The Blogging Tag

I saw this tag @ Mariam's Blog & I loved the idea behind it, so I'm gonna do it 

1- When did you start blogging and why ?
I started blogging in the summer of 2008, I thought it would be good to have a personal blog as some sort of an electronic diary, a place that's mine, where I can say whatever I want 2 without being judged.

2- How did you choose your blog name ?  Whats the story behind it ?
My dear friend Nora gave me the nickname HOPE many years back & I though Hope's Land would be a perfect name 4 my blog.

3- Did blogging helped you in a way or other ?
Yes it did, a lot actually, helped me get over a lot of sadness, grow over my pain, be someone different at times, learned a lot from the blogsphere.

4- Where do you see your blog in the next two years ?
I dunno!! Still there hopefully

5 - Your favorite post by you ? And why ?
My favorite ones are these two:
& I specifically chose these two cuz I still remember how it felt 2 write them, these are ones of the most emotional post I've written, & I'm so PROUD of who I've written abt in 'em

6- Who's your favorite blogger\blog ?
Estekana, I miss her post so much

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