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eSalaam 3laikom

I just felt like writing sth, sorta talking to nobody, & then I remembered why I started this blog in the 1st place.. it's supposed to B some sort of an electronic diary
I've realized sth lately, you know how ppl say that med school took over their life & so on & I never agreed on that. Well, I think med school does not take over your life, it takes the things U like away from you.. as far as for me, the 1st couple of years went pretty much normal. In the past 2 yrs though , & I dunno how this happened, but I haven't been enjoying the things I usually do, mostly because I don't have the time to do so, & at times because I'm so exhausted.. & I did miss a lot

I'm happy that I still enjoy watching tennis.. I'm currently watching the US open
& Yes, I heard the news & I was ever shocked =[ my all time fav lil boy is retiring, a little too early I would say.. When you think abt it, u'll know this is how Roddick does things.. he's so committed, he wouldn't wanna be disrespectful to the game because he knows he can no longer give 100% physically & mentally.. Typical Roddick 

it's really hard to pick another favorite, & I don't think I can do it.. Nobody replaced Agassi to me & nobody's gonna replace Roddick
I'll just have to stick to Rafa

I've been trying to read sth, but I guess after reading more than a dozen of books this summer I just lost my appetite.. every book seems to be boring at this point, so instead of that I'm hanging out with my cousins, uncles & aunts.. I love being showered with family love, feels so good =]

& I like instagram <3 a="a" abandoned="abandoned" abt="abt" amp="amp" as="as" completely="completely" don="don" flickr="flickr" gives="gives" haven="haven" i="i" impression="impression" instant="instant" it="it" just="just" long="long" lot="lot" me="me" more="more" nbsp="nbsp" of="of" p="p" pics="pics" quality="quality" reminds="reminds" s="s" t="t" take="take" the="the" wanted.="wanted." which="which" worry="worry">
I was looking back at my old posts in the blog & I realized how much I've matured since I started this blog. I was a very young happy girl, who haven't seen a thing of the world.. I was more naive that I am nowadays, I still am naive lol but I've grown up & I don't let ppl exploit me anymore.. I'm nice, I'm good but I'm not gonna let ppl use my tenderheartedness as a weapon against me.. I will not get caught in the same trap over & over again.

I've got a few days before I'm back to Uni.. it's gonna be tough this year, but I can make it.. I'll fight like I always did & inShallah I'll end the year on top of the list =D

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Waleed Addictioneer يقول...

When I look at myself now, I realize that I've changed a lot. I'm not as geek as I used to be three years back. I had health problem and life just stopped. El7mdellah I overcome this problem and my new life started. I realized that life is short and I should live it in happiness. I shouldn't get mad at everything. I shouldn't even care

I realized that life isn't about having a high class car
Life isn't about getting high salary
Life isn't fighting shouting or getting angry
Life is about being happy and healthy
Life is about being satisfied with what you've got. Even if I have less, I should make happiness out of it
One should make happiness out of what he got

I'm not a student... Employed in the government sector plus I'm single . So I have the time of the world. I have time to hangout with cousin, family, geek around, watch tv, play games and much much more. Though after the health problem I discovered a new activity which is gym :-D
Being healthy is my number 1 priority

Once you finish college, you'll have the time of the world and inshalla you'll do all what you like and more. You'll miss college tho :-)

It's good to hear you're changing and that change is heading to a good direction

So you like Reddick and Rafa
I like Federer :-D
And once again Maria Sharapova disappointed me

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msha3erha يقول...

Tennis girl, where are you?
Hope you're having agood academic year. Good luck

msha3erha يقول...

I wrote some words here, but not sure if they are published or not! anyway Hi :D