Bye Bye 2010, Welcome 2011

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I promised my next post was gonna B abt my obsession with sports, football in particular, it's actually ready in the drafts waiting for me to click the publish button but I would love to have it as my 1st post for the year so bear with me plz. now allow me to rant & talk & talk & talk, as I haven't talked much lately =p

I had some rough time bs alf el7emdellah things are getting better, I'm trying so hard to get what I want.. I'm not really getting all right now, but hopefully I'm on my way =] I'm doing all I can & it's kindda paying off, I'm just greedy I always want more =p
as usual, bcuz of exams I missed my cousin's milcha. Yes, I'm not a party kindda girl but it was my cousin's milcha, it's my cousin we're talking abt out here =@ I missed a lot, my cousins that I haven't seen for a while now & their lil kids =[ I missed the red dress & all that fun
saw one of the kids later on & gosh isn't she a sweetheart, just as pretty as her mum & even more.. I love this girl, dShat galbi.. I don't usually like baby girls but this girl is just different, nothing like others + she likes me 

I usually love this time of the year,, but this year it's different, I've been so busy to even notice hoe lovely the weather is. I celebrated my B-Day with my friends, it was an early surprise party & I was really surprised lol.. el7emdella I have a bunch of amazing friends (I love u guys =D). & then when it was my real B-Day my relatives planned me a surprise party which I skipped  lol.. mum came back home with a piece of cakes telling me all abt that, she was like "we couldn't resist the cake, but we kept u a lil piece " how funny is that? it's my B-Day cake & I only get a tiny piece =p

I now proudly announce that I haven't had fast food since the beginning of this semester, I also stopped drinking fuzzy drinks a while ago, more than 6 months now & I feel great =D so, since the beginning of our cardiology module, I started freaking out & going crazy, I went like I can't do this to my body I can't intoxicate it with this *censored* I'm eating I just can't. I'm not gonna fill my blood with that LDL *aka bad cholesterol* & block my arteries, I can't do this to my poor heart, it deserves much more than that. I know I sound like a crazy person but seriously, I don't wanna be 1 of those ppl who end up bringing diseases to themselves.. I wanna live a happy long healthy life & in order to do so, I gotta eat healthy & stay away form junk food & so on. I even don't bake colorful cakes anymore, I don't use food dye, I don't care how my cake is gonna look as long as it has healthy ingredient. what's the point of having the most beautiful cakes that tastes amazing but ends up making me sick on the long term. In our present day we are surrounded by all sorts oa carcinogens, all around us & we don't know abt it, I think the least we can do is eat healthy, that's that least we can do. Crazy, so be it =p

what else, let me see, yeah 5la9 I admit it, I'm a whiner, yes I am o kaifi.. I like to whine cuz I don't wanna keep anything inside, I just like to take it all out, all that negative energy out.. I don't want it to poison my body.. the only person who can put up with me when I start whining is Dad♥ no body else can handle me cuz I go on & on & on, & yeah I'm hard to stop.. u don't wanna get my started as I'm so picky & hard to please or satisfy.. I know ppl hate that abt me, but I don't wanna change.. I don't want to, what's the point of suppressing all that anger & dissatisfaction & keeping it all for me? I'll never stop whining =p I actually have been very hard to satisfy these past 3 years, nothing is good enough, very few things seem to satisfy me.. I don't know, is it that all of that is not worth of my satisfaction, or is it that I've become even pickier & harder to satisfy.

isn't it amazing to have some1 who understands u, gets what u're saying & doesn't think u're crazy every time u talk.. that' how it feels when I'm around one of my friends,, she so gets it.. she's bald & just amazing.. I wonder Y we weren't friend since the 1st time we knew each other, it's probably bcuz I didn't know u all that time, I never knew u were such a sweet amazing person, I never knew u for who u are, but now I know what u're like & I'm proud to have u as a friend =D
2010 wasn't so sweet & kind to me, not all the way, but like each year, it had its good & its bad & I can say that despite everything, at the end of the day, I can ,at least, say that I'm now one step closer to my goal =]

Bye bye 2010.
2011 here I come, all armed & ready to battle =p
Happy new year every one =]


went by in a blink of an eye


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