Recovery plan

Yes, I'm recovering believe it or not
I feel better, I'm putting it all behind my back, there's not much I can do abt it right now. So, I choose to 4get all abt it, start fresh. I managed to "shut up" that sound at the back of my head that kept on telling me that I simply wasn't good enough. I'm MORE than good, I'm great, one of a kind & nothing will take me down. I've just lost a battle & I've got a war to win =D
I'm not sad anymore, yes I didn't get what I want, but this means that Allah has got a better plan 4 me, mayB sth bigger, sth better
إِنَّ مَعَ الْعُسْرِ يُسْراً

I'm still trying to avoid ppl, I'm not letting others know that this is the plan but somehow Dad seems to read my mind very very well, he' goes like "let's go out, don't you wanna go out, go out see ppl, don't lock ur self up" every 5 minutes =s I don't want to c ppl I don't.. I'm not a ppl person I've never been & now I'm growing to stay away form them. To please Dad & convince him that I'm o.k I started going out, a LOT. I don't want him to worry abt me when I'm totally fine & adjusting, I want him to let the worrying 4 me =p it's my thing, my job =]

I have lots of books to read, currently reading "This Charming Man" it's good, not so very good like I would get hooked up on it & never wanna stop reading it, but it's good, has some x-rated pages which I hated, skipped 'em other than that it's all good. So, now that've cancelled everything I've planned 4 the summer, I'm trying to set up a new plan, I think I wanna join a gym, I need to build up my body, put on some weight mayB. Gonna get a new hair cut, going for the extreme this time =D

lots of bloggers have stopped blogging others moved to new blogs, & some started fresh with a new blog & R trying to stay anonymous. Tell you a secret =p I myself thought of having a new blog, where I'll rant & rant & B anonymous, but then when I thought abt it, I thought it wasn't a good idea, I can't abandon my blog, I love it way too much & even if I had a new blog then those who know me WILL know me, I am the same person after all, so I decided not to precede with that. Part of the reason that made me think abt that was the fact that my friends know abt my blog, they know it's me, & I don't want to have them sorry abt me every time I write one of those dark depressing posts, I sometimes think they wouldn't approve of what I would say abt sth & I can't handle their reaction, But now I don't care, I really don't I'm sick of talking the way ppl want me 2 talk, doing things just to please them, this is my blog & I'll say everything I wanna say they way I wanna say it & if they don't like it then it's their problem

PiCs, PiCs, & more PiCs =p

done with this

Bunch of books to read =]

currently reading

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Kuwait's blog يقول...

Wow i am also a kind person who dont like to go out and socialize with people i dont know i like to sit home like duck anyways nice blog and keep it up sister be your self

Hope يقول...

Kuwait's blog

Great, it's nice to know ppl like me exist =]
I'm so like you, baytoteya & I don't like to socialize =p
thanx, I will inShallah