Which Side do U prefer ? & Y ?

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Do u Prefer ur Mum's Or Dad's side of the Family ?

I would always choose Dad's , Cuz I'm one of them , I carry their Name , I'm an extension of their Family , I'm their Daughter .....

with them I can B myself , with them I know I'm safe & I'm always accepted for who I am .. Who I really am , I need No proof of their love , I know I can relay on each & everyone of them , I'm their's , I'm one of them , My Life is their's & their lives are mine , I don't have 2 try too hard 2 impress them , cuz I already do , they know me better than any one , they will always B their for me , One thing that really matters 2 me is that They Do Care

cuz they r ... My Family =)

Mum's Side , I'm not so sure , Y would they care about me =s ? I'm not one of them , My future isn't their's , I'm just their niece , Just a tie of Blood , they Know nothing about me , they did underestimate me at times , & I'm Glad I proved them WRONG =P

it's Just that I don't feel like I belong 2 them , they don't know the real me ..

I hate it when the complement me & I know deep inside they don't really mean it , I don't mean anything 2 them , I know that the same thing is gonna happen when My Bro shows them what success really is "next year InShallah =)"

I guess I'll just keep Shocking them =P

مـنـهـو مـثـلـج يـــا كــويـــت ؟

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مـنـهـو مـثـلـج يـــا كــويـــت ؟ ؟
.. يا الكويت .. يا اسم انحفر في قلبي يا اسم تربينا عليه من انولدنا ..يا ديرة الحب والأمان يا ديرة الطيب والطيبين ..!ما في كلمه توصف شكثر أحبج ~كل كلمات الحب إلي بالدنيا ما تقدر توصف الحب الي نشيله بقلبنا عشانج ..~في قلوبنا دايماً يا كويت
اللهم ارحم شهدائنا .... شهداء هذا الوطن
الكـويـت ..~
بالـكاف أنت كرم الأرض
بالـواو واحة الأمان
بالـياء يحيى حبك فينا حتى نموت
بالـتاء تجمعينا تحت إسمك الغالي يا كويت
و انت يا يبه ، ما راح ننساك يا يبه
ما راح ننسى اليوم اللي وقفت فيه
و جدام كل العالم
بجيت عشان ديرتك و شعبك
انت في القلب يا يبه =(
مثواك الجنه يا يبه
Holidays r always Fun & Wonderful

I really had fun yesterday , it's my uncle's B-Day "Kel 3am O enta B5air 3amee el.3azeez", we celebrated his B-day & enjoyed our time with Grandpa's Funny Stories .

'n then , everyone started telling their Funny stories of el.'3azo , man my family were really Crazy "when I say crazy , I mean cool Crazy =P" at times , Aunt Sh used 2 shout at iraqi soldiers all the time , while Auntie E tells her Scary stories about what would they do 2 her , she onCe told her that they're gonna cut her tongue off .

Uncle M refused 2 give 'em his car & then he finally said yes "they wanted 2 trade him with his car" they then took the other car cuz it was newer .
& Yeah , Auntie Sh showed us a whole Full new packet of Flake she kept since el.'3aZo , UnCle M asked her 2 through it away Bu she refused lol , she actually opened one & it smelled really Good :P , she didn't wanna through it away , I think she should keep it in her Memories Box lol

We then enjoyed eating some new flake & Uncle A's delicious ChoColate Cake ,,, Yummy
am I just saying silly stuff or what ?
Just needed 2 talk =S

PeaCe is Now A Mother .. Om Khaled Actually , or should I say Om Andy =P , Congrats Hun , Yetraba b3zkom =)

5alOoD is Not doing so well , so Plz Pray 4 him guys
Don't worry PeaCe he's gonna B o.k InShallah

Mad 'n Sad

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I don't like doing things I don't want 2 do , I don't like doing things I'm forced 2 do , I don't wanna do things for peoples sack , I don't like 2 do things I hate 2 do just to Please some. I very rarely do things Just 2 please some one or to or to satisfy their ego .
I'm going to Do sth I don't wanna Do this time , just for u Daddy, Yeah just for you're Sack , but I guarantee u , I won't do this again , Not 2 please her, U shouldn't upset me just to please her , U Shouldn't , that's not fair :(
I Can't Do this Again , cuz it hurts me
& now she says no , she's not going , Well, as far as I'm concerned that's fine, at least I don't have 2 do sth I don't wanna Do , But u know what !! Now I'll B the One 2 Blame , I'll B blamed 4 my Opinion
The story of My liFe :'(
'n if I choose not 2 B social , it's my choice , the call is mine , I don't likE meeting new PPl , I don't like making new friends , getting 2 know PPL is not a piece of cake , not for me , no it's tough & if I choose not 2 , then U should respect that.
Stop telling me that I need 2 do it , Cuz sth that I know won't please me I don't wanna Do , I wanna enjoy my self & enjoying myself is about Me & Only Me .
U can Not Control Me , it's My liFe & Not yours .
Once More let me remind u that I am what I am NOT what PPL want me 2 B

