Goodbye 2009

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not so long ago, we all welcomed 2009
& now, I find myself writing Goodbye 2009

time goes by so quickly doesn't it

I remember when we used to say "can't wait for 2000 to come"
now it's gonna B 2010
that's 10 years .. 10 whole years




a wonderful beginning, and by far the weirdest end
unfortunately .. it didn't rise up 2 my expectations
the most important thing is that I've learned a lot of things
so many things

my best friend once told me " u might b smart, but I know u're not when it comes to dealing with ppl"
I partially agree

but I'll stay me
I refuse 2 change, unless it's 4 the better ME
the way I act got me 2 where I am 2day, & as they say "Never change a winning game tactic"


how abt a brief review? & some not so old memories =p

let's get started


exciting, beautiful, yet very cold =p
once more I raise my "who need's sleep when u've got the Aussie Open?" logo
so finals that went so smoothly .. ell7emdellah

one day that I'll never 4get was when I had my last final exam
Roddick was scheduled to play Djokovic in the Semi Finals .. that was a match I would never miss
woke up at 6 am that day just 2 watch what I can watch
left to the Uni but 4got my heart back at home
& while I was having breakfast, I got some really good news
I remember I was so nervous when I knew this msg was from my Bro
I didn't even want 2 read it, but PinKiya insisted .. she read it & it said

" جوكوفيتش انسحب "

call me crazy .. I didn't believe it
I even hugged her men el.wanasa lol
I still have that msg .. never deleted it


enjoying My very short holiday ... Rafa's efforts finally paid off

an epic Final .. Feddy cried

I might sound evil now =p I loved it

he finally got 2 taste his own medicine

I even have the video saved in my mobile album .. will never delete it lol

but it really was an amazing moment .. just amazing

the match, the quality of tennis, the sportsmanship .. just everything

in short : January was just the right start of the year
I was satisfied on all basis =]



not so bad if it wasn't for the "U always start early" Uni thing
I had 2 start the 2nd semester 2 weeks earlier than other colleges .. this sucks I know
I never stopped complaining

I still do

if it wasn't for the national day & liberation day holiday I would I've been dead
starting so early really turned my brain OFF
4 real .. haven't studies like really studied since that spring holiday .. my brain is now starting to work
bs sh3egbah .. b3ad ma 5rabt e.denya =[



new subject .. still trying to adapt 2 everything happening all around me
still mentally non-functional
liked only one of my subjects & kinda thought the others where boring
that also kept me alive =p



so special as usual ..

bcuz of that one very special person's B-Day
GoSh I love him .. I love having him around

& he didn't eat the cake on his B-Day .. gal la Baba shno B-Day .. there's no such a thing, bs thanx anyway
gal u & the boys eat it all lol
the boys liked the idea
but I warned them .. Nobody touches HIS cake
& he ate it with us the next day .. isn't he a sweetheart?




So busy with the Uni .. so many exams
too many deadlines & I still don't feel like studying
will I ever again? dunno =S

RG ... a shocking loss to Soderling .. bust I would B lying if I said that I didn't see this coming
suddenly things r not looking so good 4 Rafa
thank good Roddick survived till the late stages .. dunno what would've happened if he wasn't there .. things would've been so boring
Roger finally winning RG .. not so good 4 an anti-feddy tennis fan like me =[
believe it or not I didn't watch the whole final match .. thought it was too boring for me


Day: Tuesday
Date: May the 26th, 2009

a day 2 remember .. a day full of sweet warm moments that I shall never 4get
success it is =D
I'll hold on 2 these sweet memory till the end of my life, 4 it will make me a better person, remind me of what I can do & what I'm here 2 do =]




stress on the way .. watch out!!

exams .. results .. disappointments

& at the end life goes on




a nice treat from Roddick in Wimbledon
& once more I see hope .. I saw the same sparkle in his eyes .. the one I saw back in 2003
it was more like the 2003 little kid Roddick, except he was no longer a kid & he was even better
again I believed .. I really did that time
he took it 2 a 5th set .. he was so close .. he gave it all .. yet his efforts came short
one day, I believe, he will left that trophy .. he will B the champion .. with this will .. I know he will
Yes, that was record breaking # 15 for Mr.Federer but


Roddick, u never let me down ..


time 2 celebrate =]

Bro's efforts paid off .. I'll always B proud of my little Bro
all the stress, all the "freaking out" .. it was worth it

& what is better than a family celebration?


driving lessons = horrible days that I'll never 4get
Gosh really awful .. just the memory of it .. aShwa it's behind me now
my tutors = big mouth

aaaaaaaah madri shloOn te7amalt.ha


eventually got my driving licence
I officially am a dentistry student =]




a lot of thinking
practicing mind gaps

Ramadan + USO = Magic




a surprising USO final .. a new champ
a pleasant surprise =]

someone .. someone unique .. leaves our world
 heading to better place, I believe

a wonderful Eid

& back to the Uni =[




nothing is the same anymore

everything is so different
the long adaptation process not complete yet

Someone turned 20 =p




full of shocks ... bad ones
ppl ... the variation in ppl .. their attitudes their mentalities .. everything .. just keeps on shocking me
but nothing can ruin my month =]
my 19th B-Day followed by the 1st day of Eid
On my day, I realized that no matter how old I get.. in his eyes I'll always B his little girl




clouds, rain, & disappointments
finally woke up .. & now I know what I want

& I'll get it inShallah



in 2009 I've changed a bit but I've learned a lot
I've learned to give myself the priority
& I choose 2 B me .. 2 forgive .. 2 take the higher road .. 2 B the better one
I've learned that we all need 2 B selfish & self-centered from time 2 time =p



the last pics from 2009 =p

The weather was super beautiful 2day =]



