Hope & Gergai3an

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hello everyone
it's gergai3an time =p & I so want 2 agarge3 bs appearently, not gonna happen =[ cuz it's during the middle of the week, so no zwara & there's no1 I can go agarge3 with =[
I'm thinking, mayB next year =p
last time garga3t is abt 2 yrs ago, it was so much fun with the kids, the funny thing is that we went with an army of maids lol, we were 5 kids & abt 7 or 8 maids.. la o mum still 5ayfa 3laina o every 5 minutes she calls us lol . Moreover, 45 minutes later, my uncle calls me o says "yalla come back" & I'm like Noooo nabi ngarge3 b3ad, the kids walk slowly o ma garga3na wayed =[. eventually we went back , I tried to stall them bs mako fayda
it was fun though, we had a great time

Happy Gergai3an everyone =p

I'm nearly done with the blue scarf, Yay =] gonna post some pics InShallah when I'm done
& yeah I made dessert 4 my Bro's, teh easiest dessert in the world & their Fav.. aShwa they liked it
here are some pics =]


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aaaaaaaah I love Ramadan, don't u all love it =D ?
it's the gatherings I don't like lol.. el7emdellah I managed to survive 'em.. I played o talked to the kids most of the time.. I swear their more fun 2 B around, especially when they start tellin' stories abt dinasors 7 animals.. they're so funny.. walla when they pause for pics.. 7lat.hom.. not all of 'em of course
kids R now my friends & I'm as they said their beloved friend, how cool is that, they're head over heels abt me

remember when I said I don't wanna cook, now I want to lol.. we'll see how things go, I might cook, might

when ever I'm pissed off, disappointed, or just sad, I write stuff on a piece of paper or as a note in my mob
here's some of Hope's thoughts in the past few months
p.s. these are all behind me now =] el7emdellah

"My future is on the stake
I'm not feeling Good abt this aaah I don't wanna lose no battle nor war
My heart is too weak & fragile. I can't handle another loss
I can't & I don't want 2... My heart aches so bad right now ='("

"My feelings do not lie.
Indeed I LOSE ='("

"I hate it I hate it I hate it I hate it
Don't wanna do any more tests"


I promised the beautiful 5/4 to show her what I've been knitting. So, I've been working on a hot pink scarf.. but now I stopped, 5la9 I'm not gonna finiSh it.. I'll do sth blue.. a9lan what was I thinking when I used a hot pink yarn ??

now I'll leave u with some pics

blue a7la =p

a cake I made abt a week ago
3ajeeba, bs a lil piece is enough cuz thegeeelaaaaa

مـبـارك عـلـيـكـم الـشـهـر

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Salaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam everyone =p
can't wait 4 Ramadan 2 come =] I love it .. the spirit, 3eed preps & everything.. I LOVE it
3ad this Ramadan I'm not gonna cook, 5la9 I don't feel like it.. mayB I'll bake a cake for a friend,, no real cooking though.. I'm always disappointed with the end result.. everyone likes it except 4 me .. it's never the way I think it would B =S
U knwo what I love abt Ramadan... fasting .. see I don't like food, I think that we should only eat when we're hungry or really really craving sth.. so I only eat 2 survive.. it's not my fav hobby =p so I'm happy cuz then nobody is gonna go like "eat eat eat.. Y don't u eat? U should eat.."

& it's tennis time again... GoSh I miss good matches, Rafa, Andy, Nole, & Roger of course
Roger's cup should B fun 2 watch.. but I can't wait 4 teh USO aaaaaaah I want an American to win this time, I have a specific one in mind =p walla it would B just amazing if things turned out the way I want 'em 2 B

anyhow, I have a lot 2 say & some pics 2 share with u, but 4 now all I have 2 say is:

مبارك عليكم الشهر
كل عام و انتو بخير
و عساكم من عواده

لـَـن نـَـنسـى الذكـرى العشـرين

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ننسى؟ مستحيل
نسامح؟ ممكن بس صعبه وايد

ننسى الغدر؟ ننسى الخيانة؟ لا والله ما ننسى
بالغزو الكويت انجرحت جرح عمره ما يطيب ..
جرح ترك ندبه و علامه و ذكرى راح تظل لأبد الآبدين

كل ما اشوف هالفيديو تخنقني العبره
الله يرحمه .. الله يرحمه
ماتخيل في احد بالعالم يحب ديرته كثر ما بابا جابر حب الكويت
مافي اغلى من دموعك يا يبه


it has been 20 yrs, & it still hurts ..

I was born during the Iraqi invasion.. I was too young 2 feel the pain, too young to feel it & suffer
I've only heard stories, watched videos & saw some pics .. & it really hurts.. it hurts so bad.. I can't imagin how everyone felt back then .. I dunno how it feels 2 B betrayed like that, stabbed in the back
aaaaaaaaah it makes me mad, it makes me angry.. how could they?? what kind of ppl are they?? the things they've done r just so unbelievable.. how can all of this happen to a human on the hand of another

The only explanation I managed 2 reach is that they are unhuman. They are monsters.
plz I don't anybody 2 ask me not 2 generalize .. I will if I want to.. but I won't but c'mon those were the vast majority.. don't try to convince me that all of these soliders did it only bcuz they had to
NO, NO.. & if u say so then what abt the torture & everything.. no human can do that if it want their own wiShes .. Nobody.

they killed they tortured, they rapped, they burnt, they sabatagged
can u imagin?? they killed kids, young men & ladies, old ppl
& don't tell me it's war & u can do everything.. they started it.. they are the ones who infringed on the property of others without having the right

I'm so mad & I don't think I'll ever B able 2 4give 'em
every time I think abt this.. I feel violated ='(
it feels so bad

Thank God we got out country back.. Thank God a million time =]