Goodbye 2009

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not so long ago, we all welcomed 2009
& now, I find myself writing Goodbye 2009

time goes by so quickly doesn't it

I remember when we used to say "can't wait for 2000 to come"
now it's gonna B 2010
that's 10 years .. 10 whole years




a wonderful beginning, and by far the weirdest end
unfortunately .. it didn't rise up 2 my expectations
the most important thing is that I've learned a lot of things
so many things

my best friend once told me " u might b smart, but I know u're not when it comes to dealing with ppl"
I partially agree

but I'll stay me
I refuse 2 change, unless it's 4 the better ME
the way I act got me 2 where I am 2day, & as they say "Never change a winning game tactic"


how abt a brief review? & some not so old memories =p

let's get started


exciting, beautiful, yet very cold =p
once more I raise my "who need's sleep when u've got the Aussie Open?" logo
so finals that went so smoothly .. ell7emdellah

one day that I'll never 4get was when I had my last final exam
Roddick was scheduled to play Djokovic in the Semi Finals .. that was a match I would never miss
woke up at 6 am that day just 2 watch what I can watch
left to the Uni but 4got my heart back at home
& while I was having breakfast, I got some really good news
I remember I was so nervous when I knew this msg was from my Bro
I didn't even want 2 read it, but PinKiya insisted .. she read it & it said

" جوكوفيتش انسحب "

call me crazy .. I didn't believe it
I even hugged her men el.wanasa lol
I still have that msg .. never deleted it


enjoying My very short holiday ... Rafa's efforts finally paid off

an epic Final .. Feddy cried

I might sound evil now =p I loved it

he finally got 2 taste his own medicine

I even have the video saved in my mobile album .. will never delete it lol

but it really was an amazing moment .. just amazing

the match, the quality of tennis, the sportsmanship .. just everything

in short : January was just the right start of the year
I was satisfied on all basis =]



not so bad if it wasn't for the "U always start early" Uni thing
I had 2 start the 2nd semester 2 weeks earlier than other colleges .. this sucks I know
I never stopped complaining

I still do

if it wasn't for the national day & liberation day holiday I would I've been dead
starting so early really turned my brain OFF
4 real .. haven't studies like really studied since that spring holiday .. my brain is now starting to work
bs sh3egbah .. b3ad ma 5rabt e.denya =[



new subject .. still trying to adapt 2 everything happening all around me
still mentally non-functional
liked only one of my subjects & kinda thought the others where boring
that also kept me alive =p



so special as usual ..

bcuz of that one very special person's B-Day
GoSh I love him .. I love having him around

& he didn't eat the cake on his B-Day .. gal la Baba shno B-Day .. there's no such a thing, bs thanx anyway
gal u & the boys eat it all lol
the boys liked the idea
but I warned them .. Nobody touches HIS cake
& he ate it with us the next day .. isn't he a sweetheart?




So busy with the Uni .. so many exams
too many deadlines & I still don't feel like studying
will I ever again? dunno =S

RG ... a shocking loss to Soderling .. bust I would B lying if I said that I didn't see this coming
suddenly things r not looking so good 4 Rafa
thank good Roddick survived till the late stages .. dunno what would've happened if he wasn't there .. things would've been so boring
Roger finally winning RG .. not so good 4 an anti-feddy tennis fan like me =[
believe it or not I didn't watch the whole final match .. thought it was too boring for me


Day: Tuesday
Date: May the 26th, 2009

a day 2 remember .. a day full of sweet warm moments that I shall never 4get
success it is =D
I'll hold on 2 these sweet memory till the end of my life, 4 it will make me a better person, remind me of what I can do & what I'm here 2 do =]




stress on the way .. watch out!!

exams .. results .. disappointments

& at the end life goes on




a nice treat from Roddick in Wimbledon
& once more I see hope .. I saw the same sparkle in his eyes .. the one I saw back in 2003
it was more like the 2003 little kid Roddick, except he was no longer a kid & he was even better
again I believed .. I really did that time
he took it 2 a 5th set .. he was so close .. he gave it all .. yet his efforts came short
one day, I believe, he will left that trophy .. he will B the champion .. with this will .. I know he will
Yes, that was record breaking # 15 for Mr.Federer but


Roddick, u never let me down ..


time 2 celebrate =]

Bro's efforts paid off .. I'll always B proud of my little Bro
all the stress, all the "freaking out" .. it was worth it

& what is better than a family celebration?


