I am

This post is gonna be so freakin' random

- I miss my blog
- I miss سلة ميوه a lot.. it's a shame I haven't even read her goodbye post =[
- I feel like talking so that's basically Y I'm posting
- I confess I suddenly find myself being cold, very cold, amazingly cold & I have no idea how I've turned to be this cold,, but there's still some warmth deep inside for those who deserve it.
- I don't eat strawberries, I don't eat berries in general! 
- I don't eat Marshmallow
- I drink milk every morning
- I once dreamed of becoming a TALL girl lol
- 7 or 8 yrs ago I was obsessed with pens lol! daddy got me all kinds of those, I still have a lot, some dried up & I never got to use 'em
- I'm finally on instagram & I find it very addictive


I Hope

after 6 days I'll be off meds inShallah =]

I hope by then I don't have to withstand the ugly side effects I've been living with in the past 7 or 8 months
No more nose bleed every morning
No more hair loss
No more bone, muscle, & joint ache
No more blurred vision


London 2012

GoSh I miss sports, the passion, the excitement, & the spirit.. I miss everything
I'm really enjoying the Olympics.. Phelps is amazing, as usual, & Lochte keeps on impressing me
Cheering 4 Serena & she's not letting me down =] she's made the final in both singles & doubles. The Bryan twins are making me happy as well
So Yeah, Sports makes me happy
I swear the smile those athletes draw on my face when they end a race or stand on the podium, when they raise that Olympic medal, when their eyes glitter with tears of joy when their national anthem is being played.. God, that smile makes me feel good & it feels so real, it's a smile that comes from the deepest chamber in my heart & god knows I don't smile like this much these days


I wanted to write sth abt 2-9-1990 but when I thought abt it I figured out I would just want to leave you guys with what Dr. Sameer wrote, I loved his post & I can relate 2 it
for those who're interested in what he wrote here's a link 


I've been reading a lot lately & that's good, reading more Arabic books than English ones which is really good, it's helping me get back my Arabic


One last thing, what happened to all the old bloggers I used to know, everyone is abandoning their blogs (like I didn't lol) I miss the old blogging world , the old bloggers, thank god some are still here
I was so pleased to read Estekana's post that other day, wallah the news that she's back it made me so happy, she's one of the very 1st bloggers I started following, that was way b4 I even started my own blog

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Waleed Addictioneer يقول...

Hi Hope
Glad you're back
It's interesting as most of the bloggers I follow had or still have some health problems... including me :)
And it's mostly like a blogger who had health problems is a successful blogger :)
It could be awful experience though it had great impact on our personality
الحمدالله عالصحة والحمدالله على كل حال

Regarding London 2012
oh don't remind me of that Maria Sharapova big loss. My mood is still down
I know that she will lose but not in this way
I mean uhh... enough *cries*

anyways... This Ramadan am all to Olympics 2012. I canceled the gym to watch it

And yeah... one after the other... great bloggers just quit or move to micro blogging which is obviously the one that all love... twitter
I have twitter account though to me twitter and blog integrate each other well. One should find a way to manage both
I wish for the golden age of blogging to come back


Hope يقول...

Waleed Addictioneer

Hey you,
it's good 2 B back though I'm not really really back yet
it is interesting, bs el7emdellah in my case it's nothing so serious
الحمد لله على نعمة الصحه و العافيه

hahaa so you're one of those Sharapova fans =p!
Serena literally wiped the floor with her, 3ad I was looking forward for a double bagel, ended up with one! not bad after all

I think twitter is keeping the bloggers away from their blogs. A lot of the old bloggers just walked away cuz blogging isn't the same any more.. it's not what it was 4 or 5 yrs ago =[

Thanx for taking the time to pass by my blog, I'm always delighted to read ur comments