Goin' Back 2 School

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hello everyone,
I can't believe my summer holiday is over already.. I want more & more & much much more.. it's really not fair as my summer holiday was really short in comparison 2 everyone else's.. I'm finished last & I'm starting 1st.. aaah this med school is gonna drive me crazy... I still can't believe it.. I guess I'm just gonna go on sunday morning & see how things will go, hopefully I'll cope well & I won't B so shocked & depressed like I always do
enough abt school, a couple of days ago I went out with my cousin, we had dinner at Applebee's.. at the beginning we didn't want 2 dine there but then we had 2 & thank god we did lol
we dinned their a couple of times B4 but never liked their food. This time was different, we loved the food & fell in love with the dessert lol

I leave u with the pics
the menue

getting ready lol

loved the appetizers

ceaser salad.. loved it

cowboy burger.. not bad

some steak.. I loved the mashed potato

chicken strips

brownie with vanilla ice-cream.. LOVED it

the price is just unbelieveable.. r5eeeeeeeeeeee9 7adda

they also gave us a coupon & a brochure that we can use to fill some sorta brochure abt the service online & then we would get free dessert next time .. that's great since I fell for their desserts =D

later =]

My Eid

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1st of All, again,
عيدكم مبارك.. عساكم من العايدين و الفايزين
و تقبل الله طاعتكم و كل عام و انتو بخير

I promised I would write a post abt Eid, sorry 4 the delay,, bs really haven't had the time 2 sit & write sth
So, how was my Eid? just great I would say.. loved it, loved every moment
 .. staying up all night starring at the ceiling in attemps 2 sleep .. e.takbeer.. the boys buzz, one looking for his mkasar the other complaining abt b5oor... the compliments dad took 4 his new look .. I loved it =D

the usually silly part of Eid was actually bearable this time.. it went just fine. The kids, of course, went crazy
taking pics, playing games, & as usual.. fighting
so, day 1 was perfect
day 2 was fun
o on day three I went out with the gals 4 lunch at lorenzo.. fortunately the place wasn't crowded.. not much ppl actually.. we had a decent lunch, then at night I went out with my aunts 4 dinner.. it was nice.. not as bad as I thought it would B


now that Eid is over & my summer holiday nearly over.. I'm starting 2 stress abt goin' back 2 school.. I haven't had enough from the holiday.. I'll never get enough of it.. & I hate the fact that I start school b4 everyone else =[
I hate school .. I really do hate it


it's time 4 some pic =P
gettin' ready =p

chicken with mushrooms & cheese.. Not Bad

Eid breakfast =]

Dessert .. simply delicious

Cacao = 3ajeeeb

عيدكم مبارك

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عيدكم مبارك
تقبل الله طاعتكم و كل عام و انتو بخير
بوست العيد coming soon

enjoy ur time, make the best of it, zip up the past & start fresh
give 'em a chance & try 2 embrace 'em as they are
get 2 know 'em again
Eid is the right time 2 do it
forgive & put everything behind ur back
remember life is too short to spend it away from those u love
call ur friends, go 2 ur family gathering & enjoy every moment of this Eid

Nearly Over

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Ramadan is nearly over now, just a few days & we'll say our goodbyes 2 the holly month of Ramadan, meaning it's 3eed time so Yay.. I'm not so excited abt it as usual though.. I feel as if I', not ready , not yet..
it's been abt a year now, I wonder how his Sis, mum & dad r feeling & what abt his little bro .. do they still miss him? do they still wiSh this whole thing was just one bad nightmare? Questions that'll never B answered. Allah Yer7emek o yejma3hom feek bel.janna.

This years open is kindda weird, I dunno is it bcuz it started bel.3aShe el.awa5er, or is it all the other things... No henin, no serena in the ladies draw.. I hate it when they're not around cuz it kindda narrows my options.. & Andy, my Andy, lost in the 2nd round.. 4 the 1st time in him career.. it was very awful seeing him so helpless.. that mono really got him bad.. I loved the way he faught though.. he gave it a fight.. that's my boy
believe it or not till now, the 2nd week, I only watched a few matches.. u can count 'em on ur fingers actually .. one hand would B enough lol.. never did that.. never ever.. I think I need a big match .. a match that would excite me.. I need some good competitive tennis.. MayB a Feddy Vs. Rafa final.. that would B just great =]

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تَضَعُ أَصابِعَ يَديها الصغيرتين في أُذنها و تمشي بسرعه مبتعده عن تلك الأصوات
تتجه نحو الظلام.. حيث لا يجدها احد
و كما كانت تقعل قبل 10 سنوات حين تفزع
فإنها تجلس في الزاويه ...ترتجف من رأسها حتى اخمص قدميها، هذه المرة بشعور مختلف
يتراوح بين الغضب و الآسى
تضم ركبتيها لصدرها و تحيط يديها برجليها  لعلها تهدأ
تبكي و تبكي و تبكي.. تبكي من القلب و بحرقة
تبكي لانها تعلم بانه الآن يتألم .. و قلبة ينزف
و قلبها هي... ما هو الا قطعة من قلبه
تبكي بصمت و تقول: اللهم اشرح صدره.. اللهم اشرح صدره