Happy New Year Everyone
& 2010 .. u better B a good one =p

Final Decision

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I've made up my mind
I can't do this anymore .. it doesn't feel right.. I can't I just can't .. this is so wrong .. so not good, emotionally & psychologically tiring & it doesn't need much thinking to tell whether this is right or not ... it's so not right
I'll do my job .. I'll do it & I won't neglect my studies .. I promise myself 2 study .. I can't continue this sloppy girl attitude .. doesn't work well with me
'9amerey m2anebney cuz I screwed up in my midterms =[ .. this sucks cuz not only did I screw up, I also screwed up BIG TIME .. I never learn my lesson.. I know myself, when I don't feel like it, then I just don't
it's gonna B hard bs I need to do this
I'll B the NERD I've always been
being a nerd is the normal thing


sometimes I think that I'm naive
it's either that I'm stupid or ppl r just out of control
it seems like nobody sees things the way I do
nobody values respect 'n principles the way I do
except 4 very few ones
ufffffff .. I don't understand ppl
I hate those who say things without thinking
just say whatever is on their mind
no wait I don't hate 'em ... I despise 'em
I hate rude ppl ..
I mean C'mon .. what happened to being classy & respectful =s ? is it too cliche or what ?
I believe that we all have 2 B well-mannered in each & every situation, that we have 2 treate everyone with kindness & respect
& I believe that we should ALWAYS take the higher road
I actually think that the level of respect u have for others is well nough to define U as a person
ppl have kept on disappointing me lately
& now I've come to the conclusion that they always will


so, 13 days till the new year
WOW !!!
only 13 days
2010 seems nice =p
looking forward 2 it
I think I wanna write a Special Happy new year post
sth like goodbye 2009 & welcome 2010
like last year's ..

Me ..

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I was hurt .. I was so hurt that I couldn't stop crying
I promised myself I wouldn't cry on silly stuff
bs when it hurts .. it hurts so much .. 'n all u can think of is " is this how it feels 2 B stabbed in the back ?"
One thing I know abt myself
I always take it easy .. I never let silly stuff bother me
bs everything has limits .. everything, even my patience
I know that when I wanna talk abt sth, I consider each & every word more than a million time mayB .. & my friends call me crazy for doing this .. they say "just do it .. just say what U have"

but I choose 2 think abt the concequenses .. thinking doesn't take long & is a life savior .. I try as much as possible not 2 overlook this cuz it really matters

I've always Been too afraid to hurt ppl's feelings .. even when I'm right .. even when they're wrong .. even if I'm abt 2 explode I'd never say sth that might hurt them .. Simply bcuz I don't wanna get hurt
& when they attack me .. when they do the stupid things they do .. I try 2 see it differently .. I try to give them some sort of an excuse .. I would always make up excuses 4 them .. abarrer o abarrer o abarrer .. I don't ask " Y ? "
but there is a time .. when no excuse can B found
& the Q remains un answered .. unless U choose 2 ask
A piece of advice :
When U wanna talk ppl, THINK .. THINK .. THINK .. 'n after u've done all of this thinking .. talk
o.k, let's get this out of my system .. so .. most PPl don't like me

I've never been normal .. I've always Been a freak
this is how ppl have always seen me
does it hurt ? well, as a child yes .. mayB at times
but I've learned to live with this
hey, I am what I am & I'm not gonna change myself just to fit in
a long time ago I chose to accepts this .. I know like it .. being different is cool .. I now Beilieve that I'm Unique in my own way
& I don't care abt what ppl think abt me .. as long as I'm fine with what I do .. as long as I know I'm doing the right thing
& if a million ppl around the world hated me .. then I'm happy that I have those very few ppl in my life
those who love, cherish, & most importantly respect me
they r enough .. they really R
bcuz they saw [me] .. the real me .. they didn't see me the way everyone else did
They Knew Me ... Me
'n they loved me 4 who I am .. not 4 what I have or what I can give

my philosophy abt life says that life is not gonna get any easier & u need to chose the ppl u want in ur life carefully .. U need those who R willing 2 support u .. who will remember u, even when u 4get abt them, & other than these then believe me u don't want

u don't want those who might hurt u .. life is so hard already & U don't really need these in ur life ... U DON'T


When I go whining & complaining to Dad, he always says that I still haven't seen a thing of this life
& I never thought its gonna start throwing me with these stuff .. not like this

عـيـدكـم مـبـارك ,,

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1st of All
عيدكم مبارك و كل عام و انتو بخير
ينعاد عليكم بالصحه و العافيه يا رب

the weather was so cool 2day , wasn't it ? so Dreamy ... I just loved it

after a enjoying a nice B-Day =]
it was Eid Time .. can Life B any nicer =p ?

