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Still No good Night Sleep , I'm suffering from lack of sleep , big black circles around my eyes & very irritated skin , my face looks really bad :( , so tired , Hope I'll look better by Eid , don't wanna scare little kids with my horrific look :P

, that other day I was going through one of the old issues of Vogue I still have & suddenly I saw Brooklyn , I looked at the nose & started starring at the pic & then I was like "it her ... it's Brooklyn" , it's funny how we come across PPl & stuff at times in the past without recognizing them & later on once we know them they become a Big Deal & we start watching out 4 there pics in Mags & etc .

I love Memories , can't get over them & love 2 keep a souvenir from every important event in my LiFe , I hate cleaning cuz it means I have to get rid of things & getting rid of things mean losing memories which I'm totally against , I think I'll eventually get a storage room 4 my memories & stuff , I have a lot of photos & tons of souvenirs , I even took a tissue box from my Graduation Party & kept the Invitation Card , I also kept every single "Congratiolation :)" card I got with the presents I got after my Graduation

By far the very Best '3raybah ever *love it*

Yeah ..... I'm not kidding , I took it :P

hate turning into love

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I really need to get some good Sleep , it feels like I haven't slept Since the end of The Open , I really miss My good night sleep , it's very much like once I lay my head on my pillow every sort of thoughts in the world start conquering my mind , one of the things I had on mind was about that thing that says if u hate someone 2 death u'll eventually love him , & I'm starting to feel that it's a little true , maybe bcuz u can't hate some one this bad 4 such a long time or sth .
I hated some one from the bottom of my heart 4 what ? 5 or 6 years now & now , I don't know if I hate him anymore , though I don't know him in person & he wasn't bad or mean 2 me or anything like that , I just hated him really hated him 4 who he was , but with time he's proved he's a good person with a good heart, he's actually a decent gentleman , the weird thing is that I knew that when 1st knew him & ChoSe 2 hate him , I really don't like liking him :P , it's weird , I wanna go back to hating him again , I really wanna hate him
Random snap shots :P

small bottels of perfume
when mum 1st bought them I thought the were some sort of gloss , I actually did put some on my lips & at this exact moment I realized it was perfume

Yet another Present :)

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Yeah , Got another Present , Yay , love present & gifts , I got this one & I want more & more , I'm still waiting 4 the Big one & hopefully I won't B disappointed :)
it's really weird how one win from ur Fav player can bring u back to life , cheer u & make ur day , Andy won 2day & I'm really happy 4 him , at least now I have a good reason 2 look forward 4 tomorrow & it won't B another boring day :) , Nah it's Gonna B tennis Time :)
'n Yeah I got My touch Back , I'm designing Once AGAIN & I'm loving it , designed sth Special 4 PeaCe , gonna send it 2 her via e-mail soon :P & made another one of Andy

My FrienDs

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Just thought I should write sth about My FrienDs , Here We Go :P


My very Very Good FrienD , Love her , SometimeS She Seems 2 B the Only 1 who unDerstandS Me , very supportive , Actually She's the 1 who gave me the nick name Hope , she seems 2 have the solution 2 every problem , she'll always listen & never Complain

in Short :
PeaCe = My PeaCe Of Mind :)

My 3aWaSha

she a funny , crazy , caring loyal friend , my very Best friend , she's always there , I can't imagine My life without here *thank God She didn't Go 2 UK*

in Short :

My 3aWaSha = My Best friend + My LiFe saver :P

Tom Tom

Probably the Sweetest Person I've ever met , she's so cute , so sweet so nice , loving caring , loves 2 help PPl , I think "Passionate Dreamer" suits her perfectly , she's a SweetHeart & She has the biggest Heart , the funny thing about her is that she always in the WRONG place at the WRONG time lol

in Short :

Tom Tom = SweetOo

lil 3wais
really don't know what 2 say about her , except that she's crazy funny & crazy again , yeah & she's very similar 2 me in many ways & things :)
in Short :

lil 3wais = LOL :)


I've known her 4 very little , But I now her best , she such a Unique person , with her u'll never B bored & no matter what u'll always B smiling & laughing , she such a clown .
she's spontaneous & so Natural , She's Really Special
in Short:

Z Z = A Big Smile on my Face =]

