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Hello ppl =]
seems like 2012 is gonna B all abt fighting my way through 
I've become so lazy lately, unbelievably LAZY, I just wanna sleep, sleep & sleep
Oh how I love sleep, if sleep was a man I would marry him lol .. wallah it's the only thing that I enjoy doing these days
I've been thinking lately & I realized I've stopped doin' the things I love, I haven't backed a cake since the summer, I want to but I don't have enough time & when I have the time I either sleep or waste it thinking of what cake should I bake =s
I haven't been able 2 watch proper tennis in the past year, I nearly cried when I finally got 2 watch a whole match a few days ago, the good thing is I still am the same, my heart beats fast when I see my boys, when they're defending a break point or losing their service game.. my heart still flutters when they win & I have that amazing feeling of joy that takes over once I hear "Game, Set, & Match Roddick" or Rafa or Williams
Further more, I still am a GobeSsa lol.. I still jinx my players, this thing has happened so many times.. I finally finish my exams, watch my players match in a Grand Slam Championship especially Roddick,, & they either lose in the most unexpected way or tumble, hurt themselves & are forced 2 retire.. End result = Heart break & heartache =[

haven't been studying as well as I should, I keep on postponing things, I need some1 2 slap me, scream at me.. I gotta study, I can't screw up, I can't afford another set back,, Not Acceptable 

I miss the times I used 2 write posts with lots of PiCs, so this one will have a lot of Pics =]

I was cleaning my room that other day & I found this lol
this goes back to the summer holiday, not sure last summer or the one b4 that
just look at this, it's hilarious
aham shay "Buy Samboosa" lol 7g RamaDan

Got my 2012 agenda 15 days late
I'm keeping some ppl away cuz I don't want 2 get hurt
I don't wanna write my diaries & complain & nag,, I don't want 2 write abt you in my diaries

Yes, I made this =] 

 One of my fav hobbies is grocery shopping, it's such a joy

my old school
didn't step a foot there since I graduated
I'm sure it looks very different from the inside now, I know it's different from the outside


اللهم احرسني و عائلتي ﻣن عين نظرت إلينا ولم تذكرك فأنت خير الحافظين ♥

2012.. Week 1

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2012.. Week 1 was Good =]
I spent new year's eve with my beloved ones, wiShed all my dear ones a Happy New Year right @ 12:00. I had the privilege to not only choose the Cake, but also cut it =p & I went to bed very very late that night. Day 1 was weird, it was a bit boring, but the rest of the week was nice.. Got my family flowers & then woke up one day to find flowers waiting 4 me =D that was AMAZING, it made my day.. 
The funny thing is that a couple of days b4 the end of the year I was wondering should I send the flowers to my grandma & aunties so they'll be the 1st thing they see in the morning & that would be super sweet =] but then when I thought abt it again I realized that I don't want them to wake up on the sound of the door bell, that wouldn't be nice, So I decided to take it to them on my own & they loved it... & then I was the one 2 B surprised by beautiful flowers in the morning =] el7emdellah 
& I'm planning a Birthday Celebration 4 my Uncle 2day =D Happy B-Day Sweetheart.. Ya 3sa 3omrek 6weel
I'm trying to B strong & stick to my resolutions, & trust me it's difficult.. very difficult


Here are a couple of words that I read somewhere & I loved, Unfortunately I dunno who the author is =s

الذين تراهم أشد صلابة يكونون أشد حاجة إلى الاحتواء العاطفي فهم لاينالون كفايتهم من العاطفة لأن كل من حولهم يظن أنهم بخير !
و نشتاق لجنة لم نبصرها يوماً

Good Bye 2011, Hello 2012

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It's a new year =] a brand new year, a new start, this feels good. I love new beginnings. Hopefully the end of all the ugliness lol & the start of a promising year.

I've made a few new years resolutions, for last year was ugly & I gotta learn my lesson. I've struggled a lil bit on the personal level in 2011. Actually I think I never cried in my liFe as much as I cried in 2011, & I happen to be a crier. So, this sums it up. 2011 wasn't good 2 me =[ I worked hard & everything was going my way & then boom! the end wasn't the way I wanted it to be, I said "Game Over" to some so called friends, found out that I was better off with out them. I got hurt, I was used & exploited. Some times this sentence "Being used & exploited" sounds like the story of my life. I gotta do sth abt this, I'm not gonna let this happen again.
& got hurt for the millionth time just 2wards the end of the year.. trra 4giving what U did was never an easy task, & forgiveness doesn't mean I'm weak, it's not a weak point, it means I'm a better person & I'll keep on doing it even when I say I won't 4give you.. I'll forgive you & I'll be out of your life =]

I'm grateful 4 having my family & my loved ones around me, I'm thankful for being able 2 spend new year's eve with my grandma & Uncles & Aunts. I'm Grateful for I have a strong Grandpa who's not gonna give up. I'm grateful 4 whole lotta things =] el7emDellah 

New Years Resolutions:

1- Make daddy proud.
2- Satisfy my self.
3- Achieve that THING.
4- Turn on the Nerd mood =p
5- Learn how to say NO.
6- Keep ppl away.
7- Spend the summer away, far away.
8- Kicking some ppl out of my life & mind for good.
9- Try 2 eat healthier food.
10- Try to exercise.
11- I'll B [ME], won't change 4 nobody =]
12- Learn how 2 drive. Again!
The rest I'll keep 4 mySelf =p

Enough Talking, Happy New Year Everyone
2012, You better B Good =p


اللهم هذه سنة جديدة مقبلة علينا وأنت مالك الملك نسألك خيرها وخير مافيها,ونعوذ بك من شرها و شر مافيها
اللهم وفقنا لما تحب و ترضى و احفظنا و اكتب لنا الخير في امورنا كلها
اللهم احفظ لي اهلي و احبابي، و ابعد عنا الشر كله
اللهم اني اعوذ بك من عين العائنين و سحر الساحرين و مكر الماكرين و كيد الشياطين.. اللهم احفظني و من احب بعينك التي لا تنام
اللهم اشفِ مرضانا و مرضى المسلمين و ارحم موتانا و موتى المسلمين و اجمعنا بهم في الفردوس الاعلى