Back 2 the Uni

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ufff :'(
Yeah, Yeah, Yeah
, I'm gonna go back 2 the Uni next week , it's not Fair , the 2 weeks holiday doesn't work 4 me :( it's not fair cuz nobody starts the 2nd semester until the 1st of March , except 4 us "Med Students" :(
I think I can manage those couple of week cuz we'll only have 2 courses cuz the others won't start till the 1st of March .
I'm so bored ,but I don't wanna go back 2 the Uni , Fortunately UnCle A is gonna Come back Home On SaturDay , Oh I MisseD him , Thank God he's Coming Back :*
RanDom PiCs :
Currently Reading & Enjoying ......

Finally captured a photo of the BeautiFul Moon

عيدي يا كويت يا أحلى بلد

Loved the Color of the sky :)

Bye Bye Old Books :P

Behind The Wheel :P

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So , Dad started teaching me how 2 Drive , Of Course I screwed up Big time , the 1st time I was Behind the wheel was awFul :S , But I'm getting Better :P

I realized that driving is Not really easy , U gotta use ur Brain lol , Dad was really mad that day , a couple of days later he woke me up & I just said : "No , I wanna Sleep .. Plz , he said : " Don't worry , I'm not gonna get mad & I'm not gonna sCream C'mon Sweet heart "& I said : " No Dad , it's Not that , It's that I wanna Sleep lol "

the holiday is coming 2 an End & I really neeD 2 Go 2 Jareer Bookstore , There r many Many Books I wanna Buy :( , I might Go this Week

Random PicS:
7ayaKom :P

7amood's Purchases , La o yGool he's on Diet Ba3ad :@

Changed My Glasses & 7amOoD Got One 2 :p

Have a Break ... Have a KitKat :*

I'm Happy ... V is 4 Victory

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Oh yes I am , Yesterday February 1st , 2009 is a day for History , it was WonderFul , RaFa won his first Aussie Open title , which is just amazing , plus I got 2 C Roger Cry *evil* the match was amazing , a great effort by both players , to B honest with u , I didn't have high expectations 4 Rafa in this match , Specially not after His epic semifinal against Nando Verdasco , cus Fer was in an amazing form in that match & made Rafa work hard to win that one , but it was just great 2 c him hold this trophy .The truth is that when I first saw Roger crying & sobbing I actually laughed from the bottom of my heart , but then I don't know .. I almost had tearful eyes , that's weird but , it probably because I've been in such a situation B4 & it really hurts , it hurts a lot , & this bitter awful feeling won't just go away in a minute or 2 , no , it actually takes a lot of time 2 take it out of your system .
at first I was happy that he finally tasted his own medicine , I mean I'm pretty sure the one who knows this feeling the best is Andy Roddick , man he lost what ?? 16 times 2 Roger , but that's a different story .

His tears & how emotional he was shows how much he loves the game 'n how much it means 2 him , it shows how much determination and passion he really puts into every game & every match he plays , back then it wasn't about No.14 , it wasn't about losing 2 the one who's always better , NO It's about u & only you , it's about how much you love what you do & this guilty feeling you get , When I was in the same situation , I felt so Bad & I couldn't stop crying , my tears were of control , it didn't matter how hard I tried & how I did , I always felt that I should have done Better , I could have done this if & only if I'd put a little much more effort than I did.Another reason is the crowd , he probably felt he's let them Down , they were behind him all the way in that tournament from the very 1st point to the very last one , they told him the loved him & he just couldn't stand the fact that he might have let some of the down .
After all & no matter what , u've got 2 Feel 4 him

Dealing with loss is definitely & with out a doubt tough , it's one of the toughest thing a man has 2 deal with

One thing I liked was , the way Rafa acted after Feddey's Emotional Speech , he actually consoled Feddy & complemented him , this was really Classy from Rafa , it shows how much respect these 2 have for each other , Such Gentlemen , this match was such a great display of Humanity , Passion , Sportsmanship & Grace , I'm pretty sure it affected everyone who watched it so deeply , I don't Know about u , but it definitely did affect me . To have Humility and Respect for each other and each other's game are quite rare today , Tennis is Lucky 2 have these 2 Legends & their Wonderful amazing Rivalry .
And U Guys blame me when I tell U that I LOVE Sports

The Final AO Ceremony was simply a humbling,emotional and beautiful moment in Sports' History, it's just amazing & unbelievable to watch one great player acknowledging another's mixed Emotions .
B sure that this is just another Battle of the Nadal -Federer Rivalry , & many R yet 2 Come

'n yeah We lost the Handball World Cup , Croatia lost 2 France :( hard luck 2 me & Congrats 2 the French team's Fans , U guys deserved it

This though didn't ruin my day , Cuz Rafa still Won, Which really Rocks :D