Tennis Time =D

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it's Andy's B-Day 2 day ... this Also means that it's TENNIS TIME =D
The 2009 US Open is gonna start off 2morrow with a bunch of Great matches + Agassi is gonna attend the opening ceremony =D .. the next couple of weeks r gonna B hectic ... I really want them 2 B just like back in 2003 .. I adored the Open that year .. so much intensity o speculation .. Simply loved it
'n Who needs Sleep when U've Got the US Open =p ?
Through the past 6 years the last GS of the year became my Fav =D .. Yes, Wimbledon is Special but I think the US Open is my all time Fav ...
Can the American Boy bring back 2003's memories ? Can he Win his 2nd GS title ? I believe he can .. I really do
He can bring back the "Wow" performance ? well , He's in good shape and coming off a gutsy Wimbledon effort .. I sure am he wants another GS trophy more than anything else ..
Or, is Rafa gonna complete his GS set by winning the title in Flushing Meadows ?
Let's not 4get that the New Daddy "Roger Federer" might have other plans =p
I really wanna C either the American or the Spaniard lifting the trophy .. No place 4 the Swiss *Never liked him =p*
Gonna B routing 4 Andy, Rafa, The Williams Sisters, & Kim Clijsters
I think I don't wanna Drive anymore .. just the thought of it makes me feel blue .. I hate it .. I told everyone that it's not sth that I'm gonna ace .. I don't wanna learn .. I just don't want 2

One day I drive really good , the next day I hit the pavement =$

I suck ... I'm such a Bad driver ='(

'n Yeah I made some brownies ... So tasty =D
what's next ? cup cakes & cookies InShallah .. NamShey 3la 5o6a Tom Tom =p

Blah Blah Blah

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I happen 2 B the type of PPl who can't stop thinking, not even 4 a second .. & Yes, I Do think way too Much .. I over analyze things & try 2 c Things from every possible angle , I like 2 get 2 know all possible meaning of a word ... it's nice , But it can B really tiring Sometimes, it seems Like I Can't stop thinking
I wiSh I had a turn off button that would B really helpful
Ya3ni there must B one .. bs I can't seem 2 find it ... it's like My mind is taking over my life
So, Since I've been reading "The Power of Now" one of the chapters is about how 2 free urself from ur mind .. it says that U & ur mind are two separate entities ..

So as u go on reading .. it kinda gives u clues abt how to have what they call mind gaps .. silent moments in ur mind .. I tried it & it worked 4 a while .. but it takes more practice to Ace it

This Book have been very useful, But I decided I'm gonna stop reading it 4 a while cuz I think it's playing with my mind lol
I really don't wanna turn off my Mind & then lose my way 2 the ON button lol .. that would B horrible
after all, I Need 2 think & I love it .. gotta admit I'm addicted to it ... I like it .. ell7emdellah it's an advantage most of the time




what the hec is wrong with PPl =s
seriously, is "being rude" the new trend or habba O_o ?
in the Uni ... with some colleagues ... uhh .. pretty much everywhere
what's up with everyone ??!! what happened 2 being nice & respecting one another
PPl keep on shocking me .. Ya3ni 4 God's sake can't u live with out the use of such offensive words

if it's o.k with you then at least try to respect others' feelings, tarra not everyone is like u .. o not everyone is used 2 hearing such bad words every now & then
Y3ni some girls really shock me ... so sweet 'n nice bs OMG !! don't listen 2 them when they talk .. Ya3ni don't they know enna the way they act reflects their background ?

I'm disgusted

Behave PPl ... Behave ... Plz


I've pretty much postponed everything till after 3eed .. everything .. routine check up , blood tests o also the chickenpox vaccine
I haven't got the disease Yet ... o since we're gonna have hospital visits next year, I totally don't wanna B at risk lol
I've been told enna when u get it when ur old it's gonna B nasty .. So I'm thinking "No, thank u .. I guess I'll take the vaccine"
it's also bcuz I'm gonna get some other vaccines next year for hepatitis & meningitis I guess, So Y not get this one .. Don't wanna g down with it
now here's the problem, Daddy doesn't want me to get the chickenpox vaccine =s Y ? I really don't know .. he just said No
but since I happen 2 B a very persuasive person I'm gonna persuade him O mali sh'3l .. I'm gonna do the dramatic act o go like "u wanna lose me 4 such a silly disease ?"
I've got a whole month to convince him =p & I'll make the most of it

I'm craving for some brownies with vanilla ice cream & cookies
wanna make some =p



ما بقى شي على رمضان
مبارك عليكم الشهر و كل عام و انتو بخير
ينعاد عليكم بالصحه و العافيه يا رب



ehdaa2 from 7abebti Um 5aZ3al ... a5er 3omrey 9ert Om 3ntar lol

Yummy ... Yummy
Pizza anyone =p ?