Eid day one was cool .. woke up fairly early .. had a nice decent breakfast
a chit chat with one very dear friend

it was cool talking to her .. hearing her voice .. knowing that she's o.k now .. that she can live with this .. that she accepted it as it was .. & she choose 2 move on & live her life .. seize every opportunity & make the best of it
though we're not always in contact .. we have a special relationship, I love having her as a friend .. she's the type of ppl I need in my life .. even when she's distant .. her influence was never anything but POSITIVE .. never less than supportive & enlightening .. she's the kind of ppl each 'n everyone should have in there life .. 2 remind them that life will always go on .. that there will always B good ppl .. I really am thankful 2 have her in my life

She's such a sweetheart .. I've learned so much from her & I still am

so, afterwards I went 2 grandpa's 4 lunch .. & as usual had a blast out there ... I wore a hat & thank God I did cuz it rained

the funny thing is that it wasn't raining heavily, but then when I went out at night I chose not 2 wear on & it did rain .. a lot
I stayed out w/ the kids after dinner ... it's really fun when u watch the rain ..

just have a deep breath .. look at the sky & enjoy the sound of rain

the kids were so funny when I told them that we should B praying now since el.Do3a2 MoStajab when it rains .. one wanted to B smart .. the other wanted to have more money than his sis & so on

I actually cracked up,, they were so cute .. so innocent ..

walla when they wanted a group hug cuz they were cold .. they really funny part is when they started 2 fight over who's gonna get to sit on my lap & I'm like mako sho'3l O_o .. hey guys I'm thin & I can't do this .. bs they never listen .. f89oni

o when we wanted to go back in we got all wet .. bs it was fun & worth it .. at least the part when we were quiet & enjoyed observing the rain & lightening

Definitely a memorable Eid =]

I'm alive

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Yes I am =]

I'm a surviver they said .. & yeah .. I managed to survive

this exam period was totally tiring .. there were times when I wanted time to stop .. stop, just like that .. I wanted a moment for me .. a moment would've been enough .. aaaah it was such a rough time .. Med School is no easy .. Bs Ana Gadha =]

o I didn't do well in my mid-terms .. I didn't study well .. wasn't prepared .. I doubt that I can call what I did studying .. ufff I never learn my lesson

gotta go through some rough times .. Yallah aStaw3eb .. ya3ni lazem at7aSaf
I don't regret doing things though, I regret not doing 'em


there was this thing in my mind .. sth the bothered me but I kept postpoding it till I nearly blowed up .. I can't I just can't do this any more .. gotta speak up for myself

I have the habit of keeping things that bother me to me & only me .. probably cuz I don't wanna bother others .. I've realized lately that though I'm not the kind of ppl who complement others, I can not confront the dear ones .. cuz I'm always afraid that I might hurt them .. that I might B too harSh on them

I can't do this anymore .. cuz I'm the only one who's getting hurt ..

it's time to speak up .. it's time to B a little bit selfish


2morrow I'll B celebrating my 19th B-Day

19 yrs .. what have I accompliShed ?

Have I made a difference ?

was I one of those who just get in & out of ppl's life without leaving a mark ?

how many ppl have I hurt ?
many questions .. with very few answers

A Piece of Me

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"lying on that bed.. attached to a countless number of machines.. no scratches on his face, neither bruises .. nor cuts .. Simply, no nothing .. except for that head injury.. he looked as if he was peacefully asleep .. surrounded by a blue atmosphere all around .. the smell of fear filling the air .. a room devoid of any sense of life ... this says it all "

and I lied to myself ... and I tried to believe that it wasn't you .. it wasn't you the one laying on that bed with all these machines attached to you .. keeping you alive .. alive for me ...
I tried to convince myself that it's not you .. it's some other guy .. but it didn't work
I didn't wanna come in .. I was afraid of what I might see ..

have you seen the look on my face the moment I entered that room ?I suffocated .. I couldn't breathe .. I was weak .. I fell down in disbelief.. I couldn't believe my eyes .. I thought "it can't be you .. not you my angel"

"you're too good .. bad things happen only to bad people .. & I can't think of one bad thing in you .. you're all good .. so good "

if it wasn't you then why did I break down ? why did the pulse rate go up every time I talked to you ? Did you hear me ? Did you sense my presence ?
& if it was you, then why didn't you answer me ? why didn't you reply to all of my cries ?

& for a whole week .. I lived a lie .. I lived on the hope that I would get a phone call telling me that they made a mistake .. the hope of hearing you're voice one more time kept me alive

I waited & waited & waited

you were clinically dead then .. & a week from the day I entered that room .. YOU left .. YOU left for good & took a piece of my soul with you .. you left ... no come back
YOU left without saying good bye

now .. today .. I still dream of you .. I still wake up scared at night .. I still wait for your calls
& I still love you
& I can't believed how I managed to live all these days without you.. I still wonder how have I made it ? ... I work hard, you know .. thinking that this would fill the empty space in my soul & the big gap in my little heart .. but days have proved that no nothing will help me forget .. that you'll live in me .. & that I'm now, living for you .. & no more for me

Death took you away from me,my friend .. & I regret not saying good bye .. I was too lazy & I didn't know that I wouldn't get another chance to say good bye ..
Today, & everyday since you've left my world .. my only wish was going back in time .. to hug you, hold you tight & never let go
if only I knew, you'd never talk to me again, you'd no longer be mine .. if only I knew
to my consolation,
now, I realize that you don't belong to our world .. you're too good to live in such a world .. you deserve a better place

& no one shall take better care of you more than Allah

My Friend, My Love, My Sweetheart ...
May your soul rest in Peace



That was a page of her life
written by me ..
my words .. from her heart
kindly tell me what do u guys think
I'd appreciate it =]

I always wanted to ..

