Final Decision

I've made up my mind
I can't do this anymore .. it doesn't feel right.. I can't I just can't .. this is so wrong .. so not good, emotionally & psychologically tiring & it doesn't need much thinking to tell whether this is right or not ... it's so not right
I'll do my job .. I'll do it & I won't neglect my studies .. I promise myself 2 study .. I can't continue this sloppy girl attitude .. doesn't work well with me
'9amerey m2anebney cuz I screwed up in my midterms =[ .. this sucks cuz not only did I screw up, I also screwed up BIG TIME .. I never learn my lesson.. I know myself, when I don't feel like it, then I just don't
it's gonna B hard bs I need to do this
I'll B the NERD I've always been
being a nerd is the normal thing


sometimes I think that I'm naive
it's either that I'm stupid or ppl r just out of control
it seems like nobody sees things the way I do
nobody values respect 'n principles the way I do
except 4 very few ones
ufffffff .. I don't understand ppl
I hate those who say things without thinking
just say whatever is on their mind
no wait I don't hate 'em ... I despise 'em
I hate rude ppl ..
I mean C'mon .. what happened to being classy & respectful =s ? is it too cliche or what ?
I believe that we all have 2 B well-mannered in each & every situation, that we have 2 treate everyone with kindness & respect
& I believe that we should ALWAYS take the higher road
I actually think that the level of respect u have for others is well nough to define U as a person
ppl have kept on disappointing me lately
& now I've come to the conclusion that they always will


so, 13 days till the new year
WOW !!!
only 13 days
2010 seems nice =p
looking forward 2 it
I think I wanna write a Special Happy new year post
sth like goodbye 2009 & welcome 2010
like last year's ..

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|:| DUBAI |:| يقول...

: )

Calm down Sis

Inshalla El Amoor Tetysr

Trust your god


غير معرف يقول...

One: Study hard dear ow allah eywafgesh :D

two: ( I believe that we should ALWAYS take the higher road

I second that

Three: 2010 hmmm I wish it will bring something nice to my life ;)

Hope يقول...

|:| DUBAI |:|

I am calm now =]
Amen .. I always will

thanx a lot 4 passing by Sis

Hope يقول...


I will InShallah
yeah, the higher road rocks .. it makes u feel good abt urself .. U'll never B wrong when u take teh higher road

InShallah it will =]