Goodbye 2008

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As we approach 2009
another Box is closed
by 12:00 pm today my 2008 Memories Box is gonna B closed & put aside
'n a new one is definitely gonna take it's place

Tomorrow December Will B Gone
'n January will Begin

ahhh .. 2008 I'll never 4get u
one Fact is that 2008 was very special
just as special as I thought it would B2008 u didn't disappoint me :)

I had that feeling that 2008 is gonna B SpeCial
& it definitely was

January was kinda tough But I hanged on very tight
decided I'll enjoy the ride , never lose Hope'n always have Pride

I always loved those days LATE in January
when it's Cold & Freezing
when I wake up really early or stay all night long
I wear my dark pink Swiss robe
grab a banana & a mug of tea+ milk
go down stairs & enjoy my LiFestarring at the silver screen
watching Tennis, Tennis & more Tennis
AO simply Rocks

one of my Dearest friends lost her father

it was very tough for her

it feels awful when u can't do a thing 2 relieve some dear one's pain I Felt helpless

the only thing I managed 2 Do was Cry I can not even :(

imagine how She Felt it was horrible

She have Changed a little SinCe then , I don't think she'll ever B as Happy as she used 2

Probably , cuz a piece of her is missing

later on this month Passed by really quickly & things
started 2 get better 'n better day after day
one thing I really love in February is the National Day &

Liberation Day holidays
So very amazing
March knocks the Door
I welcome March in my LiFe
& I got the wonderful Gifts

of March

I admit I was mistakenwhen I said : No & pretty MuCh Gave up
I wasn't the one 2 decide or make the call
nor was I the one who gives up on it's all

I was Mistaken , I didn't believe
& though this was the 1st time I didn't
He proved me WRONG
gave me back my sanity & Said : always Remember that U R HOPE :')

I know ... Mistaken I was
this was like a Sweet Sorrow , I grieved missing this opportunity
2 Prove 2 my self & others , that it did happen
I always said if not today , then tomorrow & if not tomorrow
the day after tomorrow & if not then , then One Day it will happen
that Day came , the time came & I wasn't there 2 witness it
for I didn't believe it was the Day 2 B
If I said I didn't celebrate I would B a Liar
I was so so happy , He Did it :) He Won this oneOh Yeah , He DID ITI Loved that feeling , it was wonderfulI did C the recap 'n the Best part was :"Game, Set 'n Match ...
Andy Roddick

Feddy ... He Took u down , didn't he ?

March went really well , I worked hard
& got really Good results
I said I'm gonna try so hard , & if it doesn't work
I'll work even harder & harder
'n if it doesn't pay off 2day , it will tomorrow InShallah

April passed By really quickly
I pretty much didn't feel it
Cuz everything was a mess with School , exams & such stuff

May meant the start of hard work
I was done with school & had most of
May 2 study & review
I did what I was supposed 2 Do

I dunno , Maybe Not
Maybe not as hard as I should have
I admit I didn't give it my Best

& then was June
June was full of stress for it's very beginning
till it's very End , An exam after another
at the last Day of this month
My Graduation Party was held
I graduated from high school
it was a very sweet day , started with giggles
& laughter all around the Place
& ended with Goodbye Tears

July was all about celebrating
on that Day I woke up really early
not because I wanted 2 , No
because I couldn't wait any longer , I just couldn't stay in Bed
I tried 2 relax , I drank a cup of milk
it's 8:00 am already & nothing yet
I started 2 have the "I'm scared" stomachache
Daddy was worried , he went out with my bros
I was starring at the screen o_o
I went up stairs & had daddy's cell phone with me
I was waiting 4 the message
the announced the top 5 & I wasn't one of them
I started 2 freak out , called daddy & he said I dunno
let me Go 2 the ministry , check 'n let u know
I decided I'm gonna check there website
& Nothing o_O
until I heard the message tune , I opened it
read it
& then I was relieved
called Daddy told him & he was just so proud of his daughter
found out later that Day that I'm one of the Top 10 Kuwaitis
Which made me even Prouder & Prouder
Back then I said it
I said " Veni, Vidi, Veci"

