Lately ..

I haven't been myself lately. I've done things I don't usually do.. it was fun .. 4 a while, but then it didn't feel like me.. I've been so busy this past week.. I didn't even have time to miss the AO .. I usually miss it like hell the next day.. But this time I didn't get the time 2 do so

I did miss seeing Rafa holding the trophy & Andy fighting for his 2ns Slam ..but GoSh!! feddy is just too good .. one day after another he proves he's the greatest, the best .. not only is he a great player but also a great humanitarian .. such a good guy .. but I'll never cheer 4 him =p
& Andy ... the other Andy .. oh he broke my heart .. his emotional runner-up speech .. his faltering voice.. blinking away the tears.. it all shows how much he loves the game & that he really cares abt his fans .. Andy, u got urself a new fan =]

the holiday is coming 2 an end & I hate it =[ I love holidays more than any human being on the planet & I always get a short one .. this is so not fair .. I just have one week left & it's so not enough.. I want more, much much more .. the good thing is that I'm gonna get to watch some more tennis this coming week

many B-Days coming up this month & we have a wedding coming up ... I don't feel like going, there's a chance that I might feel bored & this is not sth I want, so I might just skip & Im sure I'll have a very good reason ..

Some PPl find me too dreamy cuz I always wanna have time to meditate .. look at the sky.. stare at the clouds.. enjoy the cool breeze.. this is the way I usually start my day. One other thing they find really funny is that I don't risk going 2 places where I might get bored or feel sad .. I don't take risks, I usually go with the odds.. I'll always find sth more interesting .. I guess this makes me a realistic person rather than a dreamy one =p

I wanna make some double chocolate muffins but my brothers want a chocolate cake that I've made two times this past week .. I'm not gonna make it 4 them .. I wanna do sth different =p
Snap Shots
this one drives the boys crazy =p

these 2 they call 'em the ice cream cakes =p

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Five / Four يقول...

my holiday is going to end soon b3ad so i feel ur pain =[

"Some PPl find I'm too dreamy"

somehow this sentence reminded me of my book.. madry lesh, they didn't say i'm too dreamy, they just ignored me.. like i said nothing, which makes me realize that they think i'm way too dreamy

bas we can dream, khal yewalooon

7egrehom u should always be dreamy! w stare at the sky, i'm like u tara.. i feel inah it's a spiritual thing, yekhaleech appreciate life and think about what u have

HάķöØnã✿რätatã يقول...

I like the snap shots

>>I like Andy..I just imagined him
oOh..Saturday is the last day in my vacation
and I'm trying to be excited for the coming semester even if it is not that much excited
just to make things fine

woOw..I think it's amazing to be dreamy

and plZz don't miss all the parties
3a kaifee hahahahha
just try to have FUN

hope you enjoy your time
عسى أيآمكم كلهآآ أفرآآآح ومسرآآآآت

دمتي في حفظ الــرب

Always Be Happy :) .. ME يقول...

Hi Hope What's Up ??
I Saw ur Flickr it's so cool
And I want To Ask What camera u used ??
cuz i want to buy a pro. camera but i still don't know what i should choose Nikon D5000 or Canon 500D
thankx A lot :D

Hope يقول...

Five / Four

it feels awful .. don't u hate it when ur holiday is abt 2 end?

u know I hate it when ppl ignore u .. the way I see it, it's just so rude, really rude
what's wrong abt dreaming .. it's good 4 the mind I think =p

I'll always find time 2 stare at the sky & do these things they find silly .. it's not like I do them just Bcuz I wanna do 'em .. it's that I need to do this .. it makes me feel good & as us said appreciate the gift of life

thanx 4 passing by, I'm always glad to hear ur opinion =]

Hope يقول...


Yeah .. they're delicious =p

Yeah he's cool
it seems like every Andy is a sweet guy =p

poor u .. thank God I have till next week
it's cool that u're trying .. I myself don't lol

I'll try to attend .. but sometimes u gotta prioritize & some other things r more important
the thing is that it's not always fun, so ..

thanx a lot Sis .. same 2 u

غير معرف يقول...

Mashallah .. tha cake looks yummy :)
And about the holiday , I just felt it's only a weekend !!
The days are passing quickly and I didn't enjoy it :S

|:| DUBAI |:| يقول...

Yumi wayed Mashalla

: )

رورو الشخبوطه يقول...

الكيكه شكلها يشوق ماشاءالله..

بالعافيه يارب...

Hope يقول...

Always Be Happy :) .. ME

Hi there,
I'm so glad u liked it =]
I use Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W35
I'm not an expert, but if I were u, I'd go for Canon 500D
u're welcome hun =]

Hope يقول...


yeah I agree with u, the holiday is way too short
Ma Sheba3na menha

bs u know what!! we have the international day & liberation day holiday coming up
it's gonna B a good one, so make the best of it

Hope يقول...

|:| DUBAI |:|

Thanx 4 passing by =]

Hope يقول...

رورو الشخبوطه

مشكوره .. الله يعافيج يا رب

msha3erha يقول...

Adfa3 no9 3omri wo a3ref why don't you like Rog. loool and the thing is you know he's the best :p but will never support him lool

Hope يقول...


Oola .. lhaDaraja u wanna know =p
well, the thing is I just don't like him .. I can't like him .. I don't think there's an answer 2 ur Q lol
I just don't .. & I really can't think of a good reason not 2 like the guy
I just don't like him

U don't always have 2 cheer 4 the BEST .. it'a all abt the way u appraise it .. He might B the BEST but the what matters is that he's not MY best =p