Y do PPl care abt other's opinion so much ?
Does it really matter ? seriously =S ?

I really find this weird, probably bcuz what ppl say doesn't really make much of a difference to me

a long time ago I decided not to care abt what PPl think abt me, the opinion of very few ppl was what really mattered .. & regarding the others,whatever they're gonna say .. let them say it .. as long as u know U're doing the right thing .. let them say whatever they wanna say

I'm happy 2 say that PPl can no more hurt me with their words ..
when u rise above, when u act like the better one
it wouldn't matter, neither hurt

Don't let what ppl say affects u .. B strong ..
Y B influenced when U can B influential ?
Y follow the trend when U can make ur own ?
& if u ever listen to what they're saying abt u
then when you do, take the Good & leave the bad for them
Take the positives & leave the negative
take constructive criticism with good spirit & think abt it seriously
the Negative one .. U better block it out .. cuz it's not sth u need in ur system
One more thing,
don't let the premonition of what PPl might say hold you back
Do the thing because u wanna do them, live a new experience because U feel you need to
live ur liFe for yourself .. live it on ur own terms .. & make sure U make ur own rules
What's life worth when U don't live it for yourself ?
Remember, it's ur life .. ur journey .. ur ride

When U do sth, Do it for ur self & not PPl
it wouldn't B worth doing if u did it for PPl & not U

am I saying all of this =\ ?

it's bcuz PPl have been persistently mentioning an issue .. sth I should go ahead & do .. a decision they think I should make
& it's not that I don't wanna do it .. it's just that I still don't feel comfortable abt the idea .. I feel I still need time .. this is a very BIG decision & it's gonna change my life amazingly .. it's gonna change every aspect of my life
gotta think abt it a lot .. I wanna do it, I really do .. But I wanna Do it [right]
I don't want it to B one of those decisions that I might regret at some point in my life .. I know I won't regret it .. bs still it's a very BIG decision & I can't just do it like this .. when I do this I wanna B 100% sure .. I need to B ..
I used to say "I'm too young, I still am a little girl "
Unfortunately for me
now, Age is no longer a valid excuse
Bottom Line : when I do this I wanna Do it 4 [ME]

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princess adadi يقول...

you are right :)

i like reading ur blog

keep it up sis ^^


Q : how old are you ?

Hope يقول...

princess adadi

I really am glad u're liking it
thanx 4 passing by

A: check my profile =p

eshda3wa يقول...

people care about what other ppl say and think because they want to be accepted and loved

Hope يقول...


eee I c .. bs isn't contentment & accepting urself 4 who u r much more important ?

self content I think is more important than trying to B accepted by PPl

Ya3ni Y change who u r just 2 B accepted by ur Surrounding ?

Fishah يقول...

والله يا هوب
غالبا مااهتم في راي الناس .. طالما اني مقتنعه باللي اسويه


نايس بوست وكلام حلووو :>

عيدج مبارك وكل عام وانتي والاهل بخير يارب :)

Hope يقول...


احس انج فهمتي قصدي ,, انا هذا اللي اشوفه صح ;]

تسلمين حبوبه
ايامج سعيده .. تقبل الله طاعتج

اسعدني مرورج