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So many things I wanna say .. so many things I wanna do , but very little time I have
the Uni is taking over my Life .. so many lectures, so many studies, essay 'n research paper
& the worst part is getting sick .. Gosh it's so tiring already & getting sick doesn't make it any better .. ell7emDellah I do feel much better now
As usual, the only good thing in my week was the field visit .. really learned a lot & it was really fun watching them cut ppl's gums' .. take off their teeth ..
I especially loved it when we went to the Surgical Section .. 7adda cool
o I don't think I'll ever think of Pedo for my major .. I don't get along with kids already .. my bad past experience with dentists as a child probably prevents me from being a pedodontist, Some PPl find it really weird the fact that I really wanna B a dentist & that I actually love it .. considering my history with dentists
I guess I just don't want ppl to go through what I have been through ..
I'm invited to a wedding 2morrow ... Guess What ??!!
I'm not going lol
though I thought I was out of excuses ... it turned out I'm not
I've got a bunch of good ones
I'm sick & I'm starting to recover
what's the thing u always dreamed of .. u always wanted, & u know u know won't get it ?
for me, I always wanted to B tall =p *silly isn't it ?*
I never liked being short .. I hate standing next to the boys =[ faShlaaa
they always make fun of me .. 'n one of my cousins is so very tall MaShallah, when he stands next to me he goes like "aren't u gonna grow ? ever ?"
I tried everything .. just bcuz I wanted to B taller .. I even started the habit of drinking milk everyday *abt 5 or 6 yrs ago* & I'm not a big fan of milk .. bs mako fayda .. it's not meant to B =[
it seems that our inner desires always seek what's in the hands of others
I know I'll always wish that I was taller .. bs ell7emdellah .. I have pretty much everything I ever wanted, except for this & I guess, this satisfies me

I want it back

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I'm not happy with my current situation ... I really hate this but gotta admit that my Arabic is fading away .. I've noticed this a while ago .. tried 2 4get abt it .. ignore it .. but then realized this is not gonna solve the problem =]

My Arabic is really fading away .. just like that .. dunno is it bcuz of school 'n the fact that we study everything in EngliSh .. maybe it's Bcuz I've stopped reading good creative Arabic .. last time was probably back when I was in High School .. Not good I know =$

I hate it like this .. I really do .. My Arabic was so good .. really good
That other day I felt like doing crosswords & I couldn't .. who thought this could happen to me
GoSh I stopped doing them cuz they were too easy & now I can't even solve a decent one ..
lately, I've found my self in situations when I'm out of words "in Arabic" .. doesn't feel good
want my Arabic back

One word can describe this .. Horrible .. totally Horrible ='[
I feel awful when I look back at the way things were .. my writings .. I was so Good .. Aaaahh .. most of my teachers admired my style & thought I would have a good future in writing
Well, I guess, Not any more ='[

I guess I'm gonna go back to my old habit of going through the Dictionary
U ppl may find this weird but I really love the dictionary .. at times I think of Kuwaiti words like old Kuwaiti .. o I go look 'em up in the dictionary .. O many of them r surprisingly there, with pretty much the same meaning, the one we use

& maybe I 'll read some good Arabic books .. maybe .. I'm not sure abt this, if I do have the time then InShallah I will .. can't live like this .. Really Need my Arabic back .. I can't even think of many synonyms for a word =$


Can't believe it's the weekend already
the best part of the week was our Field visit .. Ya 7lwey o ana Dentist =$ .. I would make one hell of a dentist =p MaShalla 3lai So professional *need 2 show off 4 a while =p*
I'm the cutest Dentist on Planet Earth =p


Pics from here 'n there :

Dental lab
Storage Room =p

it feels totally amazing 2 B sitting on the dentist's chair rather than the Patient's =p

As I was going out of the Uni this afternoon , I noticed this huge cloud of smoke .. guess the building is on fire
Hopefully nobody got hurt

Back 2 School

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Aaaaaah .. I'm so tired ..
Never ever likes School in my whole life & I doubt I ever will ='[
I'm still trying to adjust & get used to everything

this past week was very tiring although we didn't have much lectures .. but phase 2 is nothing like phase 1 .. the content of some of the lectures shocked me a bit .. Allah YeSahhel...
next week is gonna B a very hectic one .. we'll start our English lectures & the # of lectures will increase as we go on .. we'll also have a Field visit
+ a major problem I'm facing is
ambaih we have pretty much nothing good in our Uni Cafeteria .. kella uneatable =p .. either fast food or food that doesn't taste good & makes me sick .. this is the last thing I need cuz my diet is bad already =[
chan zain I can get my lunch from home with me everyday
3ad eating is not my Fav hobby .. bs gotta eat 2 survive =p
4 God's Sake we R in Med School .. We need healthy food
u know how I was complaining abt kids that other day .. well, I'm proud 2 tell u that I managed to control 'em & not the opposite yesterday .. felt good lol
they usually use their innocent childish smiles to get what they want.. & believe me they're so good at it .. but I fought back lol
I managed things the way I wanted 2 without upsetting them .. this is a real accomplishment, I'm proud of myself .. eee o I got them things 2 keep them busy from using my stuff lol .. it worked .. I actually brought old pics of them .. they didn't recognize themselves .. they were so cute
P.S. : might not update 4 a while .. depending on how busy I am =]

