aaaaaaaah I love Ramadan, don't u all love it =D ?
it's the gatherings I don't like lol.. el7emdellah I managed to survive 'em.. I played o talked to the kids most of the time.. I swear their more fun 2 B around, especially when they start tellin' stories abt dinasors 7 animals.. they're so funny.. walla when they pause for pics.. 7lat.hom.. not all of 'em of course
kids R now my friends & I'm as they said their beloved friend, how cool is that, they're head over heels abt me

remember when I said I don't wanna cook, now I want to lol.. we'll see how things go, I might cook, might

when ever I'm pissed off, disappointed, or just sad, I write stuff on a piece of paper or as a note in my mob
here's some of Hope's thoughts in the past few months
p.s. these are all behind me now =] el7emdellah

"My future is on the stake
I'm not feeling Good abt this aaah I don't wanna lose no battle nor war
My heart is too weak & fragile. I can't handle another loss
I can't & I don't want 2... My heart aches so bad right now ='("

"My feelings do not lie.
Indeed I LOSE ='("

"I hate it I hate it I hate it I hate it
Don't wanna do any more tests"


I promised the beautiful 5/4 to show her what I've been knitting. So, I've been working on a hot pink scarf.. but now I stopped, 5la9 I'm not gonna finiSh it.. I'll do sth blue.. a9lan what was I thinking when I used a hot pink yarn ??

now I'll leave u with some pics

blue a7la =p

a cake I made abt a week ago
3ajeeba, bs a lil piece is enough cuz thegeeelaaaaa

10 التعليقات:

Aurous يقول...

cool... you can knit
I was thinking about learning but I don't have the patience :p

غير معرف يقول...

you are so Romantic in words& pics
you must be in love hope ?

Hope يقول...


yes I can =]
u should learn, it's really easy.. a piece of cake
& it doesn't need la patience walla shay
give it a try, u'll love it .. U can find some helpful videos on youtube

Hope يقول...

غير معرف

not really!! I'm anything but romantic lol
I can't see what's so romantic abt the words nor the pics =S

anyway, thanx 4 passin' by

ChuBBy-Doll يقول...

it is so romantic hope lool .. kiddin :P~
love the blue more 2 but why dont u just finish the pink .. if u have time .. will be cool u can creat thing with it and use it for home or shaleeh .. its cool ..

about this
My heart is too weak & fragile. I can't handle another loss
I can't & I don't want 2... My heart aches so bad right now ='("

"My feelings do not lie.
Indeed I LOSE ='("

i just post something about suffering ..that i found in one of the books and it helpes ..
we cannot become attached to anything .. bcoz nothing that exists is immutable .. nothing remains the same all the time .. thinkin it does is an illusion .. therefore we have to develop non attachment ..

non attachment is the psychological key that opens the door to libration from suffering

so non attachment leads to libration from suffering
suffering = (worries - problems - anxieties - fear - pain )

dxbgirl يقول...

Allaah you can knit, how did you learn?
o Mbarak 3leach eshahar :)
i miss checking your blog!

Slashy يقول...

allaaaah!! u can knit!! abiii
and the cake 7adha 7elwa bas no a7la menich heh

i like the thought eli u wrote
a therapist always told me to write everything as it releases all the negative feelings inside even if nobody is reading

i miss Faith 7adi
tell her i say hi

Hope يقول...


madri I'm actually thinking of unknitting it .. I love the blue one more lol, mayB when I'm done with it, I'll go back & finiSh the pink one

I read a bit abt these things but 4 some reason I don't think they suits me.. I feel like being attached 2 the things 'n ppl I love is part of my life experience & I realize that non attachment could set me free, but I just don't think I wanna do this.. not now at least

Thanx a lot 4 ur lovely comment

Hope يقول...


Yes, I can =]

a friend of mine taught me back when we were in intermediate school
3laina o 3laich.. Yen3ad 3laich b.9e7a o el.3afyah InShallah
u've been missed too Sis

Hope يقول...


Yes, Yes I can knit =]
I can look 4 some good videos on youtube, it's really easy, I'll e-mail u the videos

teSlemeen,, eee 7adha 7elwa lol

Yeah, that's the point
I just take it all out.. I don't wanna have any negative thoughts or feelings.. I want them all out of my system & writing 'em is a really good helpful way, quite relieving

Tolah 3laich el.3afyah Ya rab
yo9al InShallah