I always wanted to ..

So many things I wanna say .. so many things I wanna do , but very little time I have
the Uni is taking over my Life .. so many lectures, so many studies, essay 'n research paper
& the worst part is getting sick .. Gosh it's so tiring already & getting sick doesn't make it any better .. ell7emDellah I do feel much better now
As usual, the only good thing in my week was the field visit .. really learned a lot & it was really fun watching them cut ppl's gums' .. take off their teeth ..
I especially loved it when we went to the Surgical Section .. 7adda cool
o I don't think I'll ever think of Pedo for my major .. I don't get along with kids already .. my bad past experience with dentists as a child probably prevents me from being a pedodontist, Some PPl find it really weird the fact that I really wanna B a dentist & that I actually love it .. considering my history with dentists
I guess I just don't want ppl to go through what I have been through ..
I'm invited to a wedding 2morrow ... Guess What ??!!
I'm not going lol
though I thought I was out of excuses ... it turned out I'm not
I've got a bunch of good ones
I'm sick & I'm starting to recover
what's the thing u always dreamed of .. u always wanted, & u know u know won't get it ?
for me, I always wanted to B tall =p *silly isn't it ?*
I never liked being short .. I hate standing next to the boys =[ faShlaaa
they always make fun of me .. 'n one of my cousins is so very tall MaShallah, when he stands next to me he goes like "aren't u gonna grow ? ever ?"
I tried everything .. just bcuz I wanted to B taller .. I even started the habit of drinking milk everyday *abt 5 or 6 yrs ago* & I'm not a big fan of milk .. bs mako fayda .. it's not meant to B =[
it seems that our inner desires always seek what's in the hands of others
I know I'll always wish that I was taller .. bs ell7emdellah .. I have pretty much everything I ever wanted, except for this & I guess, this satisfies me

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غير معرف يقول...

First of all, el7amdellalah 3la essalama :D ma tshoofen shr

You're going to be a dentist???? OMG how could you. My family wanted me to be a dentist but I can't imagine to put my hands in other's mouths :/ lool
Anyway, it's your life and your choice Allah eywafgech

Hahaha do not ever think to stand next to a guy. They are always taller than us we girls. I'm not short but not that tall either, so being taller is not my dream.

Hmmm an impossible dream? I think I have nothing. I'm living one these days. I'll wait for it to become true although it's impossible ;)

إنسانة يقول...

hi hope...

"it was really fun watching them cut ppl's gums' .. take off they're teeth .."

shooo? mmmm t5awfeen... >_<
bas good luck... i used 2 dream 2 be a doctor but i changed my mind in the last minute... it's hard 4 me ... :)

anyway... good luck and i wanna tell u something... to be tall that was a wish 4 me too becoz all my siblings are tall and i'm shorty ... :) but i recongnized that it's cuteee and it's more like a female character... ;)

take care...

om comment kuwait يقول...

hi dr. hope ma etshofen shar enshallah al7en taghyer elgaw lazem el.flew
u know my dream was to be a princess in a fairy tale a place with joy happiness and nothing to do just to be pretty
im crazy
maybe that im the tybe that my imagination is woking all the time i dont know but really i would love to be at the time no jeans wearing those fancy gowns cloreful once

mazyona777 يقول...

مشكورة عجبتني المدونة وايد

Hope يقول...


e.Shar ma eyeech

Yes, Yes, Yes
I'm gonna B a dentist lol
tarra digging in ppl mouth is so much fun .. U actually get to drill in their teeth, what can B more joyful than this =p ?
Thanx hun .. ajma3een ya rab

ufff the boys always make fun of me
I don't like being tiny

InShallah ur dream will come true.. remember, there's no such thing called impossible =]

Hope يقول...

Hey Sis

well, it's really fun, at least that the way I see it =p
thanx Sis .. 3ad being a doc need a lot of hard work but when u finally work 'n help ppl, u'll realize that it was all worth it

oh great, then I'm not the only girl who want's to B tall
bs still, U can B tall & still look amazingly neat & feminine

u 2 =]

Hope يقول...

om comment kuwait

e.Shar ma eyeech sweetie

wallah u've got one very cute dream... u're not crazy, just so dreamy =p

wow!! those fancy huge dresses.. wedech?? wouldn't that B fun ?

Hope يقول...


thanx 4 passing by Sis

غير معرف يقول...

سلامتج ما تشوفين شر

لووول شخباري العروس أنا قمت أكشت فيهم كلهم

تخبين روحج بمليون ساعة على أثنين بيتزوجون وما يدرون عن هوى دارج جانج ييتي او لأ

jasem يقول...

hi hope :)
i really like readding for you
i`m sure u have special way to make readders follow your lines with nice interesting feelings..
but i found more about u ,,made me predicting for u a special shinny successfull future enshalah not just the cutist dentist on earth ,,
take it seriously i`m expert hehehe
and used to make judgments based on facts ..
well , i have same bad experience with dentist when i was a child ,, it was long time ago but i guess still hurt me from inside..
keep going young sis with all best wishes

Hope يقول...

الله يسلمج .. الشر ما اييج يا رب
انتي نفســي .. احس مو وايد استانس لما اروح
وانتي الصاجه نخب روحنا مادري شحقه

شاكرتلج مرورج العطر

Hope يقول...


Thank u Bro .. I'm glad u liked it =]
I'm really sorry u had 2 go through this, I really understand .. it's not at all easy & it takes a lot of effort to put these things behind u

Once more, thanx 4 the nice words
& welcome 2 Hopes Land
Beste WiShes 2 u too Bro