A Day To Remember

Hi there =]

haven't been posting 4 a while now.. 
Last weekend was one of the most enjoyable ones.. I loved it, enjoyed my time so much & I was so Happy =] truly really happy el7emDella

1st I planned a surprise B-Day party 4 my sweetheart! 2 days B4 his actual B-Day.. & everything went smoothly, he loved the cake he loved the flowers & I managed to surprise him & draw a smile on his face.. I knew he was happy & he got the message, he knew once more how much I love him.. I could tell from the way he looked at me, from the way he smiled, from his warm huge & tender kisses =] He was Happy & so was I

then on his actual B-Day we celebrated his B-Day again =] that was a day to remember.. I baked him a cheese cake cuz I know he's so in LOVE with cheesecakes & every1 loved itttttt.. it was the 1st one 2 B all eaten up among 4 other cakes along with other dessert dishes. & I ate fish & shrimps with rice I think for the 1st time since my childhood, I used to love seafood so freakin' much, it was actually delicious.
 The best part  of the day was when Grandma blew the candles instead of him! how cute is that?! Super cute
I wiSh Grandpa was there =[ I miss him so much, I miss his jokes, I gotta go see him, spend more time with him.. I'm not used to being away from him, not listening 2 his jokes every few days =[

@ the beginning of this year I started a new delightful habit.. the habit of getting my beloved ones flowers =] just realized how much joy flowers can bring in the soul & how happy ppl get when they get 'em
got everyone flowers, every week an uncle or an aunt, started with my grandparents.. 1 aunt left & then I think I'm gonna start getting my cousins flowers too.. yestahloon 3yal 3ami =]
My aunts now call me me om el.ward lol

they're yellow bcuz yellow floweres symbolize joy, purity, clarity , lightheartedness, provision, sustenance, and all things that are wholesome & all of these apply on YOU =]

 One of the 5 B-Day cakes, yes, I said 5 lol

My yummy ice-cream <3

2 The most amazing Aunt in the world 

Off the subject =p Sometimes, I think the only things I'm GooD at are planning surprise B-Day party & lecturing ppl.. really! I'm so good @ lecturing ppl, I could take it up as a full time job lol
When it comes 2 lecturing ppl I can go on & on & on.. & as a matter of fact I'm pretty persuasive.. Good qualities I suppose & I better use 'em wisely


منذ ولادتي و ابي يسعدني من دون مقابل فيارب اسعده و احفظه لي


Dear U,
You weren't yourself yesterday.. I knew you were in pain, it's so obvious & it so hard for all of us to see you like this.. you were shivering.. I know how hard it is to be on chemo again.. especially when I remember how hard it was the 1st time 4 years ago, but you are a fighter, you are all we have.. you're the one person we all love & adore & you're the dearest & closest person to my dearest..  I've always known you to be a fighter.. You can beat Cancer one more time, like you did last time, you're a fighter, a believer, a man of faith.. You can beat it, with us you definitely can <3

اللهم رب الناس اذهب البأس اشف انت الشافى شفاء لايغادر سقما

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