Asnan Clinic

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a couple of weeks ago I went 2 Asnan Clinic with KDSS, it was really awesome .. we had fun & learned a lot .. Thank God, I decided 2 go at the very last minute definitely was not at all a waste of time

Gotta admit that I was really impressed by everything .. the decoration of the clinic .. the reception .. & definitely , the mentalities of the Doctors

I really admire those docs who managed to make their idea come true in a short time o they very wisely used the time they had to advertise for it even B4 starting their business , in addition to the fact they're still trying to stay up to date with the latest developments in the field of dentistry .. 'n the fact that u can totally feel the team spirit is very admirable

Such talented successful Doctors .. such Great role models for Kuwaiti Youth

Dr. Essa AL-Essa along with Dr.Hadi Al-Safar kindly, talked to us abt the clinic , how the idea grew, & then took us in a tour around the clinic

what I liked the most was the attention they showed .. I could tell how important it is to satisfy the patient .. it was obvious they really cared abt their patients comfort .. they thought abt every little detail ... the decoration .. the lighting .. the decoration of each clinic & the fact that each doc got to decorate his clinic the way he wanted it 2 B is fascinating .. What an idea !!

So, most of the girls likes Dr.Hadi's Clinic More than Dr.Essa's .. but I thought Dr.Essa's clinic was cool .. liked Dr.Hadi's 2 .. but Dr.Essa's clinic was classy 'n simple .. I thought the accessories were eye-catching .. So, My vote goes 2 Dr.Essa's clinic

Dr.Essa said that their goal was to bring a piece of the States here in Kuwait & I honestly think they're coming close to making this a reality .. Such a nice clinic .. & a great competent reliable team of doctors

U guys should B really proud of ur selves

Once I was out of the clinic, I thought "I wanna B like them" then I went on "No, I wanna B even better"


I'm trying

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I wanna talk & talk 'n talk .. gotta take this off my chest
So, Bear with me Plz

I went to a ladies gathering yesterday .. I was forced to go actually =[
it was fine .. not so boring .. not so much fun
I really I'm trying to socialize but it's not as easy as some PPl might think .... I really suffer .. I don't like meeting new ppl .. I was on silent mode pretty much the whole time =[ & then I started texting my friends lol .. who knew mobiles could B life savers =p
I decided I would never go to any gathering anymore .. bs 5laaaa9 ='[ .. I can't .. I don't wanna go cuz I know I won't enjoy .. o then I'm gonna B upset bcuz I wasted my precious time .. Y don't they understand me .. they want me 2 change this habit & I totally refuse .. Y change it when it suites me ?? I like myself the way I am .. I don't wanna meet new ppl .. Mabeee .. I know enough ppl already .. they're like "we're forcing u 2 come with us cuz U gotta get used to the situation .. u gotta get rid of this habit .. o it's o.k .. they won't bite u"
it's really weird .. what's so much fun abt being stuck in the same place with so many ppl u don't know =S ?? making friends ?? I'm not interested .. I have enough of them
This is a final decision .. No means No ... No more ladies stuff .. can't handle these things
3ad I was thinking MayB .. MayB .. since we have a couple of wedding coming up & I gotta go cuz I can't miss 'em for what ever reason o also cuz I'm kinda out of excuses *if u know any good ones .. hit me =p* .. I thought o.k I'm gonna give it a try .. gonna wear make-up, dress like a young lady & attend .. bs now I'm having second thoughts ... the last wedding I've been 2 I nearly cried out of boredom .. was really bored .. so .. I dunno =\


that other day I was so bored, so I decided I'm gonna tidy one of my drawers .. O man was I shocked !!
ambaih o_O
I found all sort of unbelievable things .. things that go back to the time when I was in intermediate school .. ambaih so many old stuff
I happen to B the kind of PPl who never throws anything aways, for everything has got a special memory .. everyone think I'm crazy .. but so what .. I love my things & I can't throw 'em away no matter how silly they R ... I love memories
I found so many things including My speech 4 my intermediate school graduation ceremony ...

