Hope & Gergai3an

hello everyone
it's gergai3an time =p & I so want 2 agarge3 bs appearently, not gonna happen =[ cuz it's during the middle of the week, so no zwara & there's no1 I can go agarge3 with =[
I'm thinking, mayB next year =p
last time garga3t is abt 2 yrs ago, it was so much fun with the kids, the funny thing is that we went with an army of maids lol, we were 5 kids & abt 7 or 8 maids.. la o mum still 5ayfa 3laina o every 5 minutes she calls us lol . Moreover, 45 minutes later, my uncle calls me o says "yalla come back" & I'm like Noooo nabi ngarge3 b3ad, the kids walk slowly o ma garga3na wayed =[. eventually we went back , I tried to stall them bs mako fayda
it was fun though, we had a great time

Happy Gergai3an everyone =p

I'm nearly done with the blue scarf, Yay =] gonna post some pics InShallah when I'm done
& yeah I made dessert 4 my Bro's, teh easiest dessert in the world & their Fav.. aShwa they liked it
here are some pics =]

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msha3erha يقول...

Garga3ti 2 years back?!!! really
Wow I really want to but I know I'm not a kid any more ;) so no way
I was thinking to do it yesterday with my older brother but 5efna mn my mom tahaze2na 3ad ana weya o5ooy to7fa we will keep laughing lol

Kel 3am wentai b5air honey,,, wo
Sallem hal 7elwa ya-llah
5alha lomha ya-llah

the boudoir. يقول...

wai shawagni ildessert even though u didnt show the whole pic;l bs it looks good mashallah

Aurous يقول...

if u told you I would've come with you :p
I think the last time I ga3ga3t was 10 year ago :p

w bel3afya

Rubyeez يقول...

I am 25 years old but garg3t this year ;p
it was really fun ;p

Hope يقول...


yeah, believe it or not, I did lol
c'mon, even if u're 50 yrs old, there must B a little kid in u some where =p
oh no, that's dangerous ask me lol.. never do sth like that without telling ur mum, that'll get u in a lot of trouble

wenttai b9e7a o Slama ya Rab
Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaanx =]

Hope يقول...

the boudoir.

it tastes even better than how it looks

thanx a lot

Hope يقول...


Really?? oh that would B just great
5la9 we'll do it next time InShallah =p

Allah y3afeech hun
thanx 4 passing by

Hope يقول...


I hope I can still do it when I'm ur age =p

thanx 4 passing by

Hope يقول...


I hope I can still do it when I'm ur age =p

thanx 4 passing by

|:| DUBAI |:| يقول...

9dg yumi !

Slashy يقول...

ابيييييييييييييي :((((

samaher tariq يقول...

yeeeeeeey am loving ur gerge3an :D
ever since i knew about it from mai the blogger i wanted to visit kuwait fe gerge3an :D

اقصوصه يقول...

رمضان كريم :)

Hope يقول...

|:| DUBAI |:|

believe me it tastes even better than they was it looks =p


afa 3laich tamreen amr bs Where R U?
u just dissapeared o I'm worried abt u

samaher tariq

Yeah, Gergai3an time is amazing out her in Q
u gotta visit us some time


كل عام و انتِ بخير
عساج من عواده