My Super Hero

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Dear You,

did I ever tell u how secure & safe I feel when I'm with u ?
Did I ever tell U how much I love, adore, & admire u
I love the way u hug me .. I love ur warm kisses ...
I love my day when I wake up on the sound of ur voice
'n ... ur sweet giggles .. they're my Fav =p

When I think abt the Good things in my life, ur Pic comes up on the top of the pile for u r the secret behind everything good & sweet in my life =]
of all men who have been in & out of my life, u stands out, for u are one very special man. A man of principles, a man with a great sense of humor & a lot of love, warmth & patience. Fact is, No Body *& I really mean No Body* in this world would tolerate my actions & stand my continues interference other than u ... U're always there & u always listen with so much care .. others can't even pretend 2 B listening

I love, love & love talking 2 u, discussing issues with u, being around u, & learning from u.
I love having ur DNA =] Wallah I Do .. I got all the Good genes
I love the fact that u exist in each & every cell of mine, The Fact that U live in me =D
have a walk in my little heart & u'll find the word Daddy written on each wall =p
U raise me up ... U make me a better person .. U make me feel I'm worthy
with u, I'm much stronger ..
With u, I'm someone I can only B with U

I'm not saying all of this just bcuz U're my Daddy 'n I'm ur little girl
No, it's far beyond that ... What I've seen in u is more that just a Man .. when I look in ur eyes I see a gentleman, a loving father & brother, a good friend, a humanitarian, a man with a big heart & most importantly .. a Family Man =D
Daddy, I've tried my whole life to B like u .. but later on I realized that no matter what I do or how hard I try I'll never B like u .. cuz Great PPl like u can not B copied .. but only taken as role models

U know & I've told u a million time that no man can compete with u , No man on the Face of earth
I've got some very high standards, that the man I'm gonna fall for has got 2 B like u ... & I'm sure I'll never find this guy .. cuz U my dear are one of a kind ... No man will ever come close to ur toe's nail , U r the greatest gift of God

in my eyes U R so perfect .. so flawless

With u, I feel happy, safe & secure.. Ur Faith in me makes me believe in my dreams.. u push me forward .. U've always helped me reach for my dreams .. U've given me ur shoulder to stand on .. to reach for My dreams
U've always Been there for me , in the good & bad , when I'm weak or strong .. U're always there

I Love U
I love u for u will always accept me ... for U'll accept me as I am, U won't change a thing in me
I love u 4 u'll always find a way 2 forgive me
I love u cuz U'll always B proud of me , even if I under achieve
I love u cuz U'll always believe in me & support me
U make me feel like I'm the best in this world ..

Sometimes, it seems like ur the only one who truly understands me 'n cares for me, how many times have I cried on ur shoulders ?? millions of times ...
it's unbelievable how good I feel when I'm with u, U do magic Daddy
U manage 2 make me smile when no body can
U make me feel better even when I'm sick, u stay right next 2 me till I fall asleep
it have been 18 yrs now & I can't think of a time u've ever forced me 2 do sth I don't wanna do , u're always there 2 rescue me =p U R my Super Man ... U've never let anyone force me 2 do sth I don't wanna do .. sth U knew I wouldn't enjoy doing
U R my "person"
U R the One person I trust on my life ... I trust U, just as much as u trust me on ur inner most secrets ... Thank u 4 ur trust Daddy, I promise won't let u down
Thanks 2 U Daddy .. I am who I am .. a very confident successful girl
U Raised me up so well, u taught me to stand up for my principles & beliefs .. 'n I'll always do, just like u

Daddy, I love u unconditionally ..
I'm proud 2 Be ur Daughter, I'm proud 2 carry ur name =D
I'll always look up to U
U R My Man , My Super Hero, My Best Friend, My Secrets' Keeper, My Wonder man .. U R MY Dad =D


This Week =p

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don't u just love goin' out with friends .. I'm not really into going out with friends .. bs now I really like it

On Sunday I went out with my friends .. it was amazing & we definitely had a blast .. went to a movie, had late lunch at chili's & then had a wonderful walk on the beach
The girls took off their shoes o had a walk .. they liked the feeling of the sand on their feet ''I definitely didn't" I'm not this type .. dunno maybe I'll walk on the beach with my bare feet next time .. mayB
I wanted 2 write sth abt 2-8-1990 but really wasn't able 2 express my feelings .. I was & I still am out of words all I can Say is
We'll never forget
& as far as 4 me .. I don't think I'll ever B able to 4give
it takes a big heart & a strong will 2 B able 2 4give such outrageous action
2 those Who supported the Fair Case of Kuwait & Sacrificed their lives
& 2 those who died fighting for the freedom of Kuwait
Thank U ... from the bottom of our hearts .. Thank U
I can not think of way 2 pay U ppl back

o Yesterday was FahoDii & WahaBii's B-Day .. they R big boys now

we surprised Fahad o he totally freaked out at the beginning .. Gosh u should've seen his face he came in & then walked out lol
bs it was great .. we all had fun & took a lot of pics
Happy B-Day FahoDii
Happy B-Day Wahab
May All ur WiShes Come True Guys =]
2day I was brave o I did one very crazy thing
well, I haven't been feeling well lately, 3la Golat Dad "kella men Gelta el.akel" madree LaiSh he pretty much blames food 4 everything bad that happens 2 me =S
I'm starting to freak out .. a5af feeney shay chayed , So ...
I actually decided 2 do a blood test "I know I'm gonna freak out o regret making such decesion the moment they're sucking my blood out & I'm gonna make a scene I know bs I have 2 do this"


Snap shots :
A walk 2 remember =p
I never ever finish up my meal .. Y ? Madree
He's Now 8 yrs old =]
همسه : اللهم اشفي مرضانا و مرضى المسلمين