Eid & a lot more

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Eid, my time of the year
yesterday was amazing, I just love family gatherings, well, not all of them.. 1st half of the day was a blast
b4 lunch we were all watching a match like we used to do awaaal. the 1st thing that caught my eyes was IOC instead of Kuwait, this is just ridiculous, I mean when will they start to move & do sth about this? how much longer do we have to wait? I myself gave up on them like what? 7 or 6 yrs ago.. believe me it wasn't easy, but I just learned to ignore all of that.. Y would I care abt sth that would always make me cry
yesterday, for the 1st time in my life & mean really the 1st time, I looked at our olympic football team squad & I barely recognized one or two of the guys.. that was shocking.. only then I realized that I've really given up on them a long time ago
this brought back all the memories, all the dreams.. I've always wanted to play in an international football match, I wanted to represent my country, I wanted to score a goal & run around the court spreading my arms like a bird does with its wings... I wanted the world to witness my glory, creativity & strenght.. I wanted to win a gold medal at an international event , where I would see my flag being raised infront of my eyes, where I could hear my international anthem being played, where I would sing, stare at the flag with a wide smile & sparkling teary eyes... I can not express in words how much I wanted this .. I wanted it so bad as a child & as a teenager.. I actually still do.. I've been thinking, just let me finish off with this meds thing & I'll work hard to persuit this dream
Some of u might find this very silly. Do I care ? Definitely not

other half of the day, so not worth talking abt.. it was just horrible
bs I'm thankful for the 1st fun part

went out & had dinner with dad yesterday, had lots of fun
Dad Allah y7afthah is affectionate 2 the extreme,, How can I not love him?


That match I watched on the 1st day of Eid, just brought lots of memories, took me back to the time I was so crazy abt out national team.. I really was crazy, like u wouldn't believe
I miss the girl I used to B back then, full of love & passion for the game
I remember international matches were usually held on Wednesdays, I remember going to the supermarket evey wednesday after school & buying lots of ice cream with my cousins, preparing everything for the match.. the pop corn, the ice cream, the water & everything
I still remember falling off the couch, being so anxious that my heart would beat so fast.. jumping & screaming like one crazy girl when we score, running all around the house & hugging dad so hard, screaming YES, WE SCORED =D
wanting to dye my hair blue all for the sake of the match.. wearing all blue, writing in blue every wednesday in school.. the crazy motivational personal msgs in my msn.. I miss all of that

talking abt a football match with such great passion & actually telling our music teacher, tell her about our point of view, how our players were treated unfairly, letting her get so into it, leaving the students & the class just to listen to us.. that was so crazy lol
Allaaaaaaaaaah.. I loved those days

I was one very crazy girl,, & I still am
I guess this girl inside of me just woke up =D

there will B a very funny & shocking, to some, upcoming post abt all the craziness & obsession

أضحى مـبـارك

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عيدكم مبارك
و تقبل الله طاعتكم
كل عام و انتو بخير و عساكم من عواده يا رب

To The Men in My Life

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Uncle A

thanx 4 being there for me when I needed u most
for hugging me & wrapping me with ur amazing magical warmth when I need it most
thank u for the great talk we had.. for holding my hand & never letting go.. for patting on my head & shoulder
for calling & checking on me
thanx for opening up, letting me pour everything out from my heart to yours
thank you for loving me, for caring so much
I love u my Fav lil Uncle

Uncle M

thanx for being the one for him
for loving & believing in me
for that album u made.. for every scrap paper u've cut from the news paper & magazines.. for every picture u've kept, & every article u've got ur hands on
thanx for collecting all those precious memories ever since I started going to school & till present day
thanx for being his brother, his guider, & his soulmate
thanx for caring so much & loving him just that much

wallah enna m3azatkom mn m3azetah yal.'3aleen

I Love U so very much
Allah la ya7rimni menkom.. the best uncles in the world. I wouldn't have asked for better ones =D