I want it back

I'm not happy with my current situation ... I really hate this but gotta admit that my Arabic is fading away .. I've noticed this a while ago .. tried 2 4get abt it .. ignore it .. but then realized this is not gonna solve the problem =]

My Arabic is really fading away .. just like that .. dunno is it bcuz of school 'n the fact that we study everything in EngliSh .. maybe it's Bcuz I've stopped reading good creative Arabic .. last time was probably back when I was in High School .. Not good I know =$

I hate it like this .. I really do .. My Arabic was so good .. really good
That other day I felt like doing crosswords & I couldn't .. who thought this could happen to me
GoSh I stopped doing them cuz they were too easy & now I can't even solve a decent one ..
lately, I've found my self in situations when I'm out of words "in Arabic" .. doesn't feel good
want my Arabic back

One word can describe this .. Horrible .. totally Horrible ='[
I feel awful when I look back at the way things were .. my writings .. I was so Good .. Aaaahh .. most of my teachers admired my style & thought I would have a good future in writing
Well, I guess, Not any more ='[

I guess I'm gonna go back to my old habit of going through the Dictionary
U ppl may find this weird but I really love the dictionary .. at times I think of Kuwaiti words like old Kuwaiti .. o I go look 'em up in the dictionary .. O many of them r surprisingly there, with pretty much the same meaning, the one we use

& maybe I 'll read some good Arabic books .. maybe .. I'm not sure abt this, if I do have the time then InShallah I will .. can't live like this .. Really Need my Arabic back .. I can't even think of many synonyms for a word =$


Can't believe it's the weekend already
the best part of the week was our Field visit .. Ya 7lwey o ana Dentist =$ .. I would make one hell of a dentist =p MaShalla 3lai So professional *need 2 show off 4 a while =p*
I'm the cutest Dentist on Planet Earth =p


Pics from here 'n there :

Dental lab
Storage Room =p

it feels totally amazing 2 B sitting on the dentist's chair rather than the Patient's =p

As I was going out of the Uni this afternoon , I noticed this huge cloud of smoke .. guess the building is on fire
Hopefully nobody got hurt

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ĄηğэĻĭšTїÇ يقول...

mmmmmmmmmmm so ur a dentist
if soooo i fear dentists so much :( i have a phobia mn DENTISTS

Addictioneer يقول...

I understand your feelings
I have the same problem. Now my notes and writing, most of them are in English. It's hard for me now to take a pen and write in Arabic. It's been years since the last day I wrote in Arabic

You want your Arabic back.... me too
Arabic is much more expressive than English but all what I can do is reading newspaper :)

"I'm the cutest Dentist on Planet Earth"
Loooooool... Thqa mo 6bee3yya

I hope you've had a nice, comfortable and easy weekend
and take care

Samt♥AlbadoOo يقول...

HEY sweetie

OOOHH, i remember sth loool

so, hope u study to become a dentist..??

GOD with u and raaaby ywaf8ch frindy

walla nice =)


a7mad Nabeel يقول...

السلام hope
ما كو حل الا القراءة أدري ماكو وقت جربي قبل لا تنامين كل يوم تقرين شي بالعربي
و في حل ثاني كل يوم قبل لاتنامين دشي بلوقي و اقري !
ليش ما تكتبين بالبلوق بالعربي مع الانجليزي ؟؟

good luck

reemas يقول...

just keep reading arabic
so many blogs here that u can read
including mine :p
my first visit.. glad to be here

take care and good luck with ur school


غير معرف يقول...

I know someone welling to let you read and write Arabic in no time.
one class a week .he is the best in the world ,
want his contacts?

Clark Gable

أتيت متاخرة يقول...

لا تضايقين عمرج يا هوب
حتى عيالي يدرسون بمدارس اجنبية وبيعانون من نفس المشكلة بس مو هني المشكلة لا عندج ولا عندهم

الحين الاهم تفكرين في حل لأسترجاع اللغة
عن نفسي بما ان عيالي صغار فكل يوم عندهم سطر املاء ، سطر قراءة
وكتابة جملة تعبير
يعني شي بسيط بس بالنهاية تراكم هالثلاث جمل كل يوم كان له تاثير كبير عليهم
هوب حاولي بشي بسيط ولا تستهينين فيه بس اكيد بالنهاية بيكون له تاثير كبير

you can do it hope

Hope يقول...


Yup =p I am a Dentistry Student =D

Believe me, No body is scared of sitting on that chair more than me ..
I used to cry, shout, scream & do all kinds of crazy things when I was a kid in the dentist's clinic
but I managed to reduce that fear some how in the past few years

take things gradually & the fear will go away InShallah =]

btw: nobody likes Dentists =p

Hope يقول...


it's good 2 know that I'm not the only one suffering from this problem, the newspaper in my case is not gonna do me any good I guess
Madri I just feel like I need to read sth better .. more expressive more touching & definitely more exuberant in terms of vocabulary .. 'n Yes, Arabic is So Beauiful =D

Yup ..Since Daddy says so
then, without a doubt, I'm the cutest Dentist on Planet Earth =p

thanx 4 passing by
wishing u the best of luck

Hope يقول...


Hey u,
Yup .... Yup
Thanx hun .. ajma3een ya rab
best of luck 2 u 2 =D

Hope يقول...

a7mad Nabeel

و عليكم السلام و رحمة الله و بركاته

اي انا مفكره بشي جذي .. لازم لازم اقرا .. ضروري جداً
تصدق عاد تشدني البلوقات اللي بالعربي و احوس فيهم و اقرى وايد بس مادري
I don't feel it's helping me much .. mayB it is but I'm noticing =s


ليش ما اكتب بالعربي و الانجليزي ؟
Cuz I'm not so confident abt my Arabic anymore =s

Thanx 4 passing by Bro
Best of Luck 2 U 2

Hope يقول...


I will, InShallah I will
Thanx 4 the advice

Thanx 4 passing By Doc =D

Hope يقول...

Clark Gable

it's all abt ME
gotta get back to the habit of reading Arabic books, Good ones

Hope يقول...

أتيت متاخرة

الشي اللي يقهر ان طول عمري ادرس بالعربي .. و الحين سنه وحده بالـEnglish
o I feel like my Arabic is totally gone


الخطوه الاولى .. لازم ارد اقرا كتب بالعربي
اكيد مو كثر اول لان ما عندي وقت .. بس ان شاء الله ينفع

Thanx 4 the support Sis

رورو الشخبوطه يقول...


غير القراءه الاهم اهو الممارسه ..

حاولي تكتبين عربي بتغلطين عادي نصلح لج اذا حابه كل مره وبالتريج بتقل غلطاتج ..

اذا حابه الفصحى لي قريتي كتاب اي كلمه تلفت انتباهج او عباره سجليها ومعنها بنوت بجذي بترسخ بذهنج اكثر..

وموفقه يارب..

Hope يقول...

رورو الشخبوطه

و عليكم السلام و رحمة الله و بركاته

thanx 4 the advice, I'll consider ur suggestions

اجمعين يا رب
WiShing u the best of luck Sis