Me ..

I was hurt .. I was so hurt that I couldn't stop crying
I promised myself I wouldn't cry on silly stuff
bs when it hurts .. it hurts so much .. 'n all u can think of is " is this how it feels 2 B stabbed in the back ?"
One thing I know abt myself
I always take it easy .. I never let silly stuff bother me
bs everything has limits .. everything, even my patience
I know that when I wanna talk abt sth, I consider each & every word more than a million time mayB .. & my friends call me crazy for doing this .. they say "just do it .. just say what U have"

but I choose 2 think abt the concequenses .. thinking doesn't take long & is a life savior .. I try as much as possible not 2 overlook this cuz it really matters

I've always Been too afraid to hurt ppl's feelings .. even when I'm right .. even when they're wrong .. even if I'm abt 2 explode I'd never say sth that might hurt them .. Simply bcuz I don't wanna get hurt
& when they attack me .. when they do the stupid things they do .. I try 2 see it differently .. I try to give them some sort of an excuse .. I would always make up excuses 4 them .. abarrer o abarrer o abarrer .. I don't ask " Y ? "
but there is a time .. when no excuse can B found
& the Q remains un answered .. unless U choose 2 ask
A piece of advice :
When U wanna talk ppl, THINK .. THINK .. THINK .. 'n after u've done all of this thinking .. talk
o.k, let's get this out of my system .. so .. most PPl don't like me

I've never been normal .. I've always Been a freak
this is how ppl have always seen me
does it hurt ? well, as a child yes .. mayB at times
but I've learned to live with this
hey, I am what I am & I'm not gonna change myself just to fit in
a long time ago I chose to accepts this .. I know like it .. being different is cool .. I now Beilieve that I'm Unique in my own way
& I don't care abt what ppl think abt me .. as long as I'm fine with what I do .. as long as I know I'm doing the right thing
& if a million ppl around the world hated me .. then I'm happy that I have those very few ppl in my life
those who love, cherish, & most importantly respect me
they r enough .. they really R
bcuz they saw [me] .. the real me .. they didn't see me the way everyone else did
They Knew Me ... Me
'n they loved me 4 who I am .. not 4 what I have or what I can give

my philosophy abt life says that life is not gonna get any easier & u need to chose the ppl u want in ur life carefully .. U need those who R willing 2 support u .. who will remember u, even when u 4get abt them, & other than these then believe me u don't want

u don't want those who might hurt u .. life is so hard already & U don't really need these in ur life ... U DON'T


When I go whining & complaining to Dad, he always says that I still haven't seen a thing of this life
& I never thought its gonna start throwing me with these stuff .. not like this

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غير معرف يقول...

مو المصيبة إنج حتى لمن تكونين زينه مع الناس ومحترمتهم لازم يطلعون لج ناس ويطعنونج من الخلف ويكرهونج معنج كنتي محترمتهم أو مالج شغل فيهم بالمرة

أنا أقول صج إنه السالفة تأذي لكنج لو تفكرين فيها على الأقل عرفتي شنو هالشخص بالذات ومقداره عندج راح يقل أو ينتهي نهائيا. لأنه ما يستاهلج

jasem يقول...

خير الناس أعذرهم للناس
u r good
u r unique
u r sensitive
most ppl dont know that
so they r easily say and do what hurts a person like u
i know what u mean
every word u wrote about it
i really felt it
cuz i`ve been through it all my life
i wish i had your philosophy early in my life
these few persons that they really love u and accept u as u r ,, r real enough to know
dont let others be close to u
u know,,
i realy felt hurt while reading your words
i fe;t it came from an injured heart
god bless & help u sis
learn how to be tough plz

Samt♥AlbadoOo يقول...

I read your words and really influenced by them.
I can not find words that might Ts3fni to relieve you. I looked for probably the best way to express what I want to say but ...!! As usual, not good at i..

Hop, from what I have read, i found a unique girl, very beautiful personality, do not say abt yourself that you are freak

lil.D has said pretty words and I strongly agree with here.

B as ur name, HOPE =)

اممم احس اني مآ انفع في هالموآقف خخخ
ف اعذريني احآول اني اقول اشيآء بس احس مآ ادري >.<

نتريآ بووووست مرح وفيه صوووور واشيآء حلوووووه ^__^

msha3erha يقول...

Hope,,, I do respect you even though I don't know you in person
You're doing enough good things to be respected :D so cheer up

I was a sensitive girl in the past. Few years back I learnt my lesson (Life is tough and I need to be tough as well) this simply helped me a lot :D

SHOOSH يقول...


كبري الخط

وايد صغير

ما عرفت أقرى


dxbgirl يقول...

you know dear, there's nothing wrong about being different.. some see different as WEIRD, or a FREAK... others, the sensible ones, those who are wise enough call it UNIQUENESS :)

when it comes to friends, it's NEVER about quantity, never... you know well that 1 good friend is worth a million souls...

Either people be with you for who you are, or search for other friends who are willing to act up just to please..!

Be yourself, and continue on your path, you don't need to hurt anyone... it's only right to treat people the way you like to be treated..
O mthl maygol eshaf3y..

لما عفوت ولم أحقد على أحد ..
أرحت نفسي من هم العداوات..
إني أحيي عدوي عند رؤيته..
لأدفع الشر عني بالتحيات..
وأظهر البِشرَ للإنسان أبغضهُ ..
كما إن قد حشى قلبي مودات..

Hope يقول...


بالضبط .. و خصوصا "مالج شغل فيهم بالمرة" يعني صج قمت انصدم .. كل هذا يصير و انا ويني ؟؟؟ شلون مو حاسه ؟؟

يمكن خيره ..

اشكرج على مرورج ..

Hope يقول...


Thanx a lot 4 ur nice words Bro
I'm really sorry u had 2 go through such a thing. no body, I think, deserves 2 go through this ... it's really bad
I'm sorry if what I wrote brought u bad memories

u know .. I am .. I am tough
just not when it comes 2 these things
but I guess I'm learning .. Luckily, I have a very good mentor =]

Thanx 4 passing by =]

Hope يقول...


what u've said is enough Sis
it really is ..
thanx a lot 4 ur delicate words

well, I think I'm a the genius freak kind of ppl & I love it =p

I'll always B =]

Thanx a lot Sis

Hope يقول...


Thanx Sis .. I very much value respect & ur words mean a lot 2 me


Hadher يقول...

I loved this post! Cheer up girl :)

Hope يقول...


u got it =]

Hope يقول...


yeah exactly .. this is one of the things some ppl will never understand

9a7 lSsanech Sis

really appreciate ur sweet comforting words =]
Thanx 4 passing by

Hope يقول...


Thanx =]