driving lessons = horrible days that I'll never 4get
Gosh really awful .. just the memory of it .. aShwa it's behind me now
my tutors = big mouth

aaaaaaaah madri shloOn te7amalt.ha


eventually got my driving licence
I officially am a dentistry student =]




a lot of thinking
practicing mind gaps

Ramadan + USO = Magic




a surprising USO final .. a new champ
a pleasant surprise =]

someone .. someone unique .. leaves our world
 heading to better place, I believe

a wonderful Eid

& back to the Uni =[




nothing is the same anymore

everything is so different
the long adaptation process not complete yet

Someone turned 20 =p




full of shocks ... bad ones
ppl ... the variation in ppl .. their attitudes their mentalities .. everything .. just keeps on shocking me
but nothing can ruin my month =]
my 19th B-Day followed by the 1st day of Eid
On my day, I realized that no matter how old I get.. in his eyes I'll always B his little girl




clouds, rain, & disappointments
finally woke up .. & now I know what I want

& I'll get it inShallah



in 2009 I've changed a bit but I've learned a lot
I've learned to give myself the priority
& I choose 2 B me .. 2 forgive .. 2 take the higher road .. 2 B the better one
I've learned that we all need 2 B selfish & self-centered from time 2 time =p



the last pics from 2009 =p

The weather was super beautiful 2day =]



Happy New Year Everyone
& 2010 .. u better B a good one =p

Final Decision

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I've made up my mind
I can't do this anymore .. it doesn't feel right.. I can't I just can't .. this is so wrong .. so not good, emotionally & psychologically tiring & it doesn't need much thinking to tell whether this is right or not ... it's so not right
I'll do my job .. I'll do it & I won't neglect my studies .. I promise myself 2 study .. I can't continue this sloppy girl attitude .. doesn't work well with me
'9amerey m2anebney cuz I screwed up in my midterms =[ .. this sucks cuz not only did I screw up, I also screwed up BIG TIME .. I never learn my lesson.. I know myself, when I don't feel like it, then I just don't
it's gonna B hard bs I need to do this
I'll B the NERD I've always been
being a nerd is the normal thing


sometimes I think that I'm naive
it's either that I'm stupid or ppl r just out of control
it seems like nobody sees things the way I do
nobody values respect 'n principles the way I do
except 4 very few ones
ufffffff .. I don't understand ppl
I hate those who say things without thinking
just say whatever is on their mind
no wait I don't hate 'em ... I despise 'em
I hate rude ppl ..
I mean C'mon .. what happened to being classy & respectful =s ? is it too cliche or what ?
I believe that we all have 2 B well-mannered in each & every situation, that we have 2 treate everyone with kindness & respect
& I believe that we should ALWAYS take the higher road
I actually think that the level of respect u have for others is well nough to define U as a person
ppl have kept on disappointing me lately
& now I've come to the conclusion that they always will


so, 13 days till the new year
WOW !!!
only 13 days
2010 seems nice =p
looking forward 2 it
I think I wanna write a Special Happy new year post
sth like goodbye 2009 & welcome 2010
like last year's ..

Me ..

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I was hurt .. I was so hurt that I couldn't stop crying
I promised myself I wouldn't cry on silly stuff
bs when it hurts .. it hurts so much .. 'n all u can think of is " is this how it feels 2 B stabbed in the back ?"
One thing I know abt myself
I always take it easy .. I never let silly stuff bother me
bs everything has limits .. everything, even my patience
I know that when I wanna talk abt sth, I consider each & every word more than a million time mayB .. & my friends call me crazy for doing this .. they say "just do it .. just say what U have"

but I choose 2 think abt the concequenses .. thinking doesn't take long & is a life savior .. I try as much as possible not 2 overlook this cuz it really matters

I've always Been too afraid to hurt ppl's feelings .. even when I'm right .. even when they're wrong .. even if I'm abt 2 explode I'd never say sth that might hurt them .. Simply bcuz I don't wanna get hurt
& when they attack me .. when they do the stupid things they do .. I try 2 see it differently .. I try to give them some sort of an excuse .. I would always make up excuses 4 them .. abarrer o abarrer o abarrer .. I don't ask " Y ? "
but there is a time .. when no excuse can B found
& the Q remains un answered .. unless U choose 2 ask
A piece of advice :
When U wanna talk ppl, THINK .. THINK .. THINK .. 'n after u've done all of this thinking .. talk
o.k, let's get this out of my system .. so .. most PPl don't like me

I've never been normal .. I've always Been a freak
this is how ppl have always seen me
does it hurt ? well, as a child yes .. mayB at times
but I've learned to live with this
hey, I am what I am & I'm not gonna change myself just to fit in
a long time ago I chose to accepts this .. I know like it .. being different is cool .. I now Beilieve that I'm Unique in my own way
& I don't care abt what ppl think abt me .. as long as I'm fine with what I do .. as long as I know I'm doing the right thing
& if a million ppl around the world hated me .. then I'm happy that I have those very few ppl in my life
those who love, cherish, & most importantly respect me
they r enough .. they really R
bcuz they saw [me] .. the real me .. they didn't see me the way everyone else did
They Knew Me ... Me
'n they loved me 4 who I am .. not 4 what I have or what I can give

my philosophy abt life says that life is not gonna get any easier & u need to chose the ppl u want in ur life carefully .. U need those who R willing 2 support u .. who will remember u, even when u 4get abt them, & other than these then believe me u don't want

u don't want those who might hurt u .. life is so hard already & U don't really need these in ur life ... U DON'T


When I go whining & complaining to Dad, he always says that I still haven't seen a thing of this life
& I never thought its gonna start throwing me with these stuff .. not like this