ايــام الـمـاريـنـز ...Divan Review

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Since I promised Tom Tom that I'm gonna write a review about Divan "أيــام الـمـاريـنـز" or "The Days of The Marines", here's One =p

First of all, this may mean nothing to those who are really into poetry .. since I'm not really that into Arabic poems except for the pure Arabic ones 'n not the local types .. O alSo cuz I'm far much more interested in EngliSh Poetry
& I know that this Review might B too late , but I have a good excuse .. this Divan was 1st published in 1992, back then I was only 2 yrs Old & there's no way I could've written a review about it back then =p

Some may argue that I'm not qualified 2 write such review .. but u know what !! that's just my opinion ..this is how I see it & u don't really have 2 agree, and I quote "Honest disagreement is often a good sign of progress." -Mohandas Gandhi .
I'm not gonna be so picky, for this is the 1st review I write about a Divan =p

Enjoy ....

The Author of "أيــام الـمـاريـنـز" is Dr. Zafer AL-Ajmi . "أيــام الـمـاريـنـز" ,or if I may say "The Days of The Marines", consists of 28 poem in 69 pages, ranging in length from intermediate to Short .

The Author presented his poems in a way that seems 2 B more like some one's writing his diaries *I could B wrong about this one, Since I always seem 2 understand stuff upside down =s*, preceding pretty much each poem with a date & a brief description of the situation or the story behind the poem itself .

One of the things I liked about the poems in this Divan is that once u read a poem or two you'll definitely B able 2 tell that this poet has got a military background.he used some military terms & often mentioned weapons' names here & there.
I dunno if this is usual in Local "folk" poetry, but I liked it .. it makes it special & unique .

As you go through this Divan you'll realize that this is the poetry of a man who feels he has been betrayed .. a man who is longing 2 land a foot in his country .. a man who so badly wants 2 take a role in regaining his country's stolen freedom

The words were written with such simplicity, yet with grace & purity, through which the poet managed to say so much & describe some very profound principles & deep feelings

in his poem, titled "ليلة الهجوم البري" he says :

لا تسل عن همومي يا رفيق السلاح دام باكر بلدنا ندخل حدودها
أنا طفلٍ بليل العيد و ابطى الصباح كيف تهنا البشر ذا الليل برقودها
أتحرى عمود الصبح لامنه لاح و أرجفت جبهة التحرير برعودها

I have to admit, I very much liked this part .. he very nicely managed to express a very exquisite feeling ... I find this part very touching

though I like most of the poems in this Divan, I'm not so fond of the titles of the poems .. dunno .. Ya3ni though the poems are laden with a lot of feelings ranging from anger to bitterness & longing, I thought the titles of the poems were very devoid of feelings & found them rather cold =s
.. pretty much the exact opposite of the poems themselves .

"قائد قوات التحرير الكويتية"

Nothing against anyone but it's just that I don't like such poems .. I have a certain perspective about them
In General, I think that the talent of poetry have been exploited too much throughout ages .. especially in our Arab world & that is especially in the arena of praise & diatribe, because such poems may be subject to the poet's own passion & inclination ... it's so hard to be objective

& sometimes I have doubts about how honest is what is in front of me .. so I'd rather avoid such poems instead of getting in a conflict with my thoughts about whether 2 Believe it or not .. whether it expresses true pure feelings or just compliments & flattery, for poetry can sometimes be so tricky making things that are not, as though they were
And I know that some of you could argue that when you deepen in the words & between the lines .. you'll manage to feel it .. you'll feel it if it's true & is exuding from the heart .

for instance, in the author's poem "معركة جوية" I feel that he's probably proud of his fellow countryman .. it's not like he's just complimenting his pal's nicely done mission

If you're not familiar with some Bedouin words *dunno if I can call 'em bedouin =s * .. just like me .. you're gonna need ur dictionary nearby

One more thing .. I'm pretty sure I found very few spelling mistakes, & I blame the editors for missing some very obvious ones
this is one of them :Proud American Trough Reade Nees In Our Tomorrow
Should've been like this :Proud American Through Readiness in Our Tomorrow =p

After all, I did enjoy reading every word for it carries pure passion & will .. I mostly liked the description, feeling, memory & rhyme =]

Finally, This Divan is highly recommended for it documents some of the happenings during The Iraqi Invasion of Kuwait & 1st Gulf war .. the happiest & the saddest moments in the eyes of a Kuwaiti citizen .. a Kuwaiti soldier

as for the Kuwaitis who witnessed the Iraqi Invasion of Kuwait, I bet that some of the words in this Divan will enter into your soul & strike you as a wording of your own thoughts & feelings .. phrases that express what you might have felt back then ...

