Days I shall never forget

I, as a crazy sports fan, had a lot of great moments, as well as sad ones of course
it's just fascinating how I can remember each & every moment so percisly as if I'm living it right now.. when u love sth as much as I love sports, u'll have a bunch of amazing unforgettable memories that will stay for u for the rest of your life

Football wise, let me share with you these moments =]

one of my happiest moments was when we qualified to the 2nd round of World Cup 2006 qualifications, we needed one win & China was our opponent.. we player a great match & I'll never forget how hectic it was, how extatic the stadium was when BaShar Abdullah fell to the ground to put his head on the ball & push it to the net.. that was a goal that I'll never ever forget.. a goal to remember.. I remember I cried back then
&  surely won't forget that match that could've taken us to the World Cup finals 2006 in Germany, we were up 2-0 against Uzbekistan & some how things just flipped, all because of the Malaysian referee*if u manage to do a tiny lil research u'll come to the conclusion that Malaysian referees have through out history of our matches always been against us*, we ended up losing 3-2 in one crazy match, I remember Maxim Shatskikh*not sure abt the spelling of his name =S* scored one of their goals.. aaaaah yal.8ahar.. e7tarag galbi youmha... I remember mum was trying to comfort me telling me that the time will come, I said: "I don't want to wait till 2010 to see my team in the world cup finals ='[" Ironically, I'm gonna have to wait till 2014 =S
I hated how those south-east asian referees were never ever fair to us,, I remember each & everyone who was unfair to our team ,, I remember their faces each one of them.. I surely will never forgive them.. & don't tell me u gotta B objective & whatever, cuz I am.. I don't want a win that I did not earn.. I was what's right & what's fair.. & I didn't get that.. I can tell when there's manipulation whether for or against my team.. I surely can tell

one more crazy bit of info abt Hope =p
everytime our national anthem is played, wether on t.v or whatever.. I stand up with all of respect, lay my right hand on my chest & sing.. u think I'm crazy?? well U're not the 1st
what can I say, I'm devoted to my country & nation

I still very clearly remember the last time we played in Asian cup, that was back in 2004. The game against Jordan, I didn't wanna lose this one.. I remember every tiny teeny detail, 3aziz 3a6eya's commentary for ete7ad etha3at e.dwal el.3rabeya =p they scored few minutes b4 the end of the match & they killed me.. I rermber running away, hiding, sitting all alone & crying my heart out, I didn't want anyone 2 see me like this.. I was so hurt & disappointed. few minutes after the end of the match Dad was looking for me & I wasn't there, he freaked out & everyone was looking for me while I was hiding *so kiddo like* then I didn't want to freak him ou any more, I went to him & cried in his lap ='(

u know what else I shall never forget, pretty much every match we played against KSA, these were always special & will for ever be. Most of them were on Wednesdays, so it was great to watch them with my uncles, as my dad & cousins would always go watch it in the stadium every time it was in Kuwait. I'll never forget the one we lost 4-0 in KSA, it was on Friday, late at night & I had an English Final exam the very next day, I went to bed & cried my self to sleep =[ poor me I was so disappointed, I rememberer the post match interview with one of the Saudi players who said that we have a good team & we can beat South Korea & make it along with the Saudis..

mayB one day I'll post some pics from my diary, all abt matches, all supporting the team =p
I remember everyday our national team had a match me & 3waSh would write all in blue, & we would have thouse encouraging words in our personal msg in msn, sth like: "الازرق لا يملك اوراقا تبعثرها لارياح، و لكن امواجا تزيدها الرياح قوة"

btw, guess who's my fav Arabic commentator =p
I don't like arabic commentry much, but I love 39am e.Shwali's commentry, he's so funny & amazing, feels like I'm listening to t3beer 3rabi when I hear him, he sings songs, say the phrase in different languages.. just amazing.. & he's got amazing info abt everything, a man with a great amount of knowledge, a man who knows something abt everything =]

A corner kick:

Qatar, 2022
You, Me, & Fifa World Cup.
it's a date then =D

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Addictioneer يقول...

I am amazed abt ur super extraordinarly deep continuous love to our national team. you reminds me of my friend who's sport addict one day I talked to him over the phone to come to the university to work on some project and it was the day the national team play a game. He didnt come and the next day I saw his "long face". which means we lost the match :)
unlike me, my relationship w/ the national team sometimes on the newspaper though I admit lately am watching their games cause I like the way they played.

Hope يقول...


I used to be so obsessed abt our national team, it sortta makes me feel good, it has a bit of that patriotic sense.. it has to do with the feelings of belonging & so on
I still am behind my team & I'll always be, & we actually have a good team for now, a great team for the future,as well , if everything goes well

u gotta watch & follow cuz only then will u experience the true feelings of joy & happiness

Thanx a lot for passing by. It means a lot 2 me