I'm alive

Yes I am =]

I'm a surviver they said .. & yeah .. I managed to survive

this exam period was totally tiring .. there were times when I wanted time to stop .. stop, just like that .. I wanted a moment for me .. a moment would've been enough .. aaaah it was such a rough time .. Med School is no easy .. Bs Ana Gadha =]

o I didn't do well in my mid-terms .. I didn't study well .. wasn't prepared .. I doubt that I can call what I did studying .. ufff I never learn my lesson

gotta go through some rough times .. Yallah aStaw3eb .. ya3ni lazem at7aSaf
I don't regret doing things though, I regret not doing 'em


there was this thing in my mind .. sth the bothered me but I kept postpoding it till I nearly blowed up .. I can't I just can't do this any more .. gotta speak up for myself

I have the habit of keeping things that bother me to me & only me .. probably cuz I don't wanna bother others .. I've realized lately that though I'm not the kind of ppl who complement others, I can not confront the dear ones .. cuz I'm always afraid that I might hurt them .. that I might B too harSh on them

I can't do this anymore .. cuz I'm the only one who's getting hurt ..

it's time to speak up .. it's time to B a little bit selfish


2morrow I'll B celebrating my 19th B-Day

19 yrs .. what have I accompliShed ?

Have I made a difference ?

was I one of those who just get in & out of ppl's life without leaving a mark ?

how many ppl have I hurt ?
many questions .. with very few answers

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غير معرف يقول...

Batty Birthday to u
now make a death wish and blow out the unholy candles :P

The Dark Princess

PaLoMiNo يقول...


3eedich embaraak :)

and emfegaa eb ur studies yaa rab:)

اقصوصه يقول...

كل عام وانتوا بخير :)

Hope يقول...

The Dark Princess

Thanx a lot Sweetheart

Hope يقول...


aww thats so sweet of u =]
thanx Sis
AyameCh Sa3eeda .. Ajma3een Ya Rab

P.S. it's always good 2 hear from u

Hope يقول...


و انتي بصحة و سلامه
عساج من عواده يا رب

غير معرف يقول...

كل عام و انت بخير و صحة و سلامة و عقبال 135689878 سنة :)

Hope يقول...


و انتي بخير