Me & The Holiday

what do I love the most abt me ? I want = I get
this still is the case, well, most of the times & it makes me more than happy
so, how do I do it ?

1- I want.
2- I think.
3- I plan.
4- I do.
5- I get.

I've got some good news!! I got my Arabic back.. I'm back.. gradually improving..
& I'm knitting again.. I thought let's give it a try, I did & it worked, I remembered everything =D
I'm happy


a couple of days ago we celebrated the birthday of my dear Pinkya. I can't believe she's 20 already, 9arat 3ayooz =p
we had lunch 2gether & then surprised her, she was so surprised.. that was amazing
we had so much fun & we shall do it again
love u pinkya

the gift wrapped & ready

Candles ready
Card ready 


آللـهـم إني تحت رحمتــك , فـ ارحمنــي بـ فضلـك
آللـهـم أَسبـغ عليّ بـ لبـآس آلصحـه وآلعآفيـه
واحفظنـي لــ وآلـديّ وأَحبـتــي

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TaZmaNiA يقول...

ولكم باك :) وذا تبين اي مساعده بالعربي كلنا حاضرين

5/4 يقول...

inzain ana i need help bil english :(

my grammar sux

i would love to see ur knits! is it hard? wedi at3alam

BookMark يقول...

أول ما قريت
I want = I get
فهمتها غلط
وقلت مو حلوة أي شي نبيه لازم نحصله!
بس لما كملت وفهمت انج تحصلينه بالتخطيط والتعب استانست :))

بانتظار كتاباتج العربية ;)

شكلها خوش حفلة عليكم بالعافية :)

Hope يقول...


tahnx a lot

Hope يقول...


I'll B more than glad 2 help =]
tarra el.grammers r so very easy.. once u learn 'em, 5la9.. it becomes innate o u apply the rule without thinking or feeling it

I'm gonna take some pics of what I'm working on, & no it's not hard 7adda easy.. I'll look 4 some good videos on youtube & I'll show u =p

Hope يقول...


it's "I want = I get".. but the good way =p
اي والله استانسنا الحمد لله .. الله يعافيج
و العربي قادم عن قريب ان شاء الله

اسعدني مرورج

Sumaiah يقول...

I once learned how to crochet bs I learned how to make nou3 wa7ed mn elward and making them became like a nervous habit to me! I made a ridicules amount of them, wallah u can find them everywhere it wasn't pretty!:p

Bs good for u working to get to what u desire:)

I love planing surprise parties, I have a believe that time invested in planing a party is time well spent because u end up making someone happy:)

Hope يقول...


my cousins tried 2 teach me how 2 crochet when I was younger but I didn't.. too tough & complicated 4 me
& then I tried learning once more abt 6 or 7 yrs ago & again mako fayda.. in 7 out o madri shloon =S

I go crazy when I plan anything so it's really tiring.. worrying abt how things will go & so on bs with friends it's always a blast.. & well said, it definitely is time very well spent

thanx 4 passing by sweetie

thanx 4 passing by sweetie