I've been so eager to bake sth lately, so yesterday I decided I'll bake a chocolate cheese cake, so more than abt half way through I felt a bit tired, never had this feeling b4, then my head was spinning,  I sat 4 a while, took a sip of water hoping everything will go back to normal.. Then I nearly fainted.. looked as yellow as a lemon, & my BP was 82/55.. Ambaaaaaaih 55 diastolic, I can't believe it, I've compromised my heart, my poor lil heart =[ stupid me all bcuz I don't eat enough, Bro wanted to take me to hospital but I refused, so mum forced me to eat & eat & eat then everything went back to normal el7emdella
So, I'm gonna eat, & eat & eat even if I don't feel like it

I've also started taking Omega 3 again, cuz last time I took them everything was fine, so I want things 2 B FINE =p I'm nearly done reading the book, 200 pages or less left & I don't recommend it & I won't lend it to any friend lol, not that it's not good, but OMG!! it has so much x-rated stuff, I was abt to stop reading it when I realized I'm more than half way through it, so decided I would finish reading it & skip the parts that R supposed to B censored

off the subject, I've got a wedding this 3eed, a7es weird, I don't want to spend my 3eed in the beauty salon, wai3.. grooming & getting ready just to look good enough to please ppl =S
I can't skip this one, I don't have a good excuse & it's my cousin's so really can't skip, gotta go =[ I'll try to be a lady, bs wallah if I hear any stupid comment it might be the last wedding I attend, don't you guys hate the sorta comments when this lady who happens to know your mum & aunties come over to say hi & then showers you with a million kiss *waaai3* & then she goes like "Bentech?" & when your mum says Yes she goes like "Wallah 5osh entaj" & does the thumbs up sign & winks... Ambaaaaih o_O trra I'm a human being, y3ni this is supposed to be a compliment mathalan?? I felt pretty much like go6i pepsi..
PPL don't compliment me, o.k? I don't take compliments.

Planning PinkiYa's B-Day this weekend, should be lotsa fun, I love this girl, she's such a sweetheart, one of a kind.. Allah y5aleeha li, I can tell her everything & she'll listen & listen.. Gosh I love her

Now that I'm done talking let me show you a glimpse of my cake.. Frankly, 1st I thought it must be a total failure as I was very dizzy when I made it, ironically, it turned out to be better than the ones I've backed when I was all sound & fine lol

tshaweg mo?
who wants a piece?

these are supposed to keep me strong =]


btw, do you guys like the new layout? 

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غير معرف يقول...

love the new layout

waai3 i dont like weddings.. 2 ppl get married w malyoon eli yebtalshon just to see those 2 ;) im lame lol

love the bakes!


Hope يقول...


Baby, where R U?
that break is taking too long =[

Yes, Yes, Weddings suck big time, this is a FACT

thanx 4 passing by sweetie