My Passion

My Passion 4 sports has no limits ....

I'm willing to skip a wedding, a B-Day party, girls gathering & pretty much all kind of silly things for the sake of a match .. Yes I would & I've done it So many times =$

Some PPl find it really weird, how attached I am 2 sports , especially cuz I'm a girl... they would go like "hey, R U sure ur a GIRL"

I find this so silly & I can not believe that narrow minded PPl with such mentalities still live amongst us .. Honestly, it's shameful to have such mentalities in our society .. for sports is & will never B limited to a certain gender ..
o Ba3dain Y shouldn't I B a sport maniac ... as long as it makes me happy ؟

Sport makes a very important part of me ... somehow, it made me who I am 2day … U really do learn a lot of things abt life by just following a couple of sports or sth

I can't believe that there's anyone who doesn't love sports .. I really find this hard to believe

I believe that at some point in ur Life ... u must have fallen in love with the magical world of sports ... I believe that somewhere deep inside each one of us ... there must B a place where u'll find sports .. if not a sport itself .. then the love of competition

& 2 those who're gonna say that they're not interested … C'mon PPl .. those athletes are making HISTORY … wouldn't u wanna witness that ?

As far as for me, I'm really thankful to have been born in this Era .. to witness the highest quality of sports … I'm thankful because I'm able to witness such high class tennis … I've watched matches that have been labeled as the best matches in the history of the Game, I really can't ask 4 more ?

Y3nii .. I wanna live to tell that I've witnessed this kind of matches

if ur not a fan of sports .. let me tell u this :

U R missing a lot

in sports U'll experience the purest human feelings at their highest intensity I Do know that U'll never experience such feelings else where
in sports u'll witness excellence & grace
U'll observe players at there very best & worst at their highest & lowest moments .. U'll get 2 c them as Human beings just like u .. no more than human beings
this is a really different kind of experience ... no play or movie will B an equal of a match .. not in my terms at least cuz a play or a movie ... this is act we're talking abt .. usually so far from reality .. but a match is real life .. sth 4 real .. always a great lesson
Yes, U'll cry .. 'n u'll B depressed at times

but U know what !!!
that's all worth it ... it really is
U'll only know that , when U experience the joy & happiness of victory
the day ur team or player is the victor
just then, U'll realize that those tears where all worth it
it really is sweet ... the taste of victory ... worthy of all the tears in the world, worthy of every time u ever felt Blue

4 a few second u'll feel like floating
u'll B surrounded by the clouds
'n the best part is when u get that sensation
the sensation that tickles ur heart
& draws the biggest Smile on ur Face

I swear ... no where will u experience such feelings .. no where .. I know .. I believe
I experienced this feeling & u really don't wanna miss such thing ... aaaaah I miss those days .. I'll wait for them .. they r worth all the waiting .. all the setbacks 'n everything .. they really r


the time will come, this tourney or the other, as long as I know it will come
I Shall wait
if not 2day then 2morrow .. if not then .. the next day
everything abt me is somehow related 2 sports,in a way or another, I remember that back in high school when it's composition time in our Arabic class I would always B the one who read her's 1st .. I always stick sports some where in my writings lol

the girls were like "oh Not again" .. the last thing I wrote was a page of my diaries .. I didn't even have to think abt it .. I already knew what it was gonna B abt & I started writing .. it was abt the day Roddick lost 2 Federer once more .. it goes back to the 06' US Open Final
man that was one hec of a match ... so I read it .. the girls were complaining at the beginning & the teacher asked them to give it a shot & listen ... once I finished .. I got a cool wave of applause .. that was cool considering the fact that they're not really into tennis .. not even sports in the 1st place & since then ... they've never stoped asking me .. "how's that American guy ? we really do feel for him .. haven't he beaten the Swiss Guy yet ? "

I wiSh I could get my hand on that piece of paper .. If I had it I would've posted it =p

I know that by now some of u might think that I'm crazy ... well, I might B ... Crazy abt Sports

Bottom Line : Sports is All abt Passion, Will, & Desire .

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غير معرف يقول...

ماذا عن رياضة العقل . ماذا عن العبادة ؟ الا تعتقدين ان الهوس بشيئ معين هو اهدار للطاقة والوقت ..هل لاحظتي كيفية تعامل الشعوب المتقدمة مع الرياضة ؟ مباراة واحدة في الاسبوع . لا ويجب ان تكون في الويك اند وليست في وقت العمل . بعدين تعالي ابي اسأل وسامحيني عليها : عمرك شتي بلنتي ؟ عمرك رفعتي كورنر ؟ عمرك صديتي هجمة ؟
clark Gable

Aurous يقول...

sports aren't only limited to boys!!
ppl need to understand that :)

eshda3wa يقول...

i am the exact opposite of u

i have no interest in sports what so ever!

dxbgirl يقول...

Alsalam 3alaikum...
I believe one must have hobbies, useful hobbies that prevent us from wasting our time on useless things. sports are great for the mind and body

it has nothing to do with being a girl or boy, as long as this makes you happy and holds your passion and it ain't wrong nor harmful, then why not?... and besides, if you also practice, then way to go you'll have a fit body ;)

as long as your passion has limits and does not interfere with what is more important, like for example, your family, your prayers your studies, etc.... then never mind what people say, you're free to be and free to choose your interests =)

nice blog

Hope يقول...

Clark Gable
U got my respnse


Hope يقول...


exactly .. this is my message

Hope يقول...


it seems u're the kind of girls who r interested in girly stuff .. un like me lol
MayB U should Give sports a shot =p

Hope يقول...


wa 3alikom e.Salam wa ra7mat Alla wa Brakatah

the good thing abt this is that it makes me wanna exersice & try to B fit .. which is really cool

bs Gotta admit that I've been a little lazy lately o I stopped exercising in Ramadan

Thanx 4 ur sweet words