Honestly , things didn't turn out as I wanted them 2 B

I wasn't NO.1 , but that was O.k

cuz I didn't Give it My Best

Maybe if I did , I would have Been more than just No.1

just Maybe

the rest of the month was all about Congratulations
form Friends & family
Newspapers , Magazines & T.V appearances
As well as A Party held By the ministry of Education

another very special Memory in this month
was on July 6
I'll Never 4 get this Day , Never Ever
I enjoyed watching an epic match
Wimbledon Centre Court hosted what was said 2 B
the Best Match In the history in the Open Era
the Spaniard Rafael Nadal on one end of the court
& The Swiss maestro Roger Federer on the other
it was sunset time , when the match finally Finished
under the lights of the court , unlike usual Wimbledon
coronation , Rafa held His trophy & gave it a bite
Man we were so nervous , "B" cheers 4 Feddy
& we scream Go Rafa Go
"B" says this is not the Federer I know
'n we reply "Yeah right, what a lame excuse"
6-4 6-4 it was
Rafa had many chances 2 close it out &
dethrone Feddy of him Wimbly crown
Feddy resisted & said No , if U want it so Bad
I'm gonna Make u work extremely hard & u'll have to play on more
Feddy's experience was present in the 4th 2 bring it 2
make it a tie & bring a 5th wonderful set
both players fought really hard
But at the End Nadal was the Victor

2 tell you the TRUTH , I did shed some tearsafter this epic match
cuz Rafa won , & that made up
for the past 5 years , when Feddy kept beating
some of My Very Favorite Players
taking them down one after another

this moment was definitely worth every tear of sadness
I cried , because I was proud 'n happy
I felt like I was floating
I had this feeling , the one called Satisfaction .. u know

August was full of Tennis , Fun & Relaxation
& let's not forget the Olympics
I enjoyed enjoyed watching the OlymPiCs
in spite of the time difference
we woke up at the wee hours of the Day
2 enjoy & watch History being made
My most Precious memory was
from the Olympic Swimming Pool
When Michael Phelps made history
& I was just watching
Wow , I remember telling PeaCe
2 turn the T.V on & WatCh for God's sake !
History being Made
I nearly Cried then *Yeah I'm a crazy Sports fan :P*
I actually think I might have shed a few tears
I was so Amazed & happy
I actually thanked God 4 being born 2 witness
The making of HistoryAll7amDolleLah
another PleaSant memory
was Rafa winning the Gold Medal
I loved the semi final match against Nole
that Day , the few last games where so close
that Even Mum started 2 cheer 4 Rafa :P

the Olympics will always Be a SpeCial occasionI love it , Love the Competition the Intensity , the Crowd
& I definitely Love Victory

In September
I enjoyed watching the USO
it was kinda weird that it was Ramadan & the USO TIME
all at once
but it was still Fun

October was a new Chapter in my LiFe
I was not a high school student anymore
I was a Med School student
met new PPl
I was reunited with some of my old Friends
& Separated from many dear others


A new year of my life
& I keep getting older & Older

saying my Goodbyes 2 2008
& hoping 4 a Wonderful 2009

Strange PPl :S

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I had an exam 2day & ell7emdellah it went Smoothly & I did very well , but a strange thing happened 2 me , I was wearing a cap & it had the US's flag on it , I passed by some girls I knew & they looked at me in a weird way & said "shloon Allah BeywafGiCh o Entay 7a6a hal Flag 3ala RassiCh ?" I was really shocked , my Face was like "What the hec ?" what does the the flag have 2 do with this ? el.TawFeeG min Allah , Shako el Flag ? I still can't believe that some PPl actually Consider the States as an enemy , it's just so funny , I feel for them , for the way they think , such narrow minded PPl .
I dare them to not have any sot of relation 2 the states in one way or another , if u Do think of the States as an enemy then don't travel 2 the states & don't by anything that's American :P , Strange PPl , really strange .
When I told Daddy about that he got pissed off , he was like "it's non of their business", anyway enough of them , I went 2 Mishref's Book store 2 By my beloved Tennis Mag , unfortunately I didn't find it , so I got an Arabic one called "Tennis News" though all of the news in it are old & everything is pretty much "copy & paste" from Tennis Mag , U know me , I Can't sth related 2 tennis & not get one , no matter what :P
Snap Shots :

My Dear Mag

Y Me & Only Me ?

