my word these days =p since I started school I haven't done much but complain. I miss the holiday, I miss laying down, starring at the ceiling with nothing in my head.. but really it's not that bad, I just became a whiner recently I whine all the time just like a little kid =p I know, not so good, gotta change my attitude 
Now my head is so full it could blow up any minute.. I have tons of things to do & a whole lot of other things 2 remember. On my 1st day back 2 school I was telling myself "o.k let's start fresh, yes u'll never get used to it again bs u gotta fight" ... now I actually think I got used to the school's routine, meaning I'm coping well el7emdellah =]
o I like the hospital visits. they're fun.. though tiring at times, but it feels good being a doc =p

the good news is that health wise things R much much better than the way they used to B.. getting better & actually feeling it, so alf alf el.7emdellah

I really miss photography o graphics designing.. haven't done much in these two fields 4 a while, not even in the holiday.. feels like I'm off, I know this feeling.. I had it once B4, I remember freaking out & telling Peace that I lost it.. I lost my touch, but it was just that I needed some time off, at some point this has got to happen 2 u, even if what u're doing is sth u love quite a lot
so off it is.. as long as I'm getting my touch back when it's the time =]


P.S. Slashy, u've been missed.. I hope u're getting better
this goes 2 u =***

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غير معرف يقول...

May god helps u and be with u all the time
Cooping is good and digesting is good as well !

Glad that ur doing well

Take special care of urself

خاتون يقول...

السلام عليكم

لازم تسوين طريقة ستيفن كوفي بادارة الوقت (أو يسمونها المربعات )
راح تحسسج أنج كنترولد أقين

آي ثينك أنه يور تج بالصورة اللي تحت حلوة شكلج مصورتها من ورا الزجاج فصايرة طبعة الايد واللي يمها حدهم كووول

موفقة عزيزتي ونصيحتي علشان تنتعش حياتج لازم تبحثين عن الالهام غالبا موجود بالاطفال و الطبيعة *_^

msha3erha يقول...

Don't be lazy now doc. ;) Shedaii 7ailech sis wo allah ywafgech

غير معرف يقول...

But I'm back!!!I love you girly.

Hope يقول...


thanx a lot for ur lovely words
wish u all the best

Hope يقول...


و عليكم السلام و رحمة الله و بركاته

حاليا احس اني مسيطرة على الوضع بشكل ممتاز، بس يبيلي شوية وقت بعد و اتعود على كل شي

مشكورة هذا من ذوقج
actually it's not a camera shot behind glass, it's what they call the scanography art. u just construct the pic the way u want it to B & use the scanner =]

اجمعين يا رب
مو انا منو مينني غير الاطفال p=

Hope يقول...


InShalla 3amiti =p
Allah yewafeg el.jemee3
thanx hun

Hope يقول...


mnawra el.blogsphere darling
welcome back
missed u like hell