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Hey there!!
I survived that wedding I told you abt !! Yaaaaaaaay =D now I need a few months of rest to recover lol. I think I 4got how exhausting preparing for a wedding is, especially if it's a close relative's wedding.
& I'm back to school. it SuCks BIG TIME!!
I'm not comfortable, sth has changes, the thing is I dunno what that thing is, things don't feel right, sth is different, I dunno is it the fact that very soon I will finally be studying the thing I choose to study? or is it sth else? mmm, I dunno what it is, bs I definitely sense a change... & jate changes, I love this 2 stay the way they are, bs can help do a thing.. Life is all abt changes

So, the weather is getting better, I can finally enjoy seeing some clouds in the sky =] just looking at a sky full of clouds in an early morning makes me HAPPY =]

Sth I never saw coming seems 2 B happening. I never thought I'd find myself in such a situation, but currently, I'm just trying to learn a lesson, trying to do the right thing.. 
Back in 2005, January to be specific, Croatia lost their top spot to Spain in the Handball World Cup & that was a BIG surprise for everyone, I was so sad, you know me, I'm such a bad loser & I hate it when my team loses, especially when the loss comes unexpected.
But that day, I learned a lesson, I was ever surprised to see Vlado Šola, their Croatian team captin & goalkeeper & 1 of my fav handball players, celebrate his silver medal, he was all smiling, laughing , celebrating, & taking pics, totally enjoying the ceremony, as if he was the winner, & the guy just lost his #1 position.. Man!! What a spirit!!

So the lesson is, Enjoy ur life, the good & the bad, meaning make a good memory out of a bad one, don't let space in your life for bad memories for they will bring you no good, look at the full half of the glass, live positive =] 
Celebrate ur success no matter how tiny it is, no matter how little ppl think of it.. it's ur success, it's ur achievement to celebrate.. 

I know some ppl will always underestimate ur achievement, will always be little you & are always ready to splash salt right on ur fresh wound.. the only solution 4 those is ignoring them, act as if they don't exist, they don't deserve your attention.

I'm so sick of ppl trying to change me =[ 
Everyone around me is trying to change sth abt me.. like I'll B much more suitable when they change me!! I'm not a doll. I'm not gonna change. If I don't want 2 change then I NEVER will.
I'll never change those little things in me, those thing u guys find annoying.. FYI some ppl love me for these things, those little things make me ME & I'm not willling to change a tiny teeny bit in me 4 ppl, I'm not willing 2 change just to please ppl. Pleasing ppl & getting their approval isn't on top of my priorities.
You just need to understand that some things never change, I'm Hope & not that person you want me 2 B.
B it me writing with a pencil or being a nerd,, I'm not gonna change for your sake.
Bottom Line: "I am what I am, not what ppl want me 2 B"

2 those who love me 4 who I am & wouldn't change a bit in me:  I LOVE U 


I have 2 admit that I have this habit of wanting everything to B perfect, trying to fix everything & everyone, & I've been told a million time that some things can not B fixed & some ppl are not worth the effort,, bs I just can't give up, I can't seem to stop worrying abt fixing every little thing & making everything right.
I gotta try, at least try every now & then.. you never know, these efforts may eventually pay off
Giving up isn't a quality of a champ, so I shall try & try & try


همسه ~~
Me retenait les mains

انت بس

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"انا مو مرتاح.. انا مو مرتاح.. والله انا مو مرتاح"

انا ادري انك طول هالمده مو مرتاح، ولا انا مرتاحه
بس لما قلتها و سمعتها منك انكسرت
انكسر قلبي.. تمنيت كل هالتعب فيني ولا فيك
آه لو تدري!! ابيع الدنيا باللي فيها و اشتريك.. انت بس

اللهم اشرح صدره.. اللهم اشرح صدره

!! Help Needed Over Here

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Dear Followers,

Remember my famous chocolate cheese cake that I showed you guys in a couple of posts here & here ?
well, Eb6ainiya Blog announced that they're holding a Ramadan Recipe contest & I decided to participate with this recipe, you can find my recipe here. If You happen to like it =p plz vote for me over here. It's # 30, the last on the list =] 

Now I'm gonna post the recipe & the pics again for those who're too lazy to open all these links =p
it's all in Arabic, bs if some1 wants me to post it in English, don't be shy to ask =] I'll be glad to do that

علبه و ربع بسكوت Digestive
نص قالب زبده
1 كوب طحين
1/2 كوب سكر
3 بيضات
1/2 كوب ككاو بودر nesquik  او Hershey’s
1 علبة جبنة فيلادلفيا لايت
4 قطع جبنة كيري
1 ظرف dream whip + 1/4 كوب ماء
1/2 علبة قيمر KDD
5 آرو
1/2 كيس Hershey’s milk chocolate chips
1/4 علبة كريمة KDD


• نكسر بسكوت Digestive بالمطحنة، نذوب الزبدة بالمقلاة و نضيفها للبسكوت و نخلطهم عدل
• نحط البسكوت بقالب الـcheese cake  و نحطه بالفرن من 5 الى 10 دقايق
• نطلع القالب و نخلي البسكوت يبرد على ما نجهز الخليط
• نخلط الـdream whip مع  1/4 كوب ماء بالخلاط الكهربائي بسرعة متوسطه
• نضيف الطحين تدريجيا، ثم نضيف البيض
• بعد ما تنخلط المكونات السابقة عدل، نضيف لهم الككاو بودر بالتدريج
• نضيف جبنه كيري بعد ما نقطعها قطع صغار و بعدين نضيف جبنه فيلادلفيا و السكر
• نخلي الخليط لما يتجانس، و نكسر الآرو و نضيف عليه القيمر بإناء منفصل و نسويله حمام مائي و ممكن نذوبه بالمايكروويف لمدة 40 ثانيه، بعدين نخلط الارو مع القيمر يدوياً لما يتجانس و يكون كل الككاو ذايب
• نضيف خليط القيمر و الآرو بالخلاط
• بعد ما ينخلط كل شي و يتكون عندنا خليط متجانس، نصبه بقالب الـ cheese cake و ندخل القالب الفرن بحمام مائي
• يفضل تلفون القالب بقصدير من تحت و هم من فوق على شان لا يتسرب له ماء و يخرب طبقة البسكوت، و لازم نسوي فتحات بالقصدير إذا غطينا القالب من فوق
• نخلي الكيكة بالفرن لمدة ساعة إلى ساعة و ربع، بعدين نطفي الفرن بس ما نفتحه و نخلي فيه الكيكة نص ساعة اضافيه
• لما نطلع الكيكة ننطر عليها لما تبرد، و نجهز الطبقة الأخيرة اللي اهيا ككاو هيرشيز، و نضيف عليه شويه كريمة، ربع او اقل من ربع العلبه، على حسب شكثر تبون الطبقة الاخيره تكون مركزة
• نخلط الككاو و الكريمه و نحطهم بالمايكروويف 40 ثانيه، نخلطهم بعدين يدويا عدل و نصب الخليط فوق الكيكة و بعدين ندخلها بالثلاجة و ممكن اللي يحب يزين الكيكة بالفليك، عاد كل واحد يتفنن بطريقه التزيين

ممكن تؤكل الكيكة باردة عند التقديم و ممكن للي يحب يسخن قطعته بالمايكروويف 10 ثواني و بتشوفون ان طبقة الككاو اللي فوق ساحت و غطت كل الكيكة و صار شكلها يشـــــــــــوق

Thaaaaaaaaaaanx guys =D