what have I been up to ?

Hi everyone,

I disappeared again =p
had a lot of things 2 do .. really a lot

U might B wondering what have I been up to ?!

well, 4 a starter I made a big move ... I attended a melcha party lol ..I had to go, it was my cousin's .. I know, so not like me ... but guess what!! I dressed like a young lady & I went , who knew this young lady was wandering around in the morgue .. between cadavers, 4 hours ago =p  ... so, at the beginning it felt so weird lol it really was .. then just when I started 2 settle, things started 2 get really annoying & once more I realized I really am not the party kind of girls

so, a lot of studying & exams.. gosh I hate exams ..& what's even worse is getting sick when u have exams
we really rarely appreciate teh gift of health till we lose it for a while, ahhhh I hate being sick .. it's tough.. physically & so tiring mentally 
Thank God... this is all behind me now
I'm done with my finals, ironically, I start my 2nd semester next week lol ... Yeah my life is a joke

here's what I have 4 this holiday .. 1st of all, I decided to give driving a 2nd chance .. we'll c how things go... I'm gonna read some books .. looking froward to this cuz I really wanna read some book, I'm interested in every word of this one ... I wanna exercise .. a lot a lot a lot .. gotta get fit ... Finally, it's tennis time now .. so it's my time .. tennis makes me HAPPY =] 

I miss u Peace
& I miss my peace of mind

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Five / Four يقول...


LOOOL chinich ana I hate melchaa and parties like that.. makes me feel so awkward

BEST of luck with your exams sweetie. Inshallah kelihom A+ ;) and el7emdillah 3ala el9a7a sij ne3ma min raab el3alameen

I gotta get fit too.. I'm starting a diet soon, well not a strict diet ya3ni just to take care of myself.. I have no weight to lose bas first I have to build my own home gym. I loathe going to the gyms and exercising infront of everyone lol

Makes me feel more awkward than going to melchaas ;P

Hope يقول...

Five / Four

Hey, thanx
cool, u're like me

thanx a lot .. InShallah .. Allah Yesma3 menech Sis

I'v never been on a diet lol I just wanna B so fit, need 2 gain some muscle weight..
I agree I prefer exercising at home .. much more fun, it feels more comfortable cuz u're using ur stuff & u're doing this in ur place

غير معرف يقول...

WB Hope :D

Enjoy your week off before second semester ;) and yeah it's tennis time :p looooooooooool

Good luck with the driving thing

إنسانة يقول...

nice post dear...
i agree with u...
about me, swimming is the thing that makes me happy... :)
enjoy ur time & take care...

غير معرف يقول...

Welcome :)
I missed you already .. 7aram shino 3i6la isboo3 bas !! are u serious !!?
Anyways, enjoy it :)

Hope يقول...



I wiSh it was a week, it's only 1 day with the week end lol
the good thing is that this week is abt 2 end & our 2 weeks mid-year holiday will finally start

Hope يقول...


Thanx sweetheart

cool, I like swimming 2 .. My pick is Thorpe *miss him* & most of the Australian team, what abt u ?

Hope يقول...


thanx a lot dear
7addaaaa .. el.mo3athabon fe el.ar'9
after the finals we got 1 day off & now we started the 2nd semester already .. funny!! I know
but that's it, we'll have our 2 week mid-year holiday after that