this world
bs salfat el robe3 9ij '3areebah !!

غير معرف يقول...

Hope :
I'm a copy of you !
I hate socializing , i like being alone ..Bass i like making new friends !
I hate "3roos o 3zayim ":S bss Ommi tijbirni o marrat
to9al abchi .. ma a7ib aroo7 specially etha 7areem ikbar "wai3" ma fee wi7da ma y7ishoon feeha "allah y3'afir lina
O my parents balme the laptop & the internet 4 not being a social person !!
3al3moom >> ma yhimni ha-shay kithir ma ahtam inna elkil ra6' 3anni o bass !

Mashallah , your cookies are prettier than mine ou ya36eech el3afya :)

Hope يقول...


I'm relieved to know that there are ppl like me in this world
I do cry sometimes lol .. walla I would go tell Dad & he's like "KK, it's ur call"
Dad's Rock, don't they ?

Allah y3afeech sweet .. if it wasn't 4 u I wouldn't have made 'em .. Thanx 4 the recipe