Roller Coaster.. Again

I'm literally burried under a pile of notes.. micro, psycho, patho, & pharma.. I barely get some time to take a deep breath.. my mind is so very busy & overwhelmed =p
it feels like I'm riding a roller coaster, except that it never stops & it keeps going. I'm very much enjoying my psychology course, it's really interesting. Who knew human mind is so complicated!!? Sub7an Allah


I look at old photos of me.. & then I take a look at the mirror
I don't look like the same person

& then that other day, a friend saw an old pic of me & she went: "sth look different, sth is different, is it the make up? I can't tell"
it took me a while 2 realize the difference

back the I was happy...
I was satisfied


at some points of my life I was the

cutest little girl
kid who's always crying

& now.. I dunno.. & I really hate it when I don't know
I used 2 B the girl who says I want.. I know..
now I'm sortta like I feel.. I think
[am I thinking too much ?] that's the Q

I wanna B the best again =p
I'm working on it & I'll very soon do it InShallah =]


as time goes by, the one lesson I haven't failed to learn was loving you
I'm a perfectionist & u're just so very perfect.. we match =p
I love how much u care, I love that I can tell u abt everything
u're so good to the extent that makes me think that u're from another world
u keep on proving that u're the best daddy in the world
I love u.. my role model.. my man.. my one & only

am I the tiniest person on planet earth or what?
one of my winter coats is supposed 2 fit a kid at age 11.. Guess what! I'm 19 yrs old & it fits perfectly =p

for so long I've been drinking milk pretty much daily on school days *btw: I never loved milk.. ma7ebaaaaah*.. I'm doing my best but it seems that I'm destined 2 B the shortest person in the house =[

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Five / Four يقول...

the jacket is so cute!

Allah yekhaleeh lekom inshallah
its good inah ur drinking milk! i never do
w kila my knees hurt

i have to force myself to drink it

غير معرف يقول...

I'm taking general patho now, and oral I'll take next semester inshalla, i took micro already and i agree psycology is rly intersting. Pharma Im really worried about though:/ anways goodluck !!

HάķöØnã✿რätatã يقول...

am I thinking too much
yes .. I guess
which is good

and you are the best
>> believe me

أتفلسف بناءًا على تجآربي الخآصه خخخخخ

ربي يخليلج أبـــوج ويطول بعمره إن شااااءالله ^_^

ع فكرة .. حتى أنا مادااني الحليــب
لين أحين ..
بس أحآول أحبه وأعقد صداقة بيني وبينه ^_^

دمتي في حفظ الرحمـــن..^_^

خاتون يقول...

believe me if i tell U
we R all on the same
roller coaster
me 2 enjoying the psychology cours
may be we R having the same story this days
guess what i am all so &
the shortest person in the house
what ur writing is so real so smooth

Hope يقول...

Five / Four

Yes it is =p & Btw, it's mine lol
I'm only doing it bcuz I have to, me too, my knees hurt o so does my back

u Can do it Sis

Hope يقول...


I'm taking foundation patho, oral will B in 4th year ya2ni a couple of yrs from now.
Don't worry abt Pharma very simple & easy, it's the micro u should B worrying abt, it's just Mo 9ij.. too many names way too many
a7fe'6 el.youm ansa bacher

best of luck 2 u too =]

Hope يقول...


thinking is my THING =p
thanx sweetheart

الله يسلمج و يخليلج اهلج و احبابج
حاولي تشربين حليب ع الاقل مره باليوم ترى محد يحبه بس شنسوي لازم نشرب حق صحتنا.

thanx 4 passing by =]

Hope يقول...


cool, u're taking psycho too.. Mo 3ajeeb?
wow finally some one who's a bit like me,u know the thing is that even my baby Bro a6wal menni =[
I always wanted 2 B tall.. I guess 5la9 ra7at 3lai =[

thanx a lot 4 ur sweet word =]

N يقول...

you're a med student?
how is it? I'm doing my best to transfer to med next year.!

Hope يقول...


well, actually I'm a dentistry student, but we do the 1st 4 yrs with med students, so yeah u could say I'm a med student =p

that's cool, good luck with that
Medicine has it's good moments & it's bad ones, lots of pressure.. a diffrent kind of pressure nothing u ever experienced
but if u're up to it, u'll manage
urself pretty well