Rating :7/10

I'll leave you with some of the best things I read in this Divan …


كنا بذرا الدخان باطراف الكويت و باقصى المدى بانت حدود المدينه
عشت الغضب و الحزن و بشوق حسيت وشعور من حطوا مناه بيدينه
بثورة عواطف ما لها حد مريت (و من فارق الخلان الله يعينه)
العرفج العطشان اسقوه بالزيت و الرمل وجناته شحوب حزينه
و الطير ضيع في الظلام المواقيت عند الضحى باعشاشها مستكينه
ياغلى بلد عهدي به اليوم اوفيت الخوف راح انتي بايدي أمينه

I love .. love love this last part in bold .. Bravo Dr.Zafer

in "على حدود الوطن" he says :

قصف يشتتهم مثل ثاير الريش يشيب منه اللي بسن الفطامي
و اصف باقيهم بطابور تفتيش و اشغل الرشاش ذبحن قوامي

& from My Favorite "المذن التالي" :

شواطئ الجبيل تهيض المغرم الولهان و ذكرت الكويت و باح ما كان في بالي
اهوجس علام الوقت تكدر علينا و شان بسوق الخساير دافعين الثمن غالي
تفاكير تغرق قابت الراي كالطوفان و من سج عن داره فلاهوب رجالي
قطع حبل افكاري و انا بالدجى سهران ندا الله أكبر قالها المذن التالي
و ما دمت أنا في دار من يذكر الرحمن أنا أشهد شهادة حق مانيب بالحالي

I'm hoping that the Author takes it with good sportsmanship, looking at this review as some sort of constructive criticism

Got 'em !!!

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The last couple of weeks have been so hectic .. had so many things 2 do

2 start things up, I failed my 1st try 2 get a driving licence .. it was an awful experience .. I'm always in a hurry & I always get in trouble Bcuz of that
a tip 4 those who have was6a : don't B like me O B there B4 ur Was6a =p
O the week B4 I was truly suffering from my awful tutor .. man she's so curious o she asks all kinds of personal questions .. o I kept answering till I realized I shouldn't =s *it took me a while lol*

I then started 2 change the subject .. talking about MJ O other stuff
eee o on the mention of MJ, 1 day later I was tired o She asked r u o.k, U don't look Good ? .. I said yeah Just a little bit tired, I stayed up late yesterday ... U wouldn't imagine what her reply was She said "kol Da bsabab Michael Jackson ? ... Ye5reb baytoh"
She thought I was obsessed about him lol ..she's Weird ,isn't she ?
O the shocking part was on the 1st day I came froward to shake hands with her 'n suddenly O out of Totally nowhere she hugged me so hard .. man, I nearly cried, I don't like hugging o kissing strange PPl

O then when I got in the car she asked me if there's a particular thing that I'd like 2 hear .. I didn't feel like it so I said "Whatever" .. I honestly thought she's Gonna put on some Qura'an or sth .. but Once more she shocked me .. she put Marina Fm o then inserted a cassette .. RaShid Al-MajeD I guess O she started 2 sing with him
that really disturbed me ...OMG O_o !! Yallah 9ba7 5air .. it's only 8 am .. Music & singing so early =s
O ya3ni What if we had an accident O I died .. I don't wanna die listening 2 songs ... o it's not like I was enjoying these songs .. I'm not really into Arabic songs =s

then I got the news ... I'm officially a Dentistry Student in HSC .. though this was very much expected 'n honestly not a surprise at all , I enjoyed a Funny feeling of Pride =p

The other week I did my 2nd try & this time I passed ... this time it was so funny cuz I didn't want 2 fail Once more O thanx to el.Was6a I didn't

the officer was telling me what 2 do & I was like "What ? =S"

I tried 2 understand what he said & tried 2 do it but then he came & explained once more O even though he tried so hard to explain what he exactly wants me 2 do .. I didn't get it .. uffff
I said "I really don't get it !! "

Man, I looked like a fool & he had a laugh at me ...
just then ... I knew sth must B wrong with me .. seriously ... this isn't funny anymore :(

I've always understood things in a different way ... looked at them from a very different, strange angel, but I've never had so much difficulty understanding what PPl r Saying