& Believe it or not, I found ..
Daddy's Checkbook ... Lol.
I said I would make some cookies o I did
'n these Go to Hanan =p

Eid .. Day One

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OMG !! OMG!! thie 3eed is totally madree Shloon 9ayer =s

some how wierd, special, different, but still Fun

the day part was just awsome ,as usual , just amazing .. I loved loved loved it
woke up a little late cuz I went to bed at like 5:30 am or sth .. drank my milk so very quickly o joined the boys & Dad ..

talked talked & talked

then I got ready & we went to grandma's .. 7adda wanaSa .. totally enjoyed it
eee o I just realized that what I was wearing for 3eed is so very similar to a scrub lol .. really chenna scrub with a blazer on top .. bs surprisingly nobody noticed except 4 me =s


& then it was night time
a totally different story

I actually wore a dress & high heels at night "so not like me" it took me a while to manage to walk like a sane human being .. el7emdellah I didn't fall bs just as I went in Grandpa's I did the stupidest thing I've done this month .. I kissed my uncles o then I was heading to kiss grandpa o a guy was sitting next 2 him o men el.3yellah I didn't look 3adel o I thought he was my uncle so I leaned forward shock hands .. O nearly kissed the guy .. OMG faShlaaaaaaaaa ..

the guy literally te9arga3 when I leaned forward o was totally shocked .. bs aShwa I realized that he wasn't my uncle o I didn't kiss him .. ambaih ell7emdellah wallah I would've called Dad o went straight home men kether el.FaShlaaah

o I'm not blaming my self, No .. kella men el.dress, high heels thing .. Ya3ni what's wrong with what I was wearing in the morning .. comfy, elegant, o totally like me

b3ad,, GoSh I gotta say this .. I don't like kids .. de3la ones .. I totally don't

my things were literally all over the place .. my cam with one child .. my mobile with the other .. the 3rd one sticking his hand in my bag o the forth holding my hand saying "entai laish th3eeefa .. wayed wayed th3eefa =\ ? ma takleen ?!?"

Ya3ni how can I answer the kid's Q o my heart is with my Digi Cam o my mobile .. especially enna my lil cousin 3ndaha SwaBe8 .. marra she nearly sent my pic to a colleague ..
I really need lessons in dealing with de3la 7nna kids .. cuz ambaih they're so spoiled .. bSer3a Yez3loon
my Sis is like "B firm" haw shloon firm o_O !! they're just kids =S I can't upset them

o one Special person came .. I missed him =* .. I loved the look in his eyes .. I loved his warm kisses

at some point the place was so crowded .. so many PPl .. many I don't know .. I felt a bit uncomfortable
& I tried really tried so hard to avoid kissing & hugging PPl .. bs el.7areem ma menhom fayDaaa .. PPl I barely know kissing me +6 ... GoSh =/

Ya 7elo el.Reyayel bs .. 1 .. Max. 2 kisses
o they talked abt 3li .. they knew him ... Allah Yer7mah o yenawer Gabrah
self admonition : a dress + high heels = not so good =[


I promised I would post pics .. bs I don't have good ones bcuz my cam & my mobile were with the kids .. really sorry, but

here's one Good pic :

عيدكم مبارك ,,

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it's 3eeD time .. Yay
I love love love 3eeD .. it's a very special time & I totally love it & I always enjoy it
I love it when my Dad & the boys wake up for el.3eeD's Prayer o then the come back o have breakfast .. 7adda Fun =]
I wanna wake up early 2morrow .. not so early .. like every 3eed Dad is gonna wake me up at 8 & I'm gonna beg him to give me more time .. b3dain akSer 5a6rah o he'll let me sleep till 9 or 10 =p
& 4 Breakfaxt .. I'm currently craving for corn flakes ...
gonna take lots & lots of pics 2morrow InShallah =D
I'm so happy =D
3eed spirit all over the place
عيدكم مبارك و تقبل الله طاعتكم
كل عام و انتو بخيـــر


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Y do PPl care abt other's opinion so much ?
Does it really matter ? seriously =S ?

I really find this weird, probably bcuz what ppl say doesn't really make much of a difference to me

a long time ago I decided not to care abt what PPl think abt me, the opinion of very few ppl was what really mattered .. & regarding the others,whatever they're gonna say .. let them say it .. as long as u know U're doing the right thing .. let them say whatever they wanna say

I'm happy 2 say that PPl can no more hurt me with their words ..
when u rise above, when u act like the better one
it wouldn't matter, neither hurt

Don't let what ppl say affects u .. B strong ..
Y B influenced when U can B influential ?
Y follow the trend when U can make ur own ?
& if u ever listen to what they're saying abt u
then when you do, take the Good & leave the bad for them
Take the positives & leave the negative
take constructive criticism with good spirit & think abt it seriously
the Negative one .. U better block it out .. cuz it's not sth u need in ur system
One more thing,
don't let the premonition of what PPl might say hold you back
Do the thing because u wanna do them, live a new experience because U feel you need to
live ur liFe for yourself .. live it on ur own terms .. & make sure U make ur own rules
What's life worth when U don't live it for yourself ?
Remember, it's ur life .. ur journey .. ur ride

When U do sth, Do it for ur self & not PPl
it wouldn't B worth doing if u did it for PPl & not U

am I saying all of this =\ ?

it's bcuz PPl have been persistently mentioning an issue .. sth I should go ahead & do .. a decision they think I should make
& it's not that I don't wanna do it .. it's just that I still don't feel comfortable abt the idea .. I feel I still need time .. this is a very BIG decision & it's gonna change my life amazingly .. it's gonna change every aspect of my life
gotta think abt it a lot .. I wanna do it, I really do .. But I wanna Do it [right]
I don't want it to B one of those decisions that I might regret at some point in my life .. I know I won't regret it .. bs still it's a very BIG decision & I can't just do it like this .. when I do this I wanna B 100% sure .. I need to B ..
I used to say "I'm too young, I still am a little girl "
Unfortunately for me
now, Age is no longer a valid excuse
Bottom Line : when I do this I wanna Do it 4 [ME]