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The past few days weren't bad , they were actually fine , Sunday was really Special :D , my Dear Beloved Tom Tom surprised us & paid us a visit , I was shocked 2 c her in the Uni , it was great 2 C her , she cried & did those typical Tom Tom things , she actually entered the Guys' Cafeteria at the beginning & then realized that "it's the Guys' Cafeteria :S" that was funny lol , typical Tom Tom .
'n yesterday I had the "Y me ?" episode , I had tons of things 2 do & my bros where calling me hope , hope hope hope , I nearly exeploded , I had 2 do a research 4 A , teach B how 2 Do certain things in the front page , Explain other things 2 B , Do my own Homework , study & download a programme 4 one of my friends .
I don't know Y can't they realize that I can't do a trillion task at once ?? 4 God's sake I'm a Human being just like them *I actually felt more like a robot that day :S*

I wonder what would they do without me , the won't survive I guess :P , cuz pretty much everyone in the house rely on me 4 sth .
so I started complaining 2 Nwairah & she complained BaCk , I then realized that we r both suffering from the exact same problem .
anyway , the allied health students have started their "use ur Risorius :D" week , although we R Med School student , they welcome us & we really are having Fun with them .

Bottom line : Smile :D

Snap Shots :

Naughty , ha ? *enjoyed it lol*

cute isn't it ?

A horrible Day

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Yesterday was a very horrible day , I finished my classes at 12 , the writing definition assessment wasn't any close 2 being easy , went back home , & went 2 the Uni once more at 6 pm to attend the physics review session & I honestly WiSh I didn't , we finished really late about 9:45 , all Because of the smarties who attended the session , Gosh I wasted most of my time on nothing cuz I already understood the whole lecture but went 2 check how 2 solve the problems , the situation was really messy & the girls were so very really stupid , at one point I felt like killing them , there were all kinds of stupid Qs , 1 Q after another, & since we finished 2 late I couldn't go 2 Grandma's Which really Sucks & made my Day even worse :(
after what I went through yesterday I don't think I'm gonna attend any review session , Unless I really need 2 .
Shots :

CinnaBon *YuMmy*

Chemistry Lab

an Old Shot I took back in Eid


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OnCe baCk in my LiFe I was going after perfection , it took a lot out of me , but at a later time of my life I realized that Perfection means nothing , Perfection U'll never achieve , no matter what , & now I'm after excellence , so strive 4 excellence not perfection.

if ur going after perfection then believe me ur gonna suffer & suffer & perfection u'll never achieve , at some point in my life I felt devastated cuz I couldn't achieve perfection , but U know what ... Excellence is now Enough , U don't have 2 B perfect 2 get PPl's attention or respect .

I know now that Striving for Perfection is gonna take u way far & gonna put lots & lots of Pressure on u , U might think u can handle it but believe me .. U Can't.

there will B time when u'll think that u'll always B a winner , u'll always B No.1 & ur this close 2 being perfect , sometimes PPl around u might give u the impression that u are actually perfect & this will not even help.

there was time when I believed I was a little bit Perfect , but guess what .. this belief took me down , I was under continuous pressure , everyone had high expectations 4 me , it would really hurt me 2 disappoint them , so .. I worked extra hard , until one Day , I couldn't just keep Going like this , I was suffocating Bcuz it was tough & it was such a huge Burden , the fact that some PPl think of me as the perfect KiD , that day I cried , do u know y ... cuz a girl I knew went celebrating & was like on the top of the world 4 one & only one reason , cuz OnCe in here life she got a better Grade than I did .... Uh I felt so Bad ... I got back home that day , stayed in my room alne 4 a while & just cried , at that moment I didn't want 2 B perfect , I wanted to B a human being again , I wanted 2 B Normal & that's it , I wanted 2 B like everyone else , that day I decided that I'm no longer going after PerfeCtion , cuz the cost is just 2 muCh 4 me .

when PPl think of u as Mr.PerfeCt , they have high expectations , they think u're unbeatable & u'll always a Winner , & this never really happens in Real LiFe .

even if ur a person who can handle pressure very well , believe me u just don't wanna do this , I know cuz I'm the kind of PPl who handle pressure very well , I actually some times Creat a pressure of my own to Score higer, but U need 2 always remember that being Perfect is not the way u wanna impress PPl , own their respect 'n touch their Hearts , it's the way u think , the way u act & they way U deal with them , ur respect is Gonna get u PPl's Respect & Appreciation.

Bottom Line : strive 4 excellence not PerfeCtion .