Don't want my Holiday 2 End

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Don't want my Holiday 2 End , I love holidays , the Summer Holiday is my all time Fav , I'm such a lazy girl :P , hate school , love sleeping , typical Hope :)
I've wanted to design sth with Photoshop , But 4 some reason I can't , I just can't , it's almost like I lost my touch , the exact same way a player loses feel on the stroke , I wanna deSign sth so badly , I can't even mix the colours appropriately :(
I went 2 the Uni 2day with Daddy , Got the Student's Manual & then went 2 Mishref BookStore & got My Mag , Yay I Got it , Finally , I thought I would have 2 miss this issue but thank God I got it , I was hugging it the whole way back home :) *Thanks Daddy , Love Ya , U r the one who understands me*, held it like a little baby , I'm crazy about my tennis stuff whether its a racket or just a Mag :)
& yeah , that other day I was looking at H's new English Book (it a new Kuwaiti Edition) & Guess What ?? I found Federer , Gosh this man is every where on this planet , & further in the unit they have a whole lessen called my Favorite Sport "Tennis" , Man!!! I would have loved 2 study this lesson I would have rocked the class , done a presentation & helped the teacher , yeah & they had MaSha on "My Favorite Players " list along with V. Williams , hewitt & others
the flower on my pen , my pens might make me look like a pinkish kind of girls , but I'm the exact opposite :P , I don't even like the colour Pink
I'm always like
NO , it's TOO Girly , Too Pinkish

My Sweet Sweet Tennis Mag :*

FedEx seems 2 B everywhere around me !!!

Just Bored

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I'm too lazy 2 download pics , I haven't been sleeping well the last couple of weeks & it's funny how Bored I can get & how boring my life becomes once there is no Tennis tourney 2 follow , I honestly can't imagine my life with out tennis , I would DIE :( , I'm a sport addict , thank God Davis Cup semifinals starts 2morrow or I would have gone crazy .
I used 2 B crazy about football *so called socCer :P* but now , I don''t know , I'm sick of cheering 4 our national team & losing all the time , I just can't take it any more , it's too much 4 me , I used 2 B hopeful but know I'm not , I'm being realistic it feels much better after a loss when u don't set much expectations on it , I miss my Special preparations 4 our National team matches , they were fun & crazy , I one wanted 2 dye my hair Blue , but mum didn't let me bye those temporary hair colours , she was like c'mon U must B crazy " Ma9a5teeha " , I was Crazy actually

too lazy 2 take more pics , ended up with just 1 Bad pic :(

SchoOl ... Here ComeS trouble

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it's My Bros 1st school Day & it Sucks , everything is so messy , I had to label their books & note books with mum along with the maids , Gosh !!!!! there were a bunch of boOks a lot of them actually , each one of my Bros was asking 4 sth & for a moment I felt like dying , Gosh I even sCreamed "I only have 2 hands , only 2" , I hate SchoOl
So , Back 2 Me :P , I really want more Gifts :P , I can't Seem 2 have enough of them , I've received so many of them , sooooo Many , YET , I fell like I want More , I can never get enough of them , Their is still a couple of Gifts in particular , I've been waiting 4 , Hope I won't B disappointed & I'll get them .
the Invitation Card of the Party Held By Kuwait's Ministry of Education , the One I did already attend earlier this Summer :)
ps : it was fun to attend it although the rehearsal was tiring

the last Gift I got , this one is from My cousin *loved it * :P

:) Gergai3an Time

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oh yeah it Gergai3an Time , I actually am a big fan of Gergai3an , love love love it :P

I'm Gonna take some snap shots of our Gergai3an 'n post 'em later on , so many stuff happened latelly I feel like writing sth about the presents I got :) Oh man , they made me really happy , I'm gonna write about 'em soon

tomorrow is gonna B my Bros 1st School day which is always boring & depressing , so it should B very messy around teh house 2morrow , in fact , as for me , I had 2 cry every year at this exact day cuz it doesn't feel good going back 2 school & being on the top doesn't make it any easier

thank God I'm not Gonna B going 2 School Any time SoOn :) , I'm a Med StuDent Now :P

They LOST :(

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My men lost or should I SAY my kid kido .. Both of them lost ... BUT , I have to admitt I'm very proud of them & very satisfied cuz they gave it a fight , they tried their best & it's o.k to lose , , both of them Andy & Rafa were so close 2 forcing a 5th set , but it didn't go their way , as Andy said B4 the good thing about tennis is that there's always a next week .
I actually did cry after Andy's Loss , but I guess thats Bcuz he's getting older & his chances of grabbing another GS title are not getting any better , Yet I'm happy cuz he's a fighter & he'll never lose HOPE
I'm gonna miss the Open , I've enjoyed every minute of it , hopefully will enjoy teh Finals 2 , wanna c Roger Lose this one :P