Don't Let Go

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I need u.. I need u so bad
I haven't had enough of u, & I want u
I love u... plz hold on for me, fight as hard as u can & don't let go.
I can't afford losing u.. I don't wanna lose u
I know I'm being selfish out here, but I gotta B. I want u there, around me like u've always been. I want things to be the way they always were. I wanna spend Eid with u. I wanna kiss ur hands & forehead. I wanna listen to ur funny stories & ur bits of wisdom.

I wanna feel the love & live it.. I haven't had enough.. so plz don't leave
Plz, don't die on me =[

I know I'm neglecting the blog, I know I'm not being around much bs really I'm so busy, I hardly have the time to scratch my head & I have tons of things to do all at once, I even started forgetting things.. I feel like an old lady... & I hate the fact that I'm missing a lot out here,not being around much =[
but really, how am I doing? good, I guess, alf el7emdellah
I'm sortta happy, sortta satisfied.. I feel much much better, seems like things r gonna finally go my way. o it turned out my old strategy was the best, I used to tell my friends "etha e.denyah bt3anedni o bta36eeni thaharha o ma tamShi methel ma ana tabi, ra7 atelha mn ergobat.ha o amaSheeha 3adel" . that's what I'm doing right now, nothing stands in my way. I'll strive for what I want & I'll get it InShallah & nothing shall stop me =]
I've got tagged by msha3erha, a tag I said I wanted to do, but then when I started filling it, it turned out to B blank, most of it, so until I find sth to fill in those blanks =p

Later =/


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my word these days =p since I started school I haven't done much but complain. I miss the holiday, I miss laying down, starring at the ceiling with nothing in my head.. but really it's not that bad, I just became a whiner recently I whine all the time just like a little kid =p I know, not so good, gotta change my attitude 
Now my head is so full it could blow up any minute.. I have tons of things to do & a whole lot of other things 2 remember. On my 1st day back 2 school I was telling myself "o.k let's start fresh, yes u'll never get used to it again bs u gotta fight" ... now I actually think I got used to the school's routine, meaning I'm coping well el7emdellah =]
o I like the hospital visits. they're fun.. though tiring at times, but it feels good being a doc =p

the good news is that health wise things R much much better than the way they used to B.. getting better & actually feeling it, so alf alf el.7emdellah

I really miss photography o graphics designing.. haven't done much in these two fields 4 a while, not even in the holiday.. feels like I'm off, I know this feeling.. I had it once B4, I remember freaking out & telling Peace that I lost it.. I lost my touch, but it was just that I needed some time off, at some point this has got to happen 2 u, even if what u're doing is sth u love quite a lot
so off it is.. as long as I'm getting my touch back when it's the time =]


P.S. Slashy, u've been missed.. I hope u're getting better
this goes 2 u =***