Hanging Out 2

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More PiCs :

kakaw bo NjoOm Lol :)

KinDer ChoColate "said 2 B the Family's Company lol"

the sweetest things ever

Ferrero Rocher *the Love of My Life :P*

M is eating :P

Hanging Out

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I went out with my cousins & aunt yesterday & I really had Fun , it's such a pleasure to spend time with ur cousins .
I've noticed that if ur walking with a guy or 2 no body will dare 2 come near ya , but if ur with girls only u might suffer from some sort of harassment , I wonder don't those guys have sth better 2 Do with there lives ? where are there Parents ? how Do they allow their kids to annoy PPl like this ?
9ej ma yest7oOn 3ala Wyohom , my Sis was actually about to slap One of them , if she could reaCh him I believe she would have slapped him right in the Face , they were really RuDe .
this sort of guys R giving PPl a bad idea about Kuwaiti PPl , allah YahDehom
RanDom Snap Shots :


Money Money :P

kids section *so cute*

liked this one

the menu

ke ke's Drink :P

Eid Mubarak :P 3eeDkoM MbaraK

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it's 3eeD everyone , 3eeDkoM MbaraK O Kel 3am O entaw B5air , Yen3aD 3alikom bel.9e7a O el.3afiyah Ya Rab :*

the 1st Day of 3eeD was fine, not bad actually :P , I had fun with my cousins & much Fun is Yet 2 come.
but I have 2 admit that there were MomentS when I just wanted to B invisible , didn't wanna B there :S
wait 4 the next UpDate :P

3eeD's Snap Shots :p *not muCh but I promise Some more*
Pre-3eed Doughnuts lol

Our 3eeD's LunCh :P

*I wanted to take a PiC of fruits but I was so late they pretty much ate everything :(*

Chocolate Day

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YesterDay's Chocolate Day was not really Fun , it didn't rise to my expectations , there were moments when I felt so bored , I actually regret wasting my time in the Uni , waiting 4 my Sis 2 FiniSh her Anatomy exam , I decided 2 stay till she's Done , cuz I thought it would B Fun , but it wasn't at all, , I didn't even take much Pics Cuz there was almost nothing to B photographed :S plus the FaCt that all of my frienDs left & I had 2 saty all by myself , Uh I hate being Lonely Just hate it .

SinCe I was a bit Disappointed with that Chocolate Day , I went to the super market & bought lots & lots of ChoColate & Chocolate Cake & yeah I'm gonna B making a Chocolate Cake tomorrow *mayB :P*

So , EiD is Coming Soon , it's 2 Days till Eid Al-Adha , I hope I'm gonna enjoy it & have fun , I think of it as a good Chance 2 relax & enjoy myself B4 going BaCk to the Uni , Books 'n Handouts .

الله أكبر .. الله أكبر .. الله أكبر .. لا إله إلا الله .. الله أكبر كبيراً .. والحمدلله كثيراً .. وسبحان الله بكرةً وأصيلاً
Pics :

there were piñatas all over the place , I loved the monkey piñata :P

I love Our Jam3iyah :P
*No.1 = Al-Rawdah Super Market*

ChoColate chocolate & ChoColate :P

Blah Blah Blah

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I really Love my life without exams , it's actually enjoyable :P , but I really I'm so very bored , cuz I have nothing 2 Do , I really miss the tour *Tennis* .
today was very tiring we had a chemistry workshop & we finished around 16:15 p.m , I was so bored I even started goin' crazy at some points *Fe9alt min el malal* I was like "Oh Dear God , Can't Stand this" , me & 1 of my FrienDs calculated the estimated time we're gonna Spend & told the Prof. who went like "Yeah right , that's Impossible"I had a break from 10 to 1 p.m , so Daddy took me to make a vision test & a blood test * 2 know my blood type , though I already DO* which was required for the driving liCence , & I'm gonna get it in the Spring Holiday :Pas 4 the Blood test they kind of took a few drops of blood from my finger it burned 4 a while *& I DIDN'T cry* & now there's this little blue BruiSe on my finger & it hurts a little *Can't Use it :P* , Yeah & when they told Daddy that my Blood type was B+ , I went like " told U so :P "
Can't wait 4 tomorrow it's Chocolate's Day in the Uni , oH I'm Gonna Have fun , I'll take tons of PiCs & I'll Post 'em later On .
I'll leave u with some Random shots , Enjoy :P
I think this is By far the Best PiC I have ever taken *I love it*

My Friend thought I Should take this Pic
BTW : it's not ours :P

took this one last ThursDay *I should've been studying Chemistry :P*

Baskin Robins *Love it*