I'm Back :P

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I'm Finally Done with my finals exams so , Yay :P
My Grades are as I expected them 2 B, so All7amDollelah , that last day was funny, I had 2 check all of my grades, they turned out 2 B fine, Andy was playing Djokovic early in the morning so B woke me up, I watched the match till the beginning of the 3rd when Nole called the trainer , Oh I was so nervous, I liked the way Andy was handling things, he has definitely improved some aspects of his game, yet I was afraid he might lose this one & loss, Especially this one .. I just can't afford, this have happened 2 me a year after another, when I can't wait for the holiday 2 start, so that I can cheer my players & right B4 it does .... they Lose , just like that & my holiday is ruined .
So, I was having breakfast with my friend when B texted me & I was like Oh no, I'm gonna C this message after the exam, I can't stand a set back, but Pinkyia insisted on reading it & she delievered the Good news , Oh I was so Happy & relieved , I then Did the exam & went 2 check my grades, later on I checked with those registration PPL about the holiday & Guess What !!??We have 2 start the 2nd Semester on Feb, 15 , Unlike Others who will start a month from now, Oh that brought me Down & ruined all of my plans for the holiday, this sucks , Yet I'll just try my best 2 enjoy those 2 weeks & make the best of this holiday :P
I don't want being a Med student affect my life this way, in other word control me, I want a longer holiday :'(
Holidays Mean a lot 2 Me

Andy is Playing Fed 2day in the semifinals, Go Andy, Take Feddy Down & Make my Day :P

I have so many creative Ideas , so many project & they are all on hold :( I have the vision I'm excited but Once I start working it just doesn't Go my way, so I get frustrated & leave it 4 the next day, I know I'll overcome this but it's just holding me Back :(I wanna B Creative Again :(
'n yeah I have my own Flickr account :P
Random Shots :
I thought this was the Moon , but then mom told me it a virtual image of the Moon , because of blah blah blah 'n u can tell cuz it looks too big & the color is weird :S

My Style
I dunno Y !! But I love the American Flag's colours

that's me :D

the beginning of 2009

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U know what !!! I'm actually liking 2009 , it's gonna B Fun I guess I love these times of the Year when it's so sold & you're almost Freezing , I love January , it's just so Sweet & Nice & I don't know , I just love it So I'm Gonna Finish my Final exams by January the 26th or the 27th , which means I'm gonna Miss about 6 to 7 Days of AO , Oh I love the AO , I love waking up early 2 watch some Classy tennis , I should start studying 4 my Physics & Chemistry Final exams , But the problem is that I don't feel like it , I keep saying 2morrow , Oh Gosh I wanna Cry :'( I really need to get my "I wanna study" Spirit .

Plz Guys eD3olly :(

My MooD is : Kelly Clarkson's Because Of You

Snap Shots :

a shot of the Moon in the morning :P

PinkiYa's Car

7aloOm's Box

In the very early Morning HeaDing 2 the Uni *Love the Color of the Sky*