To The Men in My Life

Uncle A

thanx 4 being there for me when I needed u most
for hugging me & wrapping me with ur amazing magical warmth when I need it most
thank u for the great talk we had.. for holding my hand & never letting go.. for patting on my head & shoulder
for calling & checking on me
thanx for opening up, letting me pour everything out from my heart to yours
thank you for loving me, for caring so much
I love u my Fav lil Uncle

Uncle M

thanx for being the one for him
for loving & believing in me
for that album u made.. for every scrap paper u've cut from the news paper & magazines.. for every picture u've kept, & every article u've got ur hands on
thanx for collecting all those precious memories ever since I started going to school & till present day
thanx for being his brother, his guider, & his soulmate
thanx for caring so much & loving him just that much

wallah enna m3azatkom mn m3azetah yal.'3aleen

I Love U so very much
Allah la ya7rimni menkom.. the best uncles in the world. I wouldn't have asked for better ones =D

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msha3erha يقول...

الله يخليهم لج و يخليج لهم و لا يحرمكم من بعض .. عسى ايامكم كلها وناسه يا رب

عيدج مبارك يالغاليه ؛)

bananaQ8 يقول...

عيدج مبارك وعساج من عواده

Hope يقول...


آمين، ما تقصرين
ايام سعيده


ايامج سعيده