So, eventually ... I got my Driving licence


I Also got ... The Book lol the one I've been waiting for 4 like what 3 or 4 months .. mayB more actually
I got a copy of it.. but that's better than nothing .. I finished reading it so very quickly ... I found it nice o I might write a Review about it
I liked the poems .. so revealing .. I found that Some parts were touching
I very much enjoyed the very delicate transparency in the expression of feelings

I have 3 books 2 read 4 now ... gotta finish reading them .. I started with each 'n then got bored
this is Y I should read it the moment I get it ... I don't wanna lose the excitement =p
Those 3 R :
The Power of now
P.S, I Love You
تاريخ الجيش الكويتي
Pics from here 'n there :
Aced the verbal test =D
I've never ever Failed in anything B4 that day, kinda depressed me =(
My Was6a Siggy lol
btw : I found out that lane 1 is 4 was6a lol
O I finally PASSED

Enigma ... Mystery

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U might not B like them ....
But this DoeSn't mean that u r strange
U just happen 2 B different
2 B different ,according to the dictionary, is 2 B separate,distinct & not identical or alike in character or quality
'n guess what ??!!!
U really don't have 2 fit in
have u ever thought of it like this :
Maybe u r meant 2 B different
SpeCial & Unique
Can't u see it ??
U R meant 2 Stand out
'n regarding that controversy about normal 'n abnormal
when u say it .... u better define it
normal u said ? How ? tell me ...
recently I've been having difficulty understanding what PPl r telling me
that's weird =s
they would repeat it Once, Twice, & even thrice
'n all u can See is a big "?" on my face
with my =s face, raising my left eyebrow in question !!!
though what is being said 2 me can B very obvious, Simple, & common-sensical, to me it seems 2 B an enigma
just a bunch of meaningless words, wrapped in mystery
Bottom Line : B sure that Normal doesn't always mean Better

No wonder I'm A Roddick Fan :D

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He gave it all , he played with unbelievable purity & desire, we all saw how much he wanted this trophy ..
He made that Clear
Yet, his efforts came short :(
On Sunday, he played like he never did
On Sunday, he came into Center Court as an underdog
yet managed to amaze the crowd
In everybody eyes I think he played a better game, and deserved to win The Wimbledon Trophy
uhhh, sports can B so cruel at times, that match was amazing, what a spectacular effort by Andy
Unfortunately ... he had 2 B the Loser at this one
the score Board might say that he lost, But to me it's not about who holds the trophy
2 me, it's about who was the better player in the court, the one who won the hearts & appreciation of everyone
U've got to feel 4 Roddick even if ur not a fan of his
his dedication & the effort he've put in that match was Wow ... Unreal
he really wanted this one
he wanted his name with the champs of Wimbledon So bad
he played the match of his life
He played that match so genuinely
My heart truely breaks for him :'(
As someone who has followed his career since the very beginning, I was astounded by what a different, more Composed , much more mature player he Became
with out a doubt, His newly found calm on the court is something to be lauded
I've never seen him so calm , composed & assertive
I've never in my liFe seen him play that well .. it just brings u 2 tears
it really is a shame he lost this one, cuz it was not only a battle of will, but also skill
what a brave fighter, he stepped in the court believing that he can hold the trophy
he served 2 stay in the match 11 times, & failed only once, that unfortunately did cost him the match & that golden trophy
when PPL though that this one would B a piece of cake for Federer
he stepped up to my expectations & proved them wrong
losing 16-14 in the 95-minutes fifth set
being broken once & only once , which proved costly ...
making him lose that trophy
he lost the one thing he wants the most , yet he came up & managed to tell a joke
he's a true Champ
you just Have 2 B so proud of him, So proud , Once more I shall say "Andy, take pride in how far u've come, 'n have faith in how far u can go"
I hope he'll eventually B able to sit back and realize how close he came, and that one day, maybe even one day very soon, another Grand Slam championship trophy will be his ... InShallah
yes he is 26 years old, but it's not too late , actually ... with his will & desire it'll never B too late
Man, no wonder I'm a fan of his ... I know how 2 choose my boys 7 I've made a wonderful job so far
I'm So Proud of U Fighter
'n about the Greatest player ever controversy
In their Book they say that Federer is the greatest tennis player ever
well, that's not the case in MINE
in my opinion, it wouldn't B fair to compare players from like 10 yrs ago with players 2day
it's just not fair, technology have helped those players a lot 2day
'n it's not about how many Grand Slam titles u have won, 2 me it's far beyond that