2012.. Week 1

2012.. Week 1 was Good =]
I spent new year's eve with my beloved ones, wiShed all my dear ones a Happy New Year right @ 12:00. I had the privilege to not only choose the Cake, but also cut it =p & I went to bed very very late that night. Day 1 was weird, it was a bit boring, but the rest of the week was nice.. Got my family flowers & then woke up one day to find flowers waiting 4 me =D that was AMAZING, it made my day.. 
The funny thing is that a couple of days b4 the end of the year I was wondering should I send the flowers to my grandma & aunties so they'll be the 1st thing they see in the morning & that would be super sweet =] but then when I thought abt it again I realized that I don't want them to wake up on the sound of the door bell, that wouldn't be nice, So I decided to take it to them on my own & they loved it... & then I was the one 2 B surprised by beautiful flowers in the morning =] el7emdellah 
& I'm planning a Birthday Celebration 4 my Uncle 2day =D Happy B-Day Sweetheart.. Ya 3sa 3omrek 6weel
I'm trying to B strong & stick to my resolutions, & trust me it's difficult.. very difficult


Here are a couple of words that I read somewhere & I loved, Unfortunately I dunno who the author is =s

الذين تراهم أشد صلابة يكونون أشد حاجة إلى الاحتواء العاطفي فهم لاينالون كفايتهم من العاطفة لأن كل من حولهم يظن أنهم بخير !
و نشتاق لجنة لم نبصرها يوماً

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