Goin' Back 2 School

hello everyone,
I can't believe my summer holiday is over already.. I want more & more & much much more.. it's really not fair as my summer holiday was really short in comparison 2 everyone else's.. I'm finished last & I'm starting 1st.. aaah this med school is gonna drive me crazy... I still can't believe it.. I guess I'm just gonna go on sunday morning & see how things will go, hopefully I'll cope well & I won't B so shocked & depressed like I always do
enough abt school, a couple of days ago I went out with my cousin, we had dinner at Applebee's.. at the beginning we didn't want 2 dine there but then we had 2 & thank god we did lol
we dinned their a couple of times B4 but never liked their food. This time was different, we loved the food & fell in love with the dessert lol

I leave u with the pics
the menue

getting ready lol

loved the appetizers

ceaser salad.. loved it

cowboy burger.. not bad

some steak.. I loved the mashed potato

chicken strips

brownie with vanilla ice-cream.. LOVED it

the price is just unbelieveable.. r5eeeeeeeeeeee9 7adda

they also gave us a coupon & a brochure that we can use to fill some sorta brochure abt the service online & then we would get free dessert next time .. that's great since I fell for their desserts =D

later =]

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Engineer A يقول...

غلطتي قريت بوستج وأنا يوعانه :))

عليج بالعافية وخوش عطلة وطلعه :)

Hope يقول...

Engineer A

ميخالف الله ياجرج
الله يعافيج، فعلا خوش عطلة

Ducati يقول...

والله عاد هالمطعم الي ما ادري شفيني عليه ما اواطنه مع ان صور الأكل تشهي


jasem يقول...

i believe ya hope
so believe me
whole life is running this fast
every age in human life he `ll see the past gone as fast as one click


any way el7mdela 3ala eleslam we always hope to reach endless heavin

kil 3am wentay eb5air dear

msha3erha يقول...

Heeey :D shlon kan awal ayam el back to school? Hope it was fun

Food pics look yoummy ;) 3laikom bel 3afyah

Hope يقول...


تصدق عاد!! احنا قلنا ناكل بأي مطعم الا هذا كلش ما نبيه.. بس بعدين انجبرنا
و الحمد لله تجربتنا الثانيه طلعت احسن من الاولى
شوف اهوا الاكل حلو بس اللي صج عجبني الحلو.. عجيب لازم تجربه

الله يعافيك

Hope يقول...


exactly, days r runnying by so quickly
Allah YeSalmek bro, Ameen Allah yarzegna el.jannah

wennta b5air bro
thanx a lot 4 passing by =D

Hope يقول...


hey u
good, all good el7emdellah
not so much fun though, after all it's school, u know =p

Allah y3afeech sis
thanx a lot 4 passing by =]