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eSalaam 3laikom =]

Oh yeah! Summer it is! I've been on holiday 4 almost a month now, chilling & trying to relax... lots of paper work 2 do, going to uni pretty much once a week =@ I'm now trying 2 catch up with lots of postponed appointments.. & it's now the time to work on my health again =]

I think I'm doing well, I'm not satisfied as usual, I doubt I'll ever be.. bs think I'm happy with reagards to how I'm doing, I'm on the right track, doing the right thing so el7emdellah

I'm not used to taking baby steps the way I'm doing, I usually say I want & Voilà her it is =]
but it's ok really! As long as I know I'm on the right track, I'll eventually get what I want, I'm 100% certain.

At the beginning of the holiday I used to wake up so early in the morning, probably bcuz my body got used to it.. I wanna do so many things, gotta plan the holiday, use it wisely, & I need to read a bit.. I've got a pile of books waiting for me to read 'em & I've got a very long list of other books that I want to get & I promised myself I'm not getting any of those till I'm done with the ones I have or I know I'll never read 'em.. I'm such a baby lol

Surprised my bestie on her B-Day!! That was amazing =d made her day & mine el7emdella
now I've got to do all the visa work, hope everything will be done bser3a or I won't have time to travel. I'm trying 2 keep myself flexible regarding my plans 4 the holiday, although I really need to B in the states by August, it's ok if things don't work out, let's just hope we're done with our visas early enough.


I'm mixing with ppl a lil bit more than usual & it's not that bad
I'm reading Arabic books now, cuz I know if I keep on reading in English, one day I'll find out that 90% of my Arabic is gone. & that I don't want to happen.. I love Arabic
I've downloaded a lot of books on my kindle & hopefully will finish reading most of 'em by the end of the summer
& I'm baking again =] My cousins, uncles, & aunts fell heads over heels for my cherry cheese cake. I still can't believe it lol.. I've been making them one cake after another & they still want more lol 3laihom bl3afya
& Can't wait 4 the Olympics to start.. it's gonna be amazing, the thought of it brings back so many good memories..  


Sometimes I think I need a punching bag I need one so bad.. I need it to take out all the negative energy of frustration & anger.. I'm just frustrated of how ppl have become, how the world has become.. it's becoming ugly by the second =[

as usual will leave u with some random shots

I just love flowers

I can't
I don't c myself in 20 yrs

random =p