I Survived

e.Salam 3laikom everyone

Yes I'm alive. Yes, I survived =]

it has been a week since my summer holiday started, it's feels weird, but I love it, after all it's summer =]
I actually wrote 2 come back posts, but chose not 2 post 'em. A sad one, & another one that I chose not 2 complete. I don't want my come back post 2 B a sad or angry one. I'm not satisfied with pretty much everything going on in my life, I'm sick & I dunno what's wrong with me .. lots of tests.. & I dunno
so, since my summer holiday started, I've been to the doc's abt 4 times, 3 blood tests & one more to come next week, bs ell7emdellah 3la kel 7al. I really wanna know what's wrong, I wanna fix it.

one thing I hate abt being sick, beside not knowing what exactly is wrong with me, is having to go through those awful blood tests.. I just hate it, it hurts so much =[ & no body seems to understand.. cuz YEAH when it comes 2 needles & shots "I am a chicken" it really hurts u know, I'm not exagerating or sth like that..


despite the pain, despite the sorrow & all of the bad feelings.. one msg.. a few letters that make a word.. & a few words that make a sentence .. this is what it takes 2 make me happy
Cousin.. I'm so very proud of u.. Baya'9teha, & u didn't let me down
Congrats cousin.. & I love u


4 so long now I've been looking 4 the missing part of the picture, now.. 2day I think I found it

these pics R taken from my note 2 yrs ago .. now I know what's missing

I need to believe in myself again.. I need to do this
& I need to do the things I love ..

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غير معرف يقول...

I have been waiting you since ages!
Thank God.You're better than million :)

swera يقول...

nshallah ma3alech ella el3afia dear . . . hv faith :)

Hope يقول...

Hopeless Sight

Yeah, believe it or not I'm BACK!!
thanx a lot sweetheart this means a lot 2 me =]


Hope يقول...


InShallah =]
thanx a lot 4 passing by

Aurous يقول...

enshalla you're fine w mafeech ella el3afya :)

5/4 يقول...

MISS U!!!!!!!!!!!


Hope يقول...


InShallah .. Allah YeSma3 menech Sweetie
Ma tga9reen.. Thanx a lot hun

Hope يقول...


MiSsed u more Sweetie