He Left Our World

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it really is fascinating how silly ur life sometimes seems when u hear the news abt some one's death ..
Sometimes, not even that close ..
Yes, PPl die every every day, every minute & every second
but when u know the whole story .. from A to Z .. when u've known someone so dear who went through a very similar experience
U can not feel other than how naught you are
& u think ... "Aaaahh .. I'm such a silly spoiled little girl"
more than a year ago he was diagnosed with lymphoma "lymph nodes cancer"
he smiled & said "nice, a new experience"
he wanted 2 B the one to deliver the news to his sister .. he told her with a smile on his face & she just couldn't believe it ..
she thought he was joking, unfortunately ... he wasn't
she asked : "aren't U afraid?"
& his answer was : " afraid .. afraid of what ? Death? No, I haven't done anything wrong & I love Allah .. & if I do die, hopefully I'll go to Heaven"
2day he died .. he said his goodbyes
he left our world for good
May his soul rest in peace .. he was such a great example of a nice Kuwaiti, Muslim young man
اللهم اغفر لـ علي و ارحمه و ثبته عند السؤال .. اللهم آمين
اللهم اجعله ممن قلت فيهم :
( ويطاف عليهم بآنية من فضة وأكواب كانت قواريرا , قواريرا من فضة قدروها تقديرا , ويسقون فيها كأساً كان مزاجها زنجبيلاً, عيناً فيها تسمى سلسبيلا )
ironically, it's my Bro's B-Day 2day
& I can not imagine losing any of my Brothers .. I can' imagine the loss of someone dear
that would kill me ... would literally kill me
[Break] me into little pieces
الله يحفظهم و يـخـلـيـهم لــي

My Passion

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My Passion 4 sports has no limits ....

I'm willing to skip a wedding, a B-Day party, girls gathering & pretty much all kind of silly things for the sake of a match .. Yes I would & I've done it So many times =$

Some PPl find it really weird, how attached I am 2 sports , especially cuz I'm a girl... they would go like "hey, R U sure ur a GIRL"

I find this so silly & I can not believe that narrow minded PPl with such mentalities still live amongst us .. Honestly, it's shameful to have such mentalities in our society .. for sports is & will never B limited to a certain gender ..
o Ba3dain Y shouldn't I B a sport maniac ... as long as it makes me happy ؟

Sport makes a very important part of me ... somehow, it made me who I am 2day … U really do learn a lot of things abt life by just following a couple of sports or sth

I can't believe that there's anyone who doesn't love sports .. I really find this hard to believe

I believe that at some point in ur Life ... u must have fallen in love with the magical world of sports ... I believe that somewhere deep inside each one of us ... there must B a place where u'll find sports .. if not a sport itself .. then the love of competition

& 2 those who're gonna say that they're not interested … C'mon PPl .. those athletes are making HISTORY … wouldn't u wanna witness that ?

As far as for me, I'm really thankful to have been born in this Era .. to witness the highest quality of sports … I'm thankful because I'm able to witness such high class tennis … I've watched matches that have been labeled as the best matches in the history of the Game, I really can't ask 4 more ?

Y3nii .. I wanna live to tell that I've witnessed this kind of matches

if ur not a fan of sports .. let me tell u this :

U R missing a lot

in sports U'll experience the purest human feelings at their highest intensity I Do know that U'll never experience such feelings else where
in sports u'll witness excellence & grace
U'll observe players at there very best & worst at their highest & lowest moments .. U'll get 2 c them as Human beings just like u .. no more than human beings
this is a really different kind of experience ... no play or movie will B an equal of a match .. not in my terms at least cuz a play or a movie ... this is act we're talking abt .. usually so far from reality .. but a match is real life .. sth 4 real .. always a great lesson
Yes, U'll cry .. 'n u'll B depressed at times

but U know what !!!
that's all worth it ... it really is
U'll only know that , when U experience the joy & happiness of victory
the day ur team or player is the victor
just then, U'll realize that those tears where all worth it
it really is sweet ... the taste of victory ... worthy of all the tears in the world, worthy of every time u ever felt Blue

4 a few second u'll feel like floating
u'll B surrounded by the clouds
'n the best part is when u get that sensation
the sensation that tickles ur heart
& draws the biggest Smile on ur Face

I swear ... no where will u experience such feelings .. no where .. I know .. I believe
I experienced this feeling & u really don't wanna miss such thing ... aaaaah I miss those days .. I'll wait for them .. they r worth all the waiting .. all the setbacks 'n everything .. they really r


the time will come, this tourney or the other, as long as I know it will come
I Shall wait
if not 2day then 2morrow .. if not then .. the next day
everything abt me is somehow related 2 sports,in a way or another, I remember that back in high school when it's composition time in our Arabic class I would always B the one who read her's 1st .. I always stick sports some where in my writings lol

the girls were like "oh Not again" .. the last thing I wrote was a page of my diaries .. I didn't even have to think abt it .. I already knew what it was gonna B abt & I started writing .. it was abt the day Roddick lost 2 Federer once more .. it goes back to the 06' US Open Final
man that was one hec of a match ... so I read it .. the girls were complaining at the beginning & the teacher asked them to give it a shot & listen ... once I finished .. I got a cool wave of applause .. that was cool considering the fact that they're not really into tennis .. not even sports in the 1st place & since then ... they've never stoped asking me .. "how's that American guy ? we really do feel for him .. haven't he beaten the Swiss Guy yet ? "

I wiSh I could get my hand on that piece of paper .. If I had it I would've posted it =p

I know that by now some of u might think that I'm crazy ... well, I might B ... Crazy abt Sports

Bottom Line : Sports is All abt Passion, Will, & Desire .

