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I was tagged to the Addictioneer a long time ago but I have't had enough time to answer it believe it or not. Sorry for being late Bro

11 Random Facts abt Hope

1- Although I'm 21 yrs old now, I still think of myself, look @ myself as a lil girl.
2- I don't mix with ppl well, not social @ all. I'm a very quiet person around ppl I dunno.
3- I'm a very jealous girl, @ times I can even be jealous from my mom & my siblings lol.
4- I don't like de3la kids.. they are evil lil creatures who always exploit my sweetheartedness.
5- I like to write letters, I love hand-written letters, I used to write to my cousin who was in the States back when I was 6 yrs old.. I loved waiting for her replies.. opening the envelop, reading the letter out load to my family =] 
6- I don't make friends easily, & I don't have many friends
7- I hate lies & liars & this is why I don't have many friends, U lie to me once, U R always a liar in my eyes & I'll doubt every word U ever say.
8- عندي قناعة ان الناس اللي ما حبيتهم و انا صغيره ما راح احبهم على كبر
9- I'm smart in so many things, but not life, I'm so stupid & naive when it comes to dealing with ppl.
11- Rule #1 in LiFe: Respect, Respect, Respect.
كل علاقه انسانيه بغض النظر عن نوعيتها صداقه اخوة زمالة لابد ان تقوم في بدايتها على شي واحد اهوا الإحترام.. اذا راح الاحترام راح كل شي

My Answers:

1. How do you see the future?
Bright, I see myslef finally staisfied with what I've achieved but still eager to achieve more. I see myself in 5 yrs but for some reason not for 10 =s

2. Do you wanna change something happened in the past? What is it? 
Maybe allowing ppl 2 hurt me, letting ppl in my life, making friends actually!

3. Your nickname, what does it mean? 
My friend PeaCe gave me the name cuz I'm all gloomy & dark, it just makes me hopeful for the best, it remindes me that the best is yet to come

4. What's the brand of your laptop? 

5. What is the mobile phone you're using? 
HTC Sensation <3

6. Do you think about immigration? 
Well, not really, not for a life time.. mayB 4 a few year, but definitely not for a life time, I love it here in Kuwait.

7. What's you hobby? 
Not much: Reading, watching sports, graphics designing & knitting

8. Do you do some exercise, sport or go to gym? do you do anything healthy?
Not really! I so want to but I just don't have the time, I'm lazy & busy,, I gotta create the time I must
I try 2 eat healthy though, no fast food or soft drinks.

9. Something you want so bad. You want to buy it soon. What is it?
I can't think of a specific thing right now

10. Are you enjoying what's happening around you?
No, I'm stressing so much

11. How can you know that a person is not racist?
I can't.. it all lies in the heart.

My Questions:

1- Last book U read is ...
2- Favorite proverb
3- What is the thing that scares you the most?
4- Why did you start blogging?
5- What's the 1st blog you started following?
7- Favorite childhood memory
8- have you ever come in 1st place in a contest? if yes, when & what contest?
9- Who's the 1 person U can't imagine living with out?
10- Your worst feature is ..
11- Closer to mum or dad?

Pretty much every1 have been tagged by now, so I tag Ra1, Reemas, Miracle Girl, & DXB girl

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