Back 2 School

Aaaaaah .. I'm so tired ..
Never ever likes School in my whole life & I doubt I ever will ='[
I'm still trying to adjust & get used to everything

this past week was very tiring although we didn't have much lectures .. but phase 2 is nothing like phase 1 .. the content of some of the lectures shocked me a bit .. Allah YeSahhel...
next week is gonna B a very hectic one .. we'll start our English lectures & the # of lectures will increase as we go on .. we'll also have a Field visit
+ a major problem I'm facing is
ambaih we have pretty much nothing good in our Uni Cafeteria .. kella uneatable =p .. either fast food or food that doesn't taste good & makes me sick .. this is the last thing I need cuz my diet is bad already =[
chan zain I can get my lunch from home with me everyday
3ad eating is not my Fav hobby .. bs gotta eat 2 survive =p
4 God's Sake we R in Med School .. We need healthy food
u know how I was complaining abt kids that other day .. well, I'm proud 2 tell u that I managed to control 'em & not the opposite yesterday .. felt good lol
they usually use their innocent childish smiles to get what they want.. & believe me they're so good at it .. but I fought back lol
I managed things the way I wanted 2 without upsetting them .. this is a real accomplishment, I'm proud of myself .. eee o I got them things 2 keep them busy from using my stuff lol .. it worked .. I actually brought old pics of them .. they didn't recognize themselves .. they were so cute
P.S. : might not update 4 a while .. depending on how busy I am =]

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Samt♥AlbadoOo يقول...

Good luck sis in ur study...
we have 2 study even if we hate it
this is our future which we drew it's way long time ago...

Hope 2 achive our goals =)

Samt♥AlbadoOo يقول...

btw, wanna ask u.. how u add the comment feature in ur skin coZ i used maybe same skin source
and i don't have this feature
if u help me i will be greatful =)

Addictioneer يقول...

"a major problem I'm facing isFood"
I used to eat at university when McDonlads was there(not healthy but fine). But they changed it to burger King. I didn't like it. Then I started to eat outside my college

"I'm proud 2 tell u that I managed to control 'em & not the opposite yesterday"
Nice progress... Keep it up

"they usually use their innocent childish smiles to get what they want"
looooool that's right
See... the trick is... you have to deceive them. like saying "boy... go to your mother.. she want to give you cocoa"
and they'll just vanish
or at least they'll get out of your face for some minutes

Fishah يقول...

امممم من ناحيه الاكل
سوي نفسي
ييبي كوبج وقفشه نايلون عشان تحذفينها عقب وعلبة كورن فليكس وحليب صغار :>

ياحلو اليهال احب سوالفهم وشطانتهم وابتساماتهم اللي مترووووسه عياره


ناطرينج .. لاتطولين وايد :>

eshda3wa يقول...

i always loved school

i know im weird like that :P

Hope يقول...


Thanx .. Good luck 2 u too
Yes, we have to
InShallah we will =]

abt the comments,, I actually copied the comment html part from one of the old skins I have .. I can e-mail it 2 u & u could try it if u'd like

Hope يقول...


ee we have burger king in our cafeteria & I don't feel like eating junk all the time u know ..


InShallah I can B like this next week .. honestly, I doubt it lol .. gotta think of sth that could keep them busy

chan zain ur trick works, but I know it won't =]

they're too old & smart to fall for this lol .. they won't buy it

Hope يقول...


انا مشكلتي ما آكل اي شي
وايد picky و بسرعه امل
مجرد التفكير بشنو راح آكل ولا شنو ابي آخذ معاي تتعبني =[

اي يونسون اليهال بس مو كلهم .. فئة قليله للأسف =s

مو مطولة ان شاء الله =]

اسعدني مرورج

Hope يقول...


Wow, u're one of the very few ppl I've known, who do like school
my childhood friend loves school & so does my Mum
Mum actually thinks there's sth wrong with me bcuz I hate school

زمان الوصل يقول...

احم احم ..

موضوع جميل...
ابتسمت وضحكت في بعض المواقف ^^" ..

زيارة اولى واعتقد اني سأعقبها بزيارات أخرى ^_^ ..


Hope يقول...

زمان الوصل

شكرا لك
حياك الله .. اسعدني مرورك