Tennis Time =D

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it's Andy's B-Day 2 day ... this Also means that it's TENNIS TIME =D
The 2009 US Open is gonna start off 2morrow with a bunch of Great matches + Agassi is gonna attend the opening ceremony =D .. the next couple of weeks r gonna B hectic ... I really want them 2 B just like back in 2003 .. I adored the Open that year .. so much intensity o speculation .. Simply loved it
'n Who needs Sleep when U've Got the US Open =p ?
Through the past 6 years the last GS of the year became my Fav =D .. Yes, Wimbledon is Special but I think the US Open is my all time Fav ...
Can the American Boy bring back 2003's memories ? Can he Win his 2nd GS title ? I believe he can .. I really do
He can bring back the "Wow" performance ? well , He's in good shape and coming off a gutsy Wimbledon effort .. I sure am he wants another GS trophy more than anything else ..
Or, is Rafa gonna complete his GS set by winning the title in Flushing Meadows ?
Let's not 4get that the New Daddy "Roger Federer" might have other plans =p
I really wanna C either the American or the Spaniard lifting the trophy .. No place 4 the Swiss *Never liked him =p*
Gonna B routing 4 Andy, Rafa, The Williams Sisters, & Kim Clijsters
I think I don't wanna Drive anymore .. just the thought of it makes me feel blue .. I hate it .. I told everyone that it's not sth that I'm gonna ace .. I don't wanna learn .. I just don't want 2

One day I drive really good , the next day I hit the pavement =$

I suck ... I'm such a Bad driver ='(

'n Yeah I made some brownies ... So tasty =D
what's next ? cup cakes & cookies InShallah .. NamShey 3la 5o6a Tom Tom =p

Blah Blah Blah

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I happen 2 B the type of PPl who can't stop thinking, not even 4 a second .. & Yes, I Do think way too Much .. I over analyze things & try 2 c Things from every possible angle , I like 2 get 2 know all possible meaning of a word ... it's nice , But it can B really tiring Sometimes, it seems Like I Can't stop thinking
I wiSh I had a turn off button that would B really helpful
Ya3ni there must B one .. bs I can't seem 2 find it ... it's like My mind is taking over my life
So, Since I've been reading "The Power of Now" one of the chapters is about how 2 free urself from ur mind .. it says that U & ur mind are two separate entities ..

So as u go on reading .. it kinda gives u clues abt how to have what they call mind gaps .. silent moments in ur mind .. I tried it & it worked 4 a while .. but it takes more practice to Ace it

This Book have been very useful, But I decided I'm gonna stop reading it 4 a while cuz I think it's playing with my mind lol
I really don't wanna turn off my Mind & then lose my way 2 the ON button lol .. that would B horrible
after all, I Need 2 think & I love it .. gotta admit I'm addicted to it ... I like it .. ell7emdellah it's an advantage most of the time




what the hec is wrong with PPl =s
seriously, is "being rude" the new trend or habba O_o ?
in the Uni ... with some colleagues ... uhh .. pretty much everywhere
what's up with everyone ??!! what happened 2 being nice & respecting one another
PPl keep on shocking me .. Ya3ni 4 God's sake can't u live with out the use of such offensive words

if it's o.k with you then at least try to respect others' feelings, tarra not everyone is like u .. o not everyone is used 2 hearing such bad words every now & then
Y3ni some girls really shock me ... so sweet 'n nice bs OMG !! don't listen 2 them when they talk .. Ya3ni don't they know enna the way they act reflects their background ?

I'm disgusted

Behave PPl ... Behave ... Plz


I've pretty much postponed everything till after 3eed .. everything .. routine check up , blood tests o also the chickenpox vaccine
I haven't got the disease Yet ... o since we're gonna have hospital visits next year, I totally don't wanna B at risk lol
I've been told enna when u get it when ur old it's gonna B nasty .. So I'm thinking "No, thank u .. I guess I'll take the vaccine"
it's also bcuz I'm gonna get some other vaccines next year for hepatitis & meningitis I guess, So Y not get this one .. Don't wanna g down with it
now here's the problem, Daddy doesn't want me to get the chickenpox vaccine =s Y ? I really don't know .. he just said No
but since I happen 2 B a very persuasive person I'm gonna persuade him O mali sh'3l .. I'm gonna do the dramatic act o go like "u wanna lose me 4 such a silly disease ?"
I've got a whole month to convince him =p & I'll make the most of it

I'm craving for some brownies with vanilla ice cream & cookies
wanna make some =p



ما بقى شي على رمضان
مبارك عليكم الشهر و كل عام و انتو بخير
ينعاد عليكم بالصحه و العافيه يا رب



ehdaa2 from 7abebti Um 5aZ3al ... a5er 3omrey 9ert Om 3ntar lol

Yummy ... Yummy
Pizza anyone =p ?