Thank You

A Big Huge THank You Goes out to my Lovely Freinds & Amazing Family
Allah y5aleekom li wala ya7remni menkom my sweethearts

My lovely friends managed to surprise me not only OnCe, but TWICE... Yes, twice, 4 my B-Day
So in total I got to celebrate my B-Day 3 times this year =]
That was so sweet of 'em.. really heart warming
I love you guys

 I knew they were planning sth, I felt a bit suspicious but I didn't c this coming O_o  The only thing I managed to do was smile lol I smiled so bad my cheeks hurt 
& 2day.. 1 week after my B-Day they surprised me AGAIN =] 
I was really surprised this time.. took some time to grasp it lol, I was a lil bit slow.. I love surprises, thank U everyone, U made this B-Day a very special one, thanks 4 the gifts, the cakes & 4 drawing a smile on my face, I really appreciate it!!
I love the fact that U guys do listen, U do know what I love, U simply know me & this is just gr8 =D

Thank you everyone
My family & My friends "I Love You"
May this B a wonderful year for All of us

Tell you a lil secret =p I blew the candles 3 times but I haven't made a single WiSh, 4 I have way too many wiShes =$ May all of them come true


Those are 21 BLUE candle 4 me 

Pasta for the B-Day Gal =D 

& they SURPRISED me..
e5tra3t lol


Dear Some one,
"Happy Birthday" I wish I heard it from you.. it would've made me much happier =]
You probably 4got, You were probably busy.. it's o.k

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happpyy birthday, sorry for being late :D

Hope يقول...


Thank U sweetie =]