Me & The Holiday

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what do I love the most abt me ? I want = I get
this still is the case, well, most of the times & it makes me more than happy
so, how do I do it ?

1- I want.
2- I think.
3- I plan.
4- I do.
5- I get.

I've got some good news!! I got my Arabic back.. I'm back.. gradually improving..
& I'm knitting again.. I thought let's give it a try, I did & it worked, I remembered everything =D
I'm happy


a couple of days ago we celebrated the birthday of my dear Pinkya. I can't believe she's 20 already, 9arat 3ayooz =p
we had lunch 2gether & then surprised her, she was so surprised.. that was amazing
we had so much fun & we shall do it again
love u pinkya

the gift wrapped & ready

Candles ready
Card ready 


آللـهـم إني تحت رحمتــك , فـ ارحمنــي بـ فضلـك
آللـهـم أَسبـغ عليّ بـ لبـآس آلصحـه وآلعآفيـه
واحفظنـي لــ وآلـديّ وأَحبـتــي

I confess...

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Ghalya Al-Dhafiri started her "I Confess..." campaign to help people. I thought abt it & I think its a wonderful idea. So, in this post Hope is gonna confess..
now I stand before u all, vulnerable, with what I carry deep in my heart exposed


I confess...
I love my dad more than my mum. this issue have been bothering me 4 quite a long time. As a child I just couldn't understand it, how come I love him more than her? Y am I not like everyone else.. now that I think abt it I realize that I'll never love anyone the way I love my dad.. Never.. & I love my mum, I love her.. in a different way.. yes we don't agree on much, yes, we have different personality.. but I love her & I always will.. I love her so much but I can't show it with hugs & kisses & so on.. I love her & I do show my love by other simple means ;p.. now I know it's not abt how much u love someone .. it's abt how u love him

I confess...
I can act like a 5 yr old child, believe it or not.. &  I do actually, not so often but I'm such a de3la kid when I do.. I can get angry & even cry bcuz some one ate my chocolate or ice-cream.. I so very much hate it when they do this.. ya3ni I barely find sth that I like & especially when it comes 2 food & eating & they go do this .. not good not good..
I confess...
I can forgive very easily.. forgiveness is not an issue 4 me.. it happens naturally, it's the forgeting part that I have no grip on.. I might forgive.. but I find it very difficult 2 forget

I confess...
though I try as hard as I can not 2 compliment ppl, I just can be like this all the time .. I can't, uff I'm too sweet.. I always say faShla o 3aib.. I so wanna B strict & just do things for me 'n never compliment ppl ever again on my own expense.. that my next mission

I confess...
the 1st time I wore my glasses, I didn't sob & cry bcuz I had a horrible heaache. That was a lie, I cried for my loss =[.. I cried cuz I'll no more wake up & see teh world the way I always did =[

I Survived

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e.Salam 3laikom everyone

Yes I'm alive. Yes, I survived =]

it has been a week since my summer holiday started, it's feels weird, but I love it, after all it's summer =]
I actually wrote 2 come back posts, but chose not 2 post 'em. A sad one, & another one that I chose not 2 complete. I don't want my come back post 2 B a sad or angry one. I'm not satisfied with pretty much everything going on in my life, I'm sick & I dunno what's wrong with me .. lots of tests.. & I dunno
so, since my summer holiday started, I've been to the doc's abt 4 times, 3 blood tests & one more to come next week, bs ell7emdellah 3la kel 7al. I really wanna know what's wrong, I wanna fix it.

one thing I hate abt being sick, beside not knowing what exactly is wrong with me, is having to go through those awful blood tests.. I just hate it, it hurts so much =[ & no body seems to understand.. cuz YEAH when it comes 2 needles & shots "I am a chicken" it really hurts u know, I'm not exagerating or sth like that..


despite the pain, despite the sorrow & all of the bad feelings.. one msg.. a few letters that make a word.. & a few words that make a sentence .. this is what it takes 2 make me happy
Cousin.. I'm so very proud of u.. Baya'9teha, & u didn't let me down
Congrats cousin.. & I love u


4 so long now I've been looking 4 the missing part of the picture, now.. 2day I think I found it

these pics R taken from my note 2 yrs ago .. now I know what's missing

I need to believe in myself again.. I need to do this